12.05.2024 PHILIPS Android TV : How to Enable or Disable USB Debugging Mode

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Hi friends this video shows how to. enable or disable developer options and. usb debugging mode. so first. go to settings. then go down and select device. preferences. then select about. then go down and select build on build. we need to tap seven times. one two three four five six seven. you are now a developer. then go back. then now under device preferences we can. see. developer options. select it. these are the developer options. from this list we can find usb debugging. mode here. let me enable it plus. press. ok button on the remote and select okay. so now i have enabled usb debugging mode. if you want to disable usb debugging. mode again select it. and disable here. if you want to disable developer options. we can disable the developer options. here. then go back. now. under device preferences there is no. developer options because i have.

disabled it so this way we can enable or. disable developer options and usb. debugging mode

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