12.05.2024 Gold bar roulette | casino roulette win tricks

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I was thinking about the same thing like. three days ago exactly. but yeah it would be i don't know like. it's even worse than torturing i guess. i mean exactly you don't even need to. torture the person you can just let him. do the same thing over and over the. eternity. i hate you you're going very dark. already for that. exactly. well. yeah a lot of people does that actually. and that's not good you know a lot of. people are getting loans. bad circles good luck have one. empty one goal bar two more. and two more we got five gold bars in. total good luck. really funny my congratulations to all. the winners winning numbers one red. and ladies and gentlemen by the way i. mean this will be my last round before. the hosts change. and then we're going to proceed to the. always change procedure. two goal bars two more. five more.

And one more in total we got ten goal. bars good luck everyone. and then this. uk cowboy thanks for explaining what was. the category. my congratulations to all the winners. winning number was 35. black and have a great of luck with my. colleague. hello ladies and gentlemen my name is. carlos and i'll be your host for the. next half hour let's see how much gold. we get to win now. and the ball's going the bets are. closing the doors are opening and here. we have the amount that can be won it's. gonna be a total of free gold bars for. the taking good luck on the spin players. this would look nice in your account. wouldn't it. the winning number is 30 red the high. even number from the fur column in third. dozen. 135 gold bars made their way out of the. vault congratulations players uk cowboys. carlos fandango i heard that but i'm not.

really sure where before and players new. round you spin with a new golden chance. to win. there goes the ball there goes the. batting time and let's see how much gold. we have a chance to get out now a grand. total of eagle bars for the win let's. see who's gonna take them. good luck. and the winning number is 17 black that. is a a low even number from the first uh. from the second first column. congratulations to all the 150 gold of. bars that made her out of the account. and congratulations

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