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Hey diamonds are in here and i like a 4x. on the first spin dude. is this a max is this a max. is this a max win. is this a max win if we get one more. listen jimmy listen to me if we get one. more of these this will be max this will. be. a maximum victory okay we've got to get. one more so if we don't get one more in. the next three or four spins. uh we're gonna have to hope to get. connections everywhere man. i think this could be max it's max we've. got it it's gonna be a max it's gonna be. a max it's gonna be a max it's gonna be. a max i've been waiting i've been. waiting for ages and we're gonna do it. it will be a max i'm saying it now i'm. declaring it now this will be a maximum. win. holy [ __ ] man the amount of. games the amount of time i played this. game. where's the mouse where's the mouse. come on feed me feed me the bombs big.

Boy. come on big fella give me the crowns. make it look pretty. here it comes. there they are that's fine that's fine. doesn't matter it's going to be a max. it's going to be a max it doesn't matter. i'm out of breath. we're just waiting for the kill shot. we're just waiting for the kill shot. where is it. where's the kill shot. here it is. there she is the kill star not not quite. not quite. very very close to the kill shots. not quite yet but we know what's gonna. happen. we know what's gonna happen. we know what's coming. and yes that's what she said. one more big one where is it. where is it. hello. hello. bomb it's over. there it is the overkill. we've done it finally. we have finally done it on stream. the old pragmatic uh the the nice. beautiful looking board. the hyper kill board the actual overkill. board. have a look at it.

Have a look at the overkill oh it hell oh finally holy [ __ ] we've finally done it we have finally got a gates of olympus after 15 months streaming slots full time we have finally got a gates of olympus maximum wind and there she is ah here we go five lines what am i gonna do do i just go mystery every time do i just go mystery every time going for the yahtzee bomb upwards yes or no mystery to the death or top just type me i don't know what to type [ __ ] munchers i'm just going to turn it off we're going to be cockheads i'm going to go mysteries no frog legs pelicans frogs we've got it that's a max win that's a max win you don't need your hot words i'll do it all myself one call hell yes yes i haven't had a 15x for a while or higher i don't think you're a piece of 310.

Why don't you scroll your bonus list so. it shows what's coming up as well. um i mean it shows the next four games. um we're also going to have something. implemented very well soonish on our. site where you can look at the whole. list by yourself you just press a button. it'll go to the site it'll have. everything all the games all the payouts. uh previous game previous days previous. payouts everything it'll all be. there on holla. it'll all be there a one click one click. for everything. wow that's bad. stop uh these it's not many mega waves. we'll take it 240.. uh 10 on one or a cat and a hat. didn't get it. aces aces. nope. queen here. nope. if i can peel off 600 here forget the. 600 that'll be a result play yum yum i. might play some yammer. do it. we've done it. three x hooters the hooters you saw the. hooters on the side and when it dropped.

The double hooters in you started to. believe the hooters could drop the. second the second look at hoot has. dropped i thought it's got to happen and. the hooters have delivered. how is that not a max win. that that's a max win isn't it. with a double chance i thought it's. going to be 50k for the max. what what do we need uh 660 000 to make. it officially a max but i thought it's a. 10 bet i'm confused i don't care. hello. wait. go back to karen now i'll never play. that again for another year now. unless it's in a bonus opening. oh. cats. oh nice. any cats. any cats in hats. looking for a puddy cat i'm looking for. a pretty little putty cat. needed far left. place place place place place place. place place. place place place. place play. please. please. please. come on. sixty thousand. it's sixty thousand real one. i got it i am a guru i'm a.

Golden guru made my mate one more. thing's max i think one more's max. i think one more smacks for the hair i. think one more. one more what's max what's max on this. what's max on this. dude what is max on this. hello. oh. my give me one more. it's lava cake. it's lava cake. yes. is that it is that it that could be it. that is it we've done it another max win. we have gone back to back. max wins. holy [ __ ]. uh. that was paul reid not white sue see you. later man. i'm just looking for a little sneaky 3x. on gates i'm happy to leave. i'm happy to leave with a little sneaky. 3x. like really i'm happy to leave. look at this board this is a gorgeous. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous boar double. blues can be activated too. wow. um. this is weird this is not a max win. animation. this is not a max win animation though. it was five dead spins with no bombs.

it was. it was. a it was a five spin dead spin with no. bombs i i don't know what this is. i don't know what this is i'm putting my. chair aside so i don't it up. please don't die. you man. yellows i need a bomb i need double. diamonds into a bomb. don't you dare don't you dare rip out. don't you dare crowns into a bomb's max. one crown of max. oh come on come on come on come on. please don't die not with the 250.. me crowns. crowds give me a bomb. max. you zeus. holy

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