12.05.2024 How to Play the Aviator Game (It's Easy!)

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How's the punters welcome back to best. sports betting and in this video i'm. going to be running through how to play. the new aviator game. as well as some live gameplay once we've. run through everything. now the game itself is pretty simple the. first thing you need to do when you. start the game is to place your bits. you have two betting options at the. bottom of here. they are both on the same game you're. just placing two bits. you can place two different size bits. you can place two of the same bits but. it is going to be on the same. round now another option we have is auto. i'm going to be running into. that a bit later but let me just quickly. explain how the actual. game itself works now this plane is. going to take off. from one and it's going to fly up. and you need to click the cash out. button. before the plane flies away you see here.

It says flew away. if you did not press the button before. that happens it's too late. so i've placed two bits now we're gonna. see the cash out button. now whenever i want to cash out this bet. i need to click that button. it'll say i've cashed out over there i. click it again. it will say i've cashed out that one now. once again if i do not click this button. before this plane flies away my bet will. lose. now you never know when the plane is. going to fly away. you can see this plane is going on for. some time so if i'd click the cash out. button. at any point before it got to that 7.25. i would have been fine i would have had. all those bets as a win. they pay out the winnings directly into. your account as cash. so you don't have to worry about having. to wager it or anything like that. straight cash into your account just.

Like spinazonke just like any other live. games. so that's how the game works it's really. that simple if you don't press the cash. out button your bet. is going to lose very important to. remember that. what i'm quickly going to do is talk. about the auto bet and auto cash out. function. auto bet means that your bets are going. to be placed every round. auto cash outs means. auto sorry rather auto bet means your. bets are going to place every round. and it's going to keep going until you. turn the auto bit off. they need to actually set a limit like. they have on evolution 10 rounds 20. rounds etc. they don't have that yet hopefully that. is going to be coming in the future. now the auto cash out lets you set when. you want your bet to automatically cash. out. you can see that it went to 1.98 if we. set this to 1.90 that this bit would.

Have cashed out automatically as soon as. the plane. got to 1.90 so that's pretty much. everything that i think guys need to. know in order to play the game. there is a free version available over. on the scribe site this is. the site of the software developers who. actually made the game. you can go and play the game for free. there you have some practice runs. it doesn't cost you anything it's really. good to check that out before you get. involved with real cash. what we have on the left here is we have. everyone else's bets. we can change that to my bets you can. see the history of the bets that i've. taken. you can click on top you can see who's. won the. the most bets today for the month 1700. absolutely massive there well done to. that. panzer and then for the year that should. also be the same panzer up top there.

So that's it guys what i'm going to do. now is i'm going to jump into some. gameplay. uh what i'll do first pop some sound on. let's see this sounds all right. fantastic. and then i'm going to get my first bet. on i'm going to wait a little bit i. don't like. uh betting when there's been. you know lots of winds if that makes. sense you can see over here that. there's been a lot of winning streaks i. think this this one might go above. to this one over here so i'm gonna wait. for this one to run. i hope it's a low one yeah okay perfect. so i'm gonna place a hundred round on. this one and i'm gonna place 20 rand on. the. second bet click the bet now button my. bets gone through. now i just wait for the next round to. start. here we go next round's about to start. up so once again as soon as i want to. cash out i need to click that cash up.

Button. i'll let this run until about one. actually make it just make it two if it. gets there. and then i'll cash out and then the. other one i'll let it run there we go so. i've cashed that one out this one i'm. going to. run until three if it gets there yep. let's cash it out there we go we've won. both those bets both of those have been. settled as wins. hopefully this one doesn't run run on. for too much longer. you can see all the other punters who. are playing the game there's one guy he. cashed out at six. this guy's still going with his ten. round this guy's still going with his. tin ran they're going to get nice pouts. ah they should have cashed out they. should have cashed out. so that was quite a nice long run from. the plan and you can't always expect it. to go to these. twelves there's lots of low ones that.

Happen as well there's one that one. point. zero zero that when that happens the. plane flies away. right in the beginning it's not nice to. see those i'm going to catch this at. about 1.5. there we go this one i will cache at two. there we go oh i'm glad i managed to get. that one in in time. that was very very close. so let's uh put some more bets on. another 100 another 20 over there. as you can see we've been pretty lucky. with the the last couple bits. what i like to do is i like to catch. these up for a small profit i'm not i'm. not that greedy i think this game is. gonna. hurt greedy players 1.5 i'm quite happy. with. there we go let's catch that one out. this one we'll let's run till two. there we go oh i see i clicked the. button there. but just not in time i was not quick. enough on that second one. and that split second cost me my 20.

Bucks. even though i try to cash it out of two. so that's where i should set the auto. cash out that would actually be pretty. useful. what you could also do you set this oh. there we go there's an example of one. flying away. right in the beginning 1.03 now. what usually happens when it flies away. like this the next couple ones i've. noticed they do. also fly away very very quickly so we. need to be quite careful now. it might be in a bit of a stage where. it's flying away early. hopefully i'm wrong i'm gonna catch this. one out. let's let it run till two yeah cash it. out. this one oh let's let this run run maybe. we can get a nice big one if. this one gets to like five i'll cash it. out. then i've made 100 bucks there we go. let's cash it out. awesome still going there's nothing. worse than the feeling of letting that.

Plane carry on flying. when you've you've cashed out but hey. you've taken the money you've got some. profit. i think this one's going to go away very. early so i'll cash this on one out at. about 1.5. if it even gets there. okay 1.5 let's take it and this one i'll. let it run again. uh let's see if this one runs up until. three i think that's maybe a good time. to catch this one out. yeah let's take it and it's all about. these small little winnings that you. pick up. throughout the game i've picked up a. nice couple wins today i might say. this one's still going going going so. wow. going very far it's too bad you can't. buy back in. but yes you can also see the history at. the top over here the round history it. shows you all the recent ones this one. is going. like an absolute bomb at the moment it's. already at 30.

And that's the biggest one we've seen. for quite a while. 50 now wow this one is just flying 60. 70 let's look if anyone has any bets on. is there anyone here is there anyone no. everyone has cashed out. except that there is one guy here we go. 146 you know the next one's going to be. low. but yeah guys this is how to play the. aviator game it's fantastic. i really enjoy this i think this is. going to be a massive hit for hollywood. bits. it's just so much fun to play it's nice. to play multiplayer as well. uh short cash out on this one 1.5 again. yep i'll take it. and i'll take that one as well that's. going to be a huge huge hit for. hollywood bits. it's nice to play multiplayer it's nice. to even play on the same phone like i. was playing this with my with my. girlfriend and she was having a bit and. i was having a bit.

She was playing the one box i was. playing the one box it was. who was ever going to blink first when. that when the plane was flying so. i really really it's really fun to to. play in a social environment as well. this guy's beating 500 bucks a pop i'm. worried about these low ones coming in. i know they've got to be coming soon 1.5. i'll take you oh. i just didn't get the second one but i. got my first one. i got the uh right on 1.5. so i think i'm going to set a auto cash. out on these now let's make this order. cash out like. ten let's make that awesome what a cash. out ten. i'm just worried about getting some. really low ones we've had so many big. ones there's got to be some blow ones. coming in here. that's why i'm cashing out so early yeah. there we go there was the low one that i. i. kind of predicted i think we're going to.

be in for a few of those now. but yeah guys let me know what you think. about the aviator game do you need any. more help do you need any assistance. with how the game works or. some advice on what to do or how to play. the game just let me know in the. comments below and i'll do my best to. assist you. but otherwise guys have a good one and. i'll catch you in the next video. cheers

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