12.05.2024 Blackjack | $25,000 Buy In | Amazing Win With $20,000 Bets!!

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Hey everyone welcome back to the channel I'm going to be buying in for 25 000 today and let's see what we can do okay six of hearts good luck 18. 13 dealer has 20. foreign nineteen dealer has 17. insurance is open no and insurance is closed nobody's home 17. 21. wow foreign all right I'm gonna change it up here a little bit 12 13. 20. I'll keep that 20. 10 20 20 19. okay let's just double up 2 000 on each 19. 7 17. let's see if I can get something 14. the other has 18. 14. 3 or 13. yeah and 21. oh there you go blackjack there we go 20. keep that there we go 12. 18 13. come on 16. I'm just gonna have to keep it 17.

I shouldn't have done that yeah can you just give me change sure thank you let's bring out the 5 000. nobody well give me a 12. 15. oh nine 19. 20. and 15. the other half's 18. challenge 90 19 14. 18. do they have 20. are you kidding me wow that was insane cute it's not cute eleven I'll double for Less eleven Until It Breaks wow we'll have played that third hand let's play a third hand now 20 10 or 20. split sevens yeah nine double 20. and 12. I'll keep it against two there we go foreign there we go 1927 17. okay change 19. hey ten ten Twenty Eight or eighteen push oh that didn't really do me any good huh nobody 14.

19. and 14. and 14. not a ten really wow two tens come out back and you had a 20 anyway one all right nobody at home and that is 13. now we're at 14. I don't even know what to do at this point yeah there's so many little cards came out that was intense 21 4 or 14. yeah gotta try for something better 5 15. yeah let's go try 15. I'm just gonna keep it at that point there we go wow the way that one played out so raw is still one five grand on that one I'm gonna go back down to a thousand oh wow and look at the cards coming out 20 19 18. 18 plus all right 17 19. we gotta keep all those four nine twelve breaks there we go that's what I like to see nobody home 18 20 12.

19. because it has 17.. the color up. okay. and 12. against the five. toe got a double down. nine. oh you should double down on that too. 17.. wow. I'm bringing out my fives. foreign. a little bit of a good line up there. side double down five. yeah. 60 17.. too many oh my gosh wow. foreign. actually. wow the one oh that one was good too oh. my gosh okay. if that's gonna be blackjack. now I'm keeping that. yeah. 97 or 70. I'ma just keep I'm gonna keep. that. team that's a push here. all right. now bunny 20 19 and. oh I knew that was. let's see what you got. are you kidding okay. wow. what do we got 40 000.. sure. all right if you enjoyed this video go. ahead and hit that subscribe button and. we'll see you in the next one

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