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What's up guys and welcome back to yet. another allin challenge on gates of. olympus i really feel like these are. doing well i'm enjoying them you. enjoying them so i'm just gonna keep on. doing them it is 40k that's what we're. going to be starting with today i moved. 40k into sub balance. again just wanted to say thank you so. much for the insane support on the. youtube lately it's been amazing to see. i really do appreciate it. and yeah i hope we can have some insane. videos over the next few weeks because. it would be like really nice to just. have an extended hot run kind of that. would be beautiful. starting off with the max win here 500x. oh that's not a bad start though nice. 5x zap is good this is good too nice. that's 9x extra can probably get another. zapier maybe. now the zap chalices are in too and a.

Zap nice. yellows are probably in here too and. then maybe rings yeah rings are probably. in here too and reds. we need one more ring i don't know if. we'll get it we do get it nice another. zap yeah. okay. uh we already have a 22x. we already have a 100k buy on our hands. guys in an all in challenge i think 95k. win second sp wow how's that how did. that connect what a game. nice. 26x multi 11 spins to go 60k profit and. it is an all allin challenge so we're. definitely going to be doing a 100k buy. like i was saying. or we got interrupted by another win. purples. alice's. purple's blues and okay nice the zaps. there oh wow i thought blues were in. nice though this is insane this is such. a good start to an allin challenge. because now. great. are you being serious. are you being serious that would have. been so good 78x multi for like eight.

Spins. oh wow. how am i sad when we've got 125k win on. a 40k buy what's wrong with me rings. yellows please no. that is kind of sad but at the same time. this is still really good so i don't. think there's much to be sad about. no. just getting. nice really nice. really really nice don't get me wrong. or i get a bunch of hate. okay. that is 93k profit yeah 93k profit. so. it's an allin challenge this is the. goal the goal is to get up to 100k to. 100k buy and now this is pretty much. paid for like if this pays back 7k we. break even. come on i hope like this goes just as. well as that one that was such a crazy. start like double the money of the buy. back in the first two spins i don't. think i've ever seen that on gates. the zap insta. nice. zap or retrigger retrigger would be nuts. no retrigger would have been crazy 19.

Spins to go. please just zap again. please zap again please yes nice nice. okay we've got something going here. okay. is gates uh. gates on one right now is this about to. be a better video than sweet bonanza the. other day. don't butcher this please zap again. yellow one yellow we need one yellow no. okay do not like. don't mess this up i don't know if we. can get blues and purples blues are in. purples maybe. nah. okay we already up on the video again. which is good. but we need 55k here to be break even on. the spy. just zap this and we're almost there. with with greens yeah if it zaps this. we're pretty much there breads may just. zap this please zap this please. that would have been like minimum 50k. this could tumble too with blues and. yellows. if we clear blues now we'll probably get. chalices no. okay. we're getting there but considering we.

Got a 15x zap it's quite sad that this. isn't profit yet i did not see that nice. okay perfect this is profit now good. i didn't see that at all. okay. just give us a one good spin in the last. two please. ah come on rings they would have been so. good no okay 8k profit is good we're 101. k profit on the video and we can do. another 100k buy. this video feels so crazy like 15x zap. 50x miss ridiculous first buy. nice that whatever happens here we still. up but i want this to go well please. dab insta yes. zap again no rings and then zap. yeah yeah not now zap again no. no it would have been so nice okay. just zap it just zap it for the multi. building just zap it we need one more. chalice i think no two more chalices. this is a really good screen to tumble. um it's probably dead here right yeah. nice it's clutching up with these hits.

So much 14x multi that's like getting. the 15x zap again just in two smaller. ones. if you can just get one good tumble now. it's over. a really good win. come on man one good tumble with a zap. nice this is dead heather. like the multi is crazy already it's not. like maxwell multi but one good tumble. and it's massive profit nice here we go. crowns imagine no purple's into rings. into crowns they would have been. disgusting nice. five spins to get 43k back okay mate. mate this game is on one right now. please do something this has been such a. positive start please save no. i can't believe we lost 43k on that buy. we have 1 400 rake back you can't see it. i'll put it on top right corner. we claim that it puts us at. this is a sub balance though so it's. gonna go into my main balance. i'm gonna claim it and top this up.

With the 1400 which will put us at. 100 070. i can do. 50 spin to update the balance in the. slot and we can send another 100k by. we're still up 60k and we've done two. 100k buys already which is insane. like normally i'm so stressed about. these now i'm not because it was profit. yeah our money is on the line though so. this needs to pay back 40k just to be. break even. on the video. obviously i want profit like i always. say but. how did that connect again okay. connection no. you see the like prezap you're always. hoping for that connection please don't. kill us here okay. purples and zap. just one purple i think no. okay again that's not a bad multi to. have like one good tumble with a zap. what is up with this game right now. green's in a zap please please please. please please just. no it's not gonna do it. this is oh look at the screen.

Look at the screen please zap this we. need one green yes please zap this if. you if you zap this mate if you zap this. it's pretty much profit come on. that's disgusting. it is disgusting. it is actually disgusting 6k tumble. times like 11 like that would have been. 66k plus this win purple's blues no. that was nuts. okay we profit on the video again but i. don't want to lose the position we in. please get zhonya's no one off. please get something. that isn't. i don't know if we can get yellows into. something here no. if yellow is hit then reds that probably. would have been a retrigger please give. something here so we can do another 100k. no we can't all right now we're. struggling we're still up but we're. struggling. this video is driving me crazy. if this pays 100k or more i'm just gonna. stop and take the profit.

because yeah. oh no. hey zap. if it doesn't zap here we did. we are dead. this was fun while it lasted 500 x no. not one multi ah. okay well this has been a little bit sad. ah. yeah okay. all right gates. nice okay this has been very fun. imagine having such a good start to a. video and then that happens. i'm just gonna do. okay. i hope you guys enjoyed the video thank. you so much for watching if you did. please smash the like i'm gonna go pump. out another video right now so hopefully. it goes better than this one and i'll. see you tomorrow for the next video. you

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