12.05.2024 Simple Two-Step Technique To Catch Walleye

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So. welcome back guys jay siemens here. tonight we're doing a little evening. mission looking for some walleyes i want. to give you guys the onetwo punch that. i like to use for first finding walleyes. and then catching them once i found them. so. hopefully we can put some walleyes in. the boat tonight all right so first off. is finding fish a really good way to. find walleyes in the spring super. effective is trolling. trolling's kind of boring like if i'm in. a tournament tournament situation or if. i'm having a really tough time i will. troll but i don't troll a lot one of my. favorite search baits is a swimbait um. in a previous video you saw me using the. new head banger banger ribs this is a. three inch 3.8 inch slick shiner it's. just a plastic and head i made myself a. three inch swim bait is just such a.

Great search but you can catch. everything with it so i like it on this. is a quarter ounce head you can go up to. a 3 8 ounce head. as far as a rod goes seven and a half. this is a 7 3 medium power is going to. be great 10 pound braid 12 pound fluoro. leader i'm just covering water so. basically how i'm fishing this is i'm. casting out. as i trip over the tackle box. i'm casting out i'm letting it fall. until it hits bottom that step is so. important because so often you know give. someone a swim bait hand it to them and. they'll cast out and just throw it and. start reeling straight in and the bait. might be. it might be three feet under the surface. in 15 feet of water you want to be. making bottom contact every once in a. while so right now. i'm going to slide up a little bit. shallower i'm in 22 feet a swim bait.

Becomes less effective once you're once. you're working deep once you're deeper. than. like 15 feet it's just that much tougher. to swim the bait nicely then i would. sooner have like you know a jigging wrap. style bait on but. if you're in less than 15 feet of water. a swim bait is so good. right now in front of me i'm casting. into. well it looks like. 15 feet on live scopes i'm casting out. and i'm closing the bail and i'm just. waiting i'm just waiting i'm waiting i'm. waiting and with braided line which is. definitely what i'd prefer for this. technique is it'll jump there's not much. stretch in it so you see that line jump. it'll be tough to show here but when it. jumps that means that bait hit the. bottom you know it's nice. when it's not too windy out you can keep. that rod tip up i'm just going to crank. it a little bit or you can lift it.

Depending on you know the speed and i'm. just going to crank it and let it fall. back and hit bottom you'll see that. lines up again crank it. and hit line behind us here we've got a. big shallow. spawning mud bay. i'm assuming some some walleyes are. spawning there they might have just been. you know milling about in the mud as. well but right now we're on that first. drop where they drop off into deeper. water and there's a little bit of rock. mixed in some mud so see if there's any. walleyes in the mix here so right now. what i'd be doing with this i have seen. some fish electronics so we're not gonna. rip around too far but this is what i'd. be using to cast fish a shoreline go. from spot to spot this is you know the. definition of a search bait if you're. trolling could be a crankbait it. couldn't be you know a bottom bouncer.

And a spinner but. ideally to contact your first fish. you're doing something fast so a. crankbait is one of those baits you can. troll fast a swimbait or crankbait is. one of those baits that you can crank a. lot faster and keep it in the strike. zone. oh. that fish just drilled it. and that is the right flavor. there you go. and that. swim bait is absolutely gone. sun is setting and this is you know my. i think it's one of my favorite ways. this or snapchatting is my favorite way. to catch walleye just because they hit. it so hard. there you go. a little sunset gold. so like i said that right there. you want a jig heavy enough that you can. feel bottom if you're having a tough. time feeling bottom i would favor a. little heavier you know you could go in. certain situations half ounce three. quarter ounce if you're fishing deeper.

And bigger swim baits to pull it down. because obviously there is some. resistance with that plastic for letting. it hit the bottom but as far as the. floral leader goes this is. i don't know three feet. i'm still seeing some fish electronics. obviously you're gonna pick off those. most aggressive fish first with the swim. bait and then let's say i picked off the. aggressive ones let's say i found a spot. on a spot not every fish is going to. just crush that swim bait so then i go. to the drop shot. man drop shot is just i think. like one of the best techniques for. beginners or advanced but like for. beginners if if someone doesn't know to. walleye fish you got someone you're both. that's inexperienced give them a drop. shot because like i was talking about. how important it is to keep it in the. strike zone the drop shot does you got.

The weight on the bottom and then you. got the bait i got a little gulp minnow. up here and you can set it to any depth. right now i have it. let's say 13 14 inches off the bottom. which is like perfect for a walleye. strike zone so all that angler needs to. do is make sure the bait's on the bottom. you can set it right in front of their. face and you don't have to keep moving. it to give it action that swim bait you. need to move it to give it action so. we're gonna see if we can pick off a. couple more fishing electronics it looks. like there's a couple walleyes sitting. around there still so. same thing i'm letting it fall and you. know. if you have electronics. you know you can watch and try to. pinpoint individual fish all right so. i'm seeing a bunch of fish i'm just. gonna let it sink right down into the. mess i don't even need to move it i'm.

Just gonna hold it there. and try to keep it taut. because even with the taut line that. bait's still gonna be moving. just letting it sit on the bottom so. this is a lot slower. than the other presentation. and then if you do want to hop it back. just slow lifts. let it hit bottom work it in spot for a. little bit because there might be a fish. staring at it. that fish ate it on the way down. oh. this might. be a little bit better. wrong flavor. well. not what we're looking for. but. still effective all these techniques are. a pretty good crossover like the same. way as. a swimbait. which can be you know really good for. bass. it also works for walleyes this time of. year you catch a lot of them in the same. spots. oh. that one slammed it as it was falling so. often we'll hit it on the fall. there we go. that feels like a walleye.

Just keep working back and forth along. this lip and that's where the fish are. chowing i got too big of a net. we were catching some beautiful walleyes. there we go once again kind of like. eight to ten feet. right on that dropoff out of the back. of the bay at this time of year they can. be transitioning out of those bays and. they can kind of. you know be on those ledges. there we go. every time you catch a fish it's just. good to check the knot give it a pull. even if it's not a pike obviously a pike. could fray your line but i'm always. checking just in case. i'm going to try to catch a couple more. with a. drop shot. for drop shot rod. a shorter rod i mean a lot of people use. a 610 at the end of the day it's. personal preference. a seven and a half medium light is. probably one of the most versatile. walleye rods so if you're gonna buy you.

Know one rod for you know rigging lindy. rigging drop shotting um that sort of. stuff a seven half medium light's really. nice you can use it as finesse. applications for small mouth too and. stuff i'm just keeping that line taut. even by me making that line go loose. that's going to shake the bait on the. drop size because you got to think that. weight sitting on the bottom anchoring. it so when you let it go slack that bait. is still doing a lot of dancing so you. you can hold it as still as you possibly. can and that bait's still gonna be. shaking down there. that was just such a soft bite. i think we got a decent walleye. i think we got a decent walleye. it might be the nicest one yet look at. that. snout hooked. just perfect. on the drop shot gulp minnows i'm. telling you i always got. a bunch in the back of my boat.

And um yeah whenever i. come on. all right this fish deserves to go back. oh that was quite the fish flop there. you can avoid dropping the fish at all. costs that is best for the fish even if. you get spined a little bit. now as i mentioned this is what i'm drop. shotting and i double ziplock it because. this liquid is so gross to sculpt alive. stuff so this is a mix of a bunch of. different bundles i got three inches i. got two inches i got maybe some five. inch in here this is a three inch minnow. right there gulp alive and basically. it's a plastic that stays in the liquid. so whenever i'm done fishing with this. you put it back in the liquid otherwise. they shrivel up and they're impossible. to get off your hooks and they're just. they're no good anymore so i'm not sure. exactly the chemistry behind all of it.

But. it's something that you know i always. have in my boat now i have a lot of. confidence drop shotting. gulp as far as a hook goes this is a. size six and then drop shot weight you. really just you cater to the wind and to. you know how deep you're fishing all. those things. oh hit it on the fall. so good. i get comments about. you know why don't you fish without. electronics but once you've done it it's. just it's so effective. i realize the live scope. you know. got to be careful with it we need to be. smart about catch and release about. selective harvest it is changing fishing. but i will tell you once you fish with. it man is it fun that is a beautiful. walleye on the drop shot. we got her i think we'll just have to. keep fishing they. they keep getting bigger. ah it's fun. it's just a different type of bite too.

when they hit that drop shot and you. drop shot a leech and that is the way. to get the fussiest walleyes in the lake. to bite. anyways. putting this beautiful walleye back. already broke off the whole thing. that was a pike. okay we're gonna end off the night guys. that is it get yourself a swim bait get. yourself a drop shot and you can catch. walleyes and. a lot of situations that's my goto. always got those two rigged up and. please please wear your life jacket guys. there's so much floating debris on the. water that. you can hit a log and get. shot out even if you're on the same. route you've been driving thousands of. times so. yeah let's make life jackets cool and. we'll catch you guys next time. you

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