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To conly welcome. back here is another spin good. luck so uh this is a b are closed thank. you hello. arra so here we go. here is uh the number from oraline. section tiny and small orphal. lines and let's check it out it's nearly. there so yeah ball landed on. 34 red First Column and third dozen 304. R is the winning one congratulations to. the winners uh this is it the round is. over place your BS for the next one as. danco and Dam hello. hello 20 seconds to. go plenty of. time here we go I'm just ready to make. another spin good. luck this is it that's a closed thank. you. okay we have a number from orine section. again but for this time it's right the. opposite one so it's a bigger or. lines um let's check it out the winning. number is 14 rod from middle column and. middle dozen 14 Rod wins congratulations. and app plus to the winners thank you uh.

this round is over and if you would like. to take a part in the following one. please place your new. vs 10 seconds to. go last seconds to place your last. BS here we. so uh the winning number for this time. is number from the same section well. it's a Tony orphal lines guys but still. orphal lines and we had this number just. recently so let's check it. out it's all about. 34 R and that's the result uh 30 for R. wins congratulations to everyone who is. happy about that number uh thank you for. playing on play you about play

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