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What's going on guys Tac here and today. we are back with another video we are. back on stake we are back on crazy time. and in today's video we're going to be. trying out a new strategy we were also. on crazy time a a lot of you guys have. been requesting that we play Crazy time. a instead of regular crazy time so we're. on crazy time a and we're trying out a. new strategy here on crazy time. something that I don't do a lot but I. have been seeing in the comments to do. so we need to go on five and we need to. go on two this is going to be some big. bets five will make profit two will make. profit game shows will hopefully make. profit we are not on 10 we are not on 1X. that's two things that we are not on. anything else we hit we will make money. on let's do it all right this is a. strategy I've had people commenting for.

A while that I need to do is go on two. and five instead of just going on 10 so. in today's video that is exactly what. I'm going to do we're going on two we're. going on five you guys love the strategy. videos and we get a two that's a $100. profit not a big profit but if you get a. multiplier in there on the five or the. two this could run up a lot of money and. give us a big win but you guys loved the. everything but 1X strategy definitely. got to start doing more of these uh but. there's only so many bets that I can do. uh to do strategies if you have any. though comment them down below I'll be. sure to get to it you guys also enjoyed. my last video from yesterday on that new. game show so if you haven't watched it. we did a video on Treasure Island big. win on there go check it out I haven't. played Crazy time a in a while though.

I'm a little new to the wheel I cannot. believe that went over and hit a 2X last. round this is going to go way past the. crazy time isn't it Pachinko 2x could. that it's too fast that'd be so good $50. bet 2x top slot. Pinko and we got a coin flip okay. starting off with a $100 win on 2x now. we are going to uh coin. flip we need to get at least a 10x to. make money or to break even we are doing. pretty big bets though $500 total bets. only a $3,000 balance but we're on two. we're on five so there's not that many. chances of us losing on the wheel we. need to see a high multiply here a nine. oh. dude we can literally only Break Even we. will lose money on Blue we will break. even on red. well we broke even we made $100 on the. 2x we made nothing on the coin flip. let's go to the the number three spin of. the video I hope this strategy works.

Today like I said I've seen a lot of. people commenting on it that I need to. try to go on two and five uh two here. would be huge with a $200 bet on. it my one everything but 1X strategy did. not go well but like I said you guys. really still enjoyed it so I appreciate. you guys liking that video wait no do. not slow down speed up let's hit that. too there we go our first top slot doing. these strategy videos we did not hit a. single top slide going on 2 five and 10. in the 1X video but today we just got a. $1,800 win on our first top slot of the. video Let's freaking go let's continue. this okay two and five let's let's get. the top slots hey guys if you want to. record a video with me make sure to join. my Discord to keep up with important. announcements. daily giveaways and other promotions. that I have join my Discord dude okay.

Hold on can we hit back to back twox top. slots with this strategy it's not as big. as the last one but it would still be a. good win to hit this now I would rather. hit the crazy time here that is coming. around two x's are coming around as well. Pinko it's going to be too fast for the. crazy time maybe the 2X or Pachinko I'd. be fine with it going over this. time and we went over nice we hit the 2x. top slot last round this time we hit the. Pinko we have not lost money yet on any. of our spends we have made money or. broke even can we continue that with. this. Pachinko we are up $1,000 as well. there's so many things that can make us. lose money. here oh the 5x's the sevens the 10 will. be a little bit of profit 50 bucks go. over to the 100 it's possible if it goes. to the left here if it goes to the right. we're screwed and it goes just to the.

Right now it's going back to the left. wait wait left left left right beside a. 100x that would have been a $5,000 win. instead we win 800 so it would have been. the same amount if we would have won on. the. twox okay I guess I'll take it look at. the board dude Pachinko p look at that. all right we're still on the streak with. this video so far we have not lost money. yet on any spin crazy time 10x dude. lowkey with this wheel it might go all. the way around here we just froze what. is going on dude if this hits a crazy. time 10ax I will literally scream why. why is it. freezing what is going. on. hello oh God hit the five no of course. the first time we lose it freezes wasn't. even close to the crazy time I thought. that was going to be like right beside. it maybe even hit it 10x crazy time that. would be nuts okay after we uh didn't.

Have one loss to start this video we now. have backto back ones which has costed. us pretty much all of our profit I was. about to up the bet a bit because we had. we we're $700 in profit right now if we. lose this we're $200 so we're still up. we're still good this time we need to. hit a game show a game show though not. going to be crazy time miss the top slot. on it. anyways what is it going to be. Pachinko I would like to go back there. it was one away from a 100x that would. have been so good to hit I think it's. going to be too fast I mean could this. be a crazy. time no it's too slow we hit the two. though I'll take a 100 bucks I kind of. want to raise two and five I mean it's. going to be stupid because the amount we. have on the games but if we hit Top. slots I mean this is part of the. strategy right let's let's up the bed a.

Bit if we're not hitting game shows we. need to hit two x's and we need to hit. five X's all right we got extra money on. it so it'll actually be good profit if. we hit now if we hit it with the top. slot it's going to be even better coin. flip. 2x that would be. good I I really want to see a big top. slot on five that that's what I'm hoping. for I don't know if I've ever hit a top. slot 5x on this this. channel cash hun to be too. fast we just up the bet on two and five. and it hits a five I called it wish we. could have had a top slun on it but we. upped it and got actually some good. money there $300 profit we put extra. money on five it hits a five we put. extra money on two it hits a two so back. to back hits for us after raising the. bet that's pretty good I don't know if I. like this strategy better or I like.

Going 10 better I mean obviously it's. kept us it's kept us in it a lot more if. we were only going on the game shows. we'd be down a lot of money if we were. going on the game shows in 10 we'd be. down a ton of money but going on two and. five has kept us in it we've hit a top. slot on two already once we have a. chance to do it again right. here definitely kept us in the game I'm. not going to say it. hasn't uh is it going to be too too fast. though oh God and now it hits a 10 I. just talked about. it and now it hits a 10 oh. God I mean I'm still standing true to. what I said though I think we'd be out. of money with with how bad the game. shows were they weren't huge multipliers. we would be pretty down bad we probably. would have been all in and hit the 10. right there I'm not going to lie we're. playing with profit yet again 3,000.

Inside of the balance all of our profit. is in on this round crazy time 2X I. don't know if it's going to be fast. enough but it I think it might be close. this crazy time a will I can't tell that. much but. dude come on slow down slow down we got. it I knew it was going to be close I. didn't know how close it was going to be. and it lands on it 2x top slot or crazy. time what am I saying $3,000 inside the. balance this is all profit right here so. we have a 2X top slot crazy time this is. pretty much a one $100 bet on a regular. crazy time and it's guaranteed profit. for the video so far because we I mean. we're risking nothing pretty much from. when we started the video there's a lot. of doubles here ladies and gent hitting. a double on a top slot crazy time would. be nuts we're going yellow I got to go. yellow Now ladies and genten please make.

This good this this has potential to be. our biggest win of the video we won. 1,800 on the. 2x can we win more on this crazy time. there are 200 x's on the board there are. doubles 100 X's would be. 5,000 I'll take it dude come. on yellow yellow right here. yellow let's hit a double I haven't hit. one in so long or I'll take it I'll take. it a 100x green hits a double which. hurts a bit but a. $5,000 win on this crazy time we have. more than double we have almost tripled. our balance that we started with after. this 100x now we get to set and see what. green will hit will yellow be the top. multi it actually has a high probability. to still be the top multi unless they. hit another double which I just never go. on green and it hits another double oh. my God for. the either way dude we're setting good. right now the two and 5x's has kept us.

In it we had a big win on the 2x with. the $1,800 we just hit this crazy time. which is freaking big for us this video. is going good but what what a I mean. imagine if we were on green here back. toback doubles after a 2X top. slot oh and they get baited on another. double hitting a 120 so they got the. higher multi not a big win in retrospect. of hitting a top slot 2X and then two. doubles but we got the top win on the. round $5,000 win on this crazy time okay. so the strategy is working so far it it. kept us in it we hit the crazy time I. don't want to lose all this money I want. to try and make a at least profit I mean. we've been in profit the entire video. not once have we went below 3,000 other. than the initial. bet could we back yo wait could we back. to back crazy time. here is that hope oh it's hoping for too.

Much we're hoping for too much guys B. Pachinko is not out of the realm of. possibility here. oh it goes a little bit too fast I'm not. going to lie I say we secure the double. up you know don't go below 6,000 we. continue the strategy that's kept us in. it that got us to Crazy time forx. Pachinko oh that would be nice $50 Bet. On It forx top slot Pinko it would have. to hit this one it' have to go all the. way around which this side has been a. lot looser than the other. side I don't think it's going to. happen it would be cool it would be good. maybe the five let's hit the five Slow. Down slow down slow down stop. stop all right I don't know how long. this video is right now but I say we. just be smart man we're going to take. the double up I just upped the BET $900. bet using this strategy I went extra on. two went extra on five uh put some more.

On the games as well 6,000 we secured. the double up that's a good cash out for. today's. video let's see if it can continue. though all right two five or a game show. here and we continue the. video if not man it's not a super long. one but it's a profitable one and that's. what we've been needing recently we. don't need long videos where we lose it. all we need to get profitable. sessions all right hit this two keep us. going hit this. two keep us going I put extra on it too. how much will that be 350 150. profit all right bro we're about to have. a big bet actually wait a second where. at seven we're going to have a 1,000 oh. God all right here we go $1,000 bet. here this is big this is big if we get a. hit now dud we have black chips on all. of the game shows we have a. $375 bet on. 2x 275 on five this is a $1,000 bet and.

It hits a backto back top slot on 10 bro. come on we needed a top slot on two or. five there we needed a top slot on two. or five there get that crazy times going. to be too fast yes uh cash on or 5x. again cash on or 5x that's what we need. I think we need the five we need the. five keep us in it keep us in it don't. go over again it went over last time it. was right here nice back to back we hit. a two we hit a five it's keeping us in. it and that act wow that's good money. right there $600 or $600 profit on that. round we okay we can chill out for a. second we still have another bed here if. we lose this going on five has paid off. pretty good so far and like I said the. 2x is well hitting that top slot cash. hunt 2x $100 bet it would be ni another. I don't know if it can get all the way. over there man but it would be so good.

If it did maybe we will oh it's going to. be close $100 bet on it it's going. to oh my God stop. stop yes dude no freaking way the two. and the five keep us in it we were all. in on this too the strategy is working. we hit a crazy time 2x we hit a cash. hunt. 2x from the literally the only reason. we're still in this if we went all in. regularly like we normally do we would. have lost cuz it didn't hit a game show. on that to we would have been on we we. would have been on the game shows we. would have been on 10xs we would have. lost we would have not hit this cash. hunt but the reason we're still in it is. cuz of the two and the five. the the crazy time strategy that we're. using we have a pretty much a a $200 bet. on a regular cash on here I mean. anything here is good dude a 30X is good. here I'm going 55 this could be I'm.

Unplug in the headset we're unplug in. the headset this could be nuts this. could literally double our balance right. here from this one. round oh we were right beside a 100. congratulations a $2,000 win that is 25%. of our balance and you know what dude. we're going to secure a little bit more. that's going to make us $1,000 extra. let's go down to 7,000 it wasn't a huge. win like I was expecting it to be with. the 2x on there but that it secures more. money and that's what we want to see it. secures more profit for me to do live. streams more videos and maybe just cash. out honestly I don't know we need a cash. out it's been a little while since we've. got a huge cash out we got that $10,000. win on stream though I just blew it back. into videos. man I'm going degenerate. sometimes I tried to end the video three.

Rounds ago dude but somehow we continue. to stay in it and I jinxed it we got one. more bet though we got one more bet I'm. stopping at 7 yo guys I just wanted to. say every single weekday Monday through. Friday at 2 p.m. EST I am live streaming. on my kick Channel go ahead come through. and watch me we do giveaways we do bonus. hunts we do viewer bonus bu tournaments. we have a sub wheel so much stuff come. through and I hope you enjoy the streams. I think the strategy was a w you guys. need to tell me in the comments down. below if you like the strategy if you. have a new one like I said but it worked. out man it kept us in it it made us hit. some good things we got a $4,000 profit. on the video guaranteed it's still not. over yet we we got $100 on the games we. got $100 on two and five the only reason. I put them on there was in case it would.

Have top slots they're not going to make. us Break Even our profit here but wait a. second wait a. second we're going to Crazy time no. freaking way. dude I've said it multiple times but. like just let me just put in a. retrospect here if we were doing our. normal strategy we would have hit this. 10x we would have hit this crazy time so. that would that would have been the 100x. I just don't see us still being in this. we would have lost four times in a row I. would have wanted to cash out I would. have never hit this cash hunt I would. have never hit this crazy time if we. were doing our normal strategy the only. reason we're still in this is because. we're going on two and five because you. guys were suggesting it multiple times. that's the only reason we've hit these. last two game shows and the only reason. we made $1,000 extra and whatever we hit.

Here is. profit I shouldn't have went yellow. though should I oh I just hit a. 100x I hope it hits again 50x would be. good H 20 back to back 20 xes from the. cash hunt in the crazy I mean that's. that's. good that's a $2,000 win you know what. dude that secures us $1,000 more dollars. we're up to 8,000 guaranteed we're going. to do a one ,000 bet though and blue. ends up hitting a 50x so not a huge win. for anyone here 50x being the top. multiplier uh $2,100 win secured. $8,000 $5,000 profit on the video let's. do that boom. boom here we go keep the strategy. going keep the strategy going we're. we're in big on two and we're in big on. five $88,000 Cash Out secured can we get. a back to back headit. here dude give me a top slot on two or. five top slot or two or five cash hunt. misses the top. slot all right we just need to hit one.

Of ours and we're then we're on and. we're good we'll continue if not we're. over I tried to end this video a long. time ago crazy time did not want me to. end it they wanted me to keep. going this one might be a 10 if it goes. over the two or if it hits the two that. would be so good and it does it keeps us. in it it keeps us in it does not want us. to end just yet give me a top slot on. five come on a. one we hit a top slot on two we hit Top. slot on crazy time on cash hunt we just. couldn't get the 5x top slot in this. video but we have had some good hits. from the five we had a $600 profit round. we had 300 it's kept us in the game but. we have not hit a top slot with it. that's the one thing that's not been. good about this video. could this hit a coin flip it's going to. be the. one oh my God it goes over to the two.

And we're still in it hold on it's not. over yet backto back 2x's to break us. even on the rounds dude if it hits a. game show at this point we might have to. always use this strategy I've been. gassing it up but seriously at this. point the only reason we're still in it. is because of these two A's a 10x top. slot oh God do not hit this do not give. us this don't remember let's hit a game. show come on like I said if we lose. we're out bro but we've hit back to back. if it's kept us in it maybe it wants to. give us one big hit left it's got one. more big hit left in it of course I. don't remember it was like all right. we're going to have to go over to this. five a if we want to continue that's it. all right I'm taking it $5,000 profit. $8,000 total cash out I hope you all. enjoyed today's video like I said. comment strategies that you want me to.

use down Bel. betting strategies on crazy time I'll. see you guys later peace out

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