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Hi welcome to this channel My Name is. Oliver and today I want to review. another great platform called one win. this one has gezino online and also has. a bookmaker the sports betting and this. is really important for you guys who. really love. um betting on sports and. um of course we are not on a Verge not. uh at the beginning but you know it's. already started and we kind of you need. to have a platform that you can use for. your sports betting and today I want to. review a platform called one win the. link is going to be in the description. to this video as well as all the. necessary information and sometimes we. we give promo codes for for the platform. as well to use on your deposit so make. sure to check out the description of the. video and guys. um as always if you if you like the. video leave us a thumbs up and don't.

Forget to subscribe if you're still not. subscribed and leave us commentary in. the commentary section we'll try to. answer them all and let's begin so here. we are on the platform one win make sure. to follow the link in the description to. see this and here we are so guys first. of all I want to say that this platform. has a really really nice interface and. if we go for example if we go to casino. here it's got its own little icons and. everything it's got its own some of the. games are from from them like lucky Jets. and and some other games that are. specifically made. by the company it's it's their home home. games and lucky jet is one of them and. there's others but basically this has a. pretty nice feel to this. you know in terms of. the in terms of interface and so I like. I like the the you know the art of the.

Game really colorful and so on and they. made it a pretty pretty nice feel to. this and all the different. um all the different games here. categories have their own little icons. and so on and if we go to something else. for example live games. a lot of games is still the same but if. we switch to cyber sport it's completely. different so we we have you know the. field is still a onewin feel but here. we have uh all all different stuff you. know all different icons and all the. different. interface you know. interface details if you will interface. like elements yeah there's better word. elements and for example if we go to. something else like yeah if we go to. sports it is completely different it. still has like the feel to it but this. is this is more like a bookmaker style. you know uh sport betting platforms they.

Are kind of usually like this so and and. it has also its own other little icons. for the eye to recognize so that's a. that's a pretty good one and yeah let's. um let's see what else we can we can see. here if we go to live obviously we're. gonna have games that are happening live. and obviously World Cup World Cup is the. most important event these days and and. to be honest with this of this year and. yeah luckily we have it the end of the. year 2022 we have the World Cup and here. we are we can see it here International. FIFA World Cup 2022 we can choose that. and we'll see exactly what's going on. right now you know what's going on. um today so this is um this is what we. can. um filter here and if not we can do by. country as well uh the tournament and. you know by as I said by country by. Sport and we could find whatever we need.

Exactly and in this case it's it's got. to be you know football soccer so of the. identity identification and so on and so. on you can do all from profile here and. uh once once this is done. um actually here you have the event. World Cup 21 day. um. so also you can check out the promotion. bonuses here which is you know pretty. cool the little reminders here of what's. going on but yeah I was going to say the. deposit button is here and you just. click that and that brings you to the. deposit window and you can choose your. you know preferable payment method it's. uh Visa Mastercard. it's also um the cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin and altcoins and also electronic. money you know electronic web wallets. and solid electronic transactions. that's also present here and yes. um that's about it what I want to say. about these and also make sure to use.

You know to go to the bottom of of the. of the web here of the page and have a. look at the information at the rules. bonuses and promotions and a mobile. version I mean what else there but yeah. risk disclosure very important so do. that and also there's your the 24 7. support is by this button but you also. have contact button here which is one. win XYZ here. um. um. the electronic email yeah so. what else guys there is uh there is the. you know the Instagram the Facebook and. telegram here to social media to check. out what you know what the players the. user has been saying you know the. community you can check that out and see. for yourself what's going on there you. can chat to people as well and yeah this. is um there's gonna be also you have. here as well the the methods for you. know paying Apple pay here Google pay.

and all the different methods for the. payment and you know deposit them with. withdrawal this is it and yeah make sure. to you know check out all the. information don't forget. um you know about the rules these are. usually important the risk disclosure. affiliate program as well. um but that could be interesting for. some of you and yeah don't forget to. responsible gaming guys that's important. as well and I'll see you all next time I. hope you like this review let me know in. the commentary section. make sure to subscribe if you like the. video. also leave us a thumbs up if you do and. yeah I wish you all good luck don't. forget about the link in the description. to this video all the useful necessary. information are in there as well. see y'all next time good luck

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