12.05.2024 Why is Everyone going CRAZY over This Samsung Sound Bar System?

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This video is brought to you by Samsung. last month I visited California to visit. Samsung's Audio Lab where they design. and test their sound bars and TV sounds. and I was truly impressed from the anake. chambers to test their TV and Soundbar. specifically to customize rooms to mimic. customer sound rooms and despite having. an antiqu chamber they also had clipple. measuring system there as well which was. truly impressive and if you want to. watch that video make sure to click on. the link description below I will have. the link for you to watch the full video. definitely worth a watch especially if. you own or plan to own Samsung products. because it has a lot of relevance to. what you will be experiencing but as for. me I went to the lab I experienced it. firsthand I saw the process I saw the. facility and I was impressed but now it.

Was time for me to test their products. in my entertainment room so what I have. here is the 90c Samsung TV this is the. QED series and Samsung sent over the 65. in TV so that I can use it with the. Samsung Soundbar and they work together. and we'll talk about that in the later. part of this video but first I just want. to let you know that I actually owned a. Samsung TV in the past the 80t you can. see it mounted just behind the 90c and. from going from the 80t to the 90c the. Improvement is pretty massive first of. all the brightness is incredibly. enhanced on the 90c the 9C gets super. super bright to like eye bleeding levels. of brightness if you're living in a. space where there's a bright light. coming into the room you will have no. problems with this TV uh it is quite. bright and I personally feel like the.

Color is much better on the Samsung 90c. well I wouldn't say much better because. the ADT was still a very good TV to me. but the 90c the color just pops more and. again you can do the calibration thing. where you calibrate the TV with just. your you know phone and the Samsung. smart things app and you have calibrated. TV which just enhances the color to. match the space that you have you know. every room has different lighting. different you know kind of lighting Hues. so you want to make sure that your TV is. calibrated so you're seeing the right. colors and Samsung makes that easy. through this calibration process and as. for the sound Straight Out of the Box. the TV itself sounded pretty darn good. in my room and that doesn't surprise me. one bit because I saw the process with. the customized and a quake chamber and.

The painstaking process Samsung goes. through to make sure their TV sounds. good as the should even against the wall. we close to the room boundaries so to me. it was not a surprise but what did. surprise me was the Soundbar the. 990c Soundbar system now this is a. 11.1.2 channel system which means that. you have total 11 front firing speakers. four upfiring speakers and one subwoofer. so with the purchase of the Soundbar you. get two rare channels and of course the. Soundbar itself which fits perfectly on. under the TV without covering any screen. and then a subwoofer and the beauty with. this system is that it all connects. wirelessly the moment I hooked up the. power to each of the speakers it was. just all connected wirelessly without me. really having to do anything and this. was huge convenience and I didn't get.

Excited about this feature when I read. it online but when I actually had it in. the setup process which literally took. minutes then I started to appreciate it. way way more because truthfully if you. have set up a home theater system like. myself you are running long lengths of. cable sometimes going through walls. there's a lot of hassle headache and the. setup process can be daunting especially. if you're just getting into this so for. you to be able to be able to connect any. speaker wirelessly hang it up on the. wall put it wherever you want without. worrying about cable length and you know. running through cables and cable. management you know what I'm talking. about if you ever set up a home theater. system just the management and getting. all of that out of the the way because. all these speakers connect wirelessly is.

A huge convenience and something that is. overlooked often that is truly. appreciated in this case and coming back. to the Soundbar and the surround. speakers let's talk about the drivers in. this so you get two drivers on the each. side of the Soundbar so four in total. that fires to the side so that you get. that kind of bouncing wall effect so it. feels like there's a speaker there even. though there isn't any inwall or onall. speakers that I have inside the room and. then you have of course the three front. firing speakers or drivers and then you. have the two upfiring uh drivers on the. top of the Soundbar as for the surround. channels you obviously get a front. firing driver and you get a side firing. driver as well and then you also have a. upfiring driver as well on each of the. surround speakers and last but not the.

Least you obviously get a subwoofer with. this setup which is just awesome because. if you want to have a true Dolby app. Cinema any kind of Cinema experience you. do need a subwoofer because that base. becomes very important and with all this. in combination that connects wirelessly. just out of the box when I just hooked. it up and just tested it out honestly. speaking the sound without me doing any. settings or tweaking or anything like. that just setting them up and then. playing it it was already pretty. immersive I mean just out of the box it. sounded great and so I was pretty happy. but to get the full benefit of this. system you can do a few things here and. especially if you're paying your. hardearned money then why not use these. settings to make sure that you're. getting the best sound possible so here.

Are a few settings that I went through. to make my experience just that much. better the first and probably my. favorite ever kind of feature on this is. the Q Symphony the Q Symphony. essentially allows you to use these. speakers inside your TV and it does have. to be specific selected Samsung TVs like. the 90c but the Q Symphony actually also. worked with my ADT Samsung TV that I. bought a few years ago and it actually. worked pretty well with it but working. with the 90c in Q Symphony it basically. allows the TV speakers inside the 9C or. your selected Samsung TV to work with. the Samsung soundbar system to give you. a even more immersive sound experience. and I feel like this should this feature. should be turned on automatically if you. have a Samsung TV but unfortunately you. do have to go to your settings and turn.

It on and I say you should just have it. on all the time because this gives you a. more immersive sound experience and me. going from no Q Symphony to Q Symphony. was like wo like this went from great to. excellent especially for the same money. I paid I didn't do anything I didn't pay. extra money for it it was just a simple. feature that I had to turn on so if you. have a Samsung TV or plan to get a. Samsung TV with this Soundbar system. definitely consider turning on that Q. Symphony setting and speaking honestly. before I set up this system the Soundbar. system I had a. 7.2 traditional home theater system in. here that I removed to get this system. set up and I had that system for about a. year and it's like pretty expensive I. spent upwards of 10 grand 10 G's on that. system and absolutely honestly speaking.

The Samsung soundbar system blew it away. and I did not expect that and you might. be going well Jay obviously you're. comparing a 7.2 channel to. 11.1.2 channel there is no comparison. here and you're absolutely right except. in this room it is impossible for me to. get a. 11.1.0 channel without going through. crazy onall or inwall speakers cable. running through drilling holes going. through a renovation process it it is. going to be a nightmare for me to even. stick that many speakers in here let. alone the possibility of it actually. working well in my space is almost. impossible so in instances like mine. where you are in a smallish to. mediumsized listening rooms where you. don't have a lot of flexibility to have. multiple 22 channel speakers all around. you and ceiling speakers and side. speakers to have a true.

111.48 system without me having it here. to physically experience it myself my. question was always well does this. actually compete with. 11.4.1 system that is truly a home. theater system with individual speakers. in seiling speakers and so on and my. answer to that has changed a little bit. the answer is well it may not but it. doesn't really matter if it does or not. because if you're in a situation like. mine where you can't even have. 11.4.1 Channel because your room is just. too small for that or it's just too. inconvenient you don't want people to be. knocking over speakers or your family. members don't want seing speakers or. speakers inside walls mounted you know. and all that kind of stuff then this. becomes a compact package that allows. you to have. 11.14 Channel Dolby Atmos without the. space constraint now space fit Pro is a.

Feature where basically it analyzes the. room and then each speaker basically. adapts to the room so just like how we. calibrated the screen to adapt to the. room you're now doing that with the. sound and in traditional home theater. setups you're doing this with an AV. receiver through a you know you get a. mic and then you have to set it up at. specific points and then you have to. calibrate it and while a lot of Home. Theater enthusiasts know how to do this. well it's just much easier in this case. cuz you just turn on the setting and. you're done there is no mic involved. there is no fiddling around or expertise. needed so the fact that this is all. automated to a point where you don't. really need an expertise to do this or. have someone else do it for you you just. literally go into the settings and turn.

On this feature and it adapts to the. room it just makes everything so much. easier and again it's a feature that you. don't pay extra for now the next feature. I love is adaptive sound and if you. realized every setting that we have. talked about in this video is mostly. adaptive meaning your screen is adapting. and being calibrated to your space the. sound is also being calibrated through. space fit Pro to calibrate it and match. your space same thing here except now. this is adapting to the screen scenes so. if your dialogue is at low volume then. it will increase that so that you can. hear that better and this became super. super helpful when it came to those. movies that The dialogues just are. recorded so quietly while the explosion. and the sound effects are just immensely. louder than the volume of the dialogue.

And I personally love and adore this. feature because I no longer have to. crank up the volume to hear the dialogue. and then crank it down really fast. because there's a huge explosion. happening and then you keep doing it. until you just give up and then decide. to read the subtitles yeah personal. experience and again what's impressive. about this adaptive sound feature here. is that it doesn't just work at louder. volumes you can get this to work at even. lower volumes so at night time I would. have adaptive sound on so that I don't. disturb my neighbors and I can hear the. dialogue clear and the sound effects. won't be overbearing those dialogues. obviously there are other settings like. surround which I use to watch movies. where I don't need adaptive sound and. then we also have game mode which I am. in absolutely in love when I'm playing.

Games also on the smart things app you. can go into the advanced sound settings. and then check out the advanced options. I tested all three in my space and the. base enhancement was the way to go it. just added just a little bit more oomph. and a little bit more of that you know. lowend energy so that I felt like I was. in a more of a real Sy Cinema and. obviously this is going to vary like you. might want to keep this down if you're. in a smaller room than mine and then if. you want to uh even increase it higher. because you're in a bigger space then. that's where EQ also comes in where you. can actually increase the woer or the EQ. on the base even more to kind of allow. for that base to come through in a. bigger space as well but personally for. me with EQ settings I didn't use it much. for movies I just like the overall.

Settings and I played around with it I. was like you know what I'm just going to. keep it at zero but where it did become. useful is in music playback because I. can tune the base or treble to however I. like and depending on my mood depending. on my taste in music depending on the. music I'm playing and I could just tone. down the treble or increase the treble. or increase the base or decrease the. base so this became handy when I was. playing back music and I wanted it to. sound a specific way and plus the sound. of the speaker itself the Soundbar and. the surround speakers seem to be pretty. neutral so the sound I get without EQ is. from my perspective in my opinion. completely flat so it's very neutral and. therefore when you increase and decrease. treble or base you have a good starting. point instead of having a speaker that.

Is vshaped or u-shaped or whatever so. that it might be actually harder to EQ. to your taste in this case you're. starting with a basically a flat canvas. so it makes the experience a lot easier. to EQ even if you're someone that's not. used to having eqed before now in terms. of the overall musicality of the system. and how much I enjoyed it Well I. obviously enjoyed it very much but I. know the question people are going to be. asking is how does it compare to a a. standard two channel stereo system you. know uh because obviously a system like. this is more affordable than a stereo. highfi highend 2 Channel system and my. experience is that well honestly. speaking it is not an apples to Apple. comparison because yes there are certain. magic with two channel I still believe. in that and I obviously will continue.

Pursuing two channel because it has its. own magic it has its own thing but so. does a surround Channel system Doby. Atmos system like this because some. music that is recorded for Doby Atmos or. surround music can't be played back in. stereo without you covering your ears. because it just sounds so bad when it. comes to Doby Atmos mixed music or music. m to be played in a surround system like. this that's recorded and mastered and. mixed for this purpose when you play. those tracks that is an experience that. you cannot mimic with a two channel and. that's just that like these side firing. channels and upfiring channels are. firing into the wall and bouncing back. to your ears to mimic as if there is a. speaker on top or on the side when there. isn't a speaker actually there so that. kind of experience is not something you.

Get in a tradition stereo setting and I. remember reading Dr Floyd's book and you. know Dr Floyd tool he did an extensive. research with speakers and measuring. system and so on and I remember him. saying basically that you know to have a. true real life experience you can't get. that with two channel system you have to. have multiChannel and I agree I agree. if the recording is meant to be played. in a surround Channel multichannel. setup and that's kind of what you get. here you get a Ultimate Experience of. that surround Channel Dolby Atmos sound. that you really wouldn't get from a two. channel so again it's comparing apples. to oranges I still love my two channel. the magic there that like when I'm. listening to music that's what I listen. to however if I'm listening to surround. Channel music Dolby Atmos music then.

This is what I'm going to be listening. to but again that's not to say two. Channel music sounds bad on this it. doesn't whatsoever it sounds actually. pretty darn good it's just that I mean. considering the price it sounds pretty. insane considering that it's a sound bar. that's compact For Your Entertainment. space that plays music this well that's. pretty insane but again it doesn't. compete with highend zillion dollar two. channel systems but at the same time. they do compete with pretty expensive. HiFi speakers or studio monitors for. that matter I mean we've seen it they. compare it with genc surround system. that costs way way more than the. Soundbar probably like 20 30 times more. and they AB it back and forth until they. feel like they have done a really good. job with a soundbar getting very close. to that studio sound and I did it myself.

And I was truly impressed with how close. the sound was despite the fact that the. price and the form factor was just on a. different playing field a soundbar. system like this shouldn't even. technically be allowed to compete but it. did compete and I was truly amazed at. how the difference was so so close. despite the fact again the form factor. and the price difference yeah so as an. audio file I looked down on Sound Bars. before I have to admit and not just. because I'm an audio file and a snob but. also because I didn't have a very. positive experience with sound bars. before but really going from my over 10. grand 7.2 channel to this that costs a. fraction of the price this is staying by. the way I'm getting rid of my 7.2 so so. that should speak volume on how much. better Soundbars have come and the. effort Samsung has put into a soundbar.

system like this that everyone can enjoy. the sound quality of and you can bet. more Soundbar reviews coming on this. channel from now on going forward so. that's it for me I hope this video was. informative fun and entertaining to. watch and if it was please click that. like button it does help my channel out. and it doesn't cost you anything and I. truly appreciate it and of course as. always make sure to subscribe share do. all that kind of stuff and I'll see you. guys on the next one until next. time

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