12.05.2024 Download Pin Up Casino. Mobile version

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Welcome everyone this is pintoin channel. and today i'm gonna show you how to. download and install pin up casino on. your android device. first of all you should visit pinup. casino website link on it you'll find in. video description. if you don't have an account click on. sign up button. and create an account it wouldn't take a. lot of time. if you already have an account then you. can scroll website down to the android. button. or you can click on the top left button. and open the menu. then click on the install android button. after that you'll be redirected on the. page with. pinup casino apk file. here you can find short instruction and. you should click on link download for. android. you'll see notification that this type. of file can harm your device. you need to click on the ok button. to download pinup casino apk.

now let's open it. and install. app installed let's open it. great. so as you see. android app has the same functions and. the same menu as. a mobile version of website. so that's it. if you have any questions or problems. with installation of inapp casino on. your android device ask them in comments. below i'll be glad to help you. if this video was helpful please press. like and subscribe button. thanks for your attention and have a. good day bye

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