12.05.2024 R500 Casino Challenge Episode 4 : The Gates of Olympus

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How's the panthers welcome back to the. bsb 500 rand challenge episode number. four uh episode three was a bit of a. tough one we ended up making a couple. bucks but what i've done for episode. four is firstly i've moved myself to the. right of your screen so you don't see my. balance being blocked anymore sorry. about that you could you could see it in. some of the the fruits and the aviator. videos and other than that i've also. moved my balance across to super bets. in case i want to take a couple of. sports bets if we uh if we feel like it. i thought there was some bets over the. weekend that. i wanted to take and then i was like ah. lotta star don't offer it plus it's also. easier to keep track of everything when. the balance. is the entire amount that we are betting. with which at the moment is two thousand.

And nine rand we wanna get that up to. about two and a half. three grand i don't know. what i thought i'd do today was be a bit. more risky. i thought i would. buy one or two features. over on gates of olympus for like. 500 rand each. uh i. i think we need some some more slots in. the series. and. i think this is probably going to be the. best way. to. get. can we get a 500 here. to get uh. maybe it'll work here. it'll be the best way to get some uh. quick wins some interesting contents see. how we do. i'm just trying to play around with the. level here i don't want to do 600 but. 400 is a bit. you know a bit too small. okay let's. let's do 400. i suppose. and. then i think we'll see how we do in that. one if we break even on that one we'll. do another spin. if we. win. big then we'll probably end the session. there. um if we have a bad one i'm not sure i'm.

Not sure we might have another spin. depending on how bad it is so we're. spending 400 bucks on this this is quite. a lot for our our challenge it's a it's. a lot of our bankrolls 25 percent of our. bankroll it's not the smart thing to do. definitely not the smart thing to do but. i'm going to do it i'm going to risk it. for the biscuits. and we're going to see how we do i do. apologize for the the background boys. there's a vacuum going on there but. let's let's do it let's buy these free. spins 400 bucks. gates of olympus has never been kind to. me i was hoping we could maybe get five. sketches so we've earned 12 round back. we've got 15 free spins come on we need. these zeus so what we're really looking. for here. is for a lightning strike and a win. because if we get a lightning strike we. get the multiplier and that multiplier.

Is going to go to our. bigger multiply so even if there's no. multiplier. on a win if we've got a base multiplier. that's going to add to that win it's. really important to get a multiplier. very early in this. this feature. so there that's perfect so we're going. to start off with the three times base. multiplier so that's going to go to the. the side of the screen that's good so. any wins that we get now at all are. going to be multiplied by three. so now we need some more multipliers. obviously and some wins we've got 11. spins left. oh it's not looking good nine left. here's a. strike but nothing nothing oh these are. going to pay 24 round only. come on into this give us a strike man. there we go. six times nice thank you zeus now we. need these. so we get one six times we might get. something more here anything more so.

There we go we get nice nine times that. so that's 140 round that's getting there. that's getting there we're 160 round up. well not up we've we've made 160 rounds. and we're gonna get an extra two times. added to that multiplier i. oh think four times is looking juicy. we've got five spins left four come on. come on zeus. oh my man what are you doing to us here. oh we've been absolutely child on that. one we've been absolutely child. i think i'm gonna risk it for the. biscuit again i feel like we really got. shafted on that one. what i'll do is i'll put the steak up to. 600 and then we'll have played a. thousand bucks. of this feature i think that would be. pretty good. let's do it let's do it we started this. with about a thousand uh. 2 000 rand we're now down to a thousand. rand everything's kind of going on to.

This not everything but a lot a lot is. depending on this. okay good two times over there can we. get some of those green ones well we. can't. okay. so we need to make up 600 on this one. three times is going to help us a bit. that's going to go to our overall. multiplier that's going to go to five. times if we don't we've only got 12. spins left. we missed that multi. okay those all those will be okay with. that multi come on more no nothing more. those those have got to pop out there we. go we'll go to six times over here can. we get these green ones yes we can golds. come on. we will get the purple ones this could. be nice. come there's gold anything more. yes those chalices. there's yes there you go come on red. and another three times on top of that. it's going to be a nine times multiplier. that's great that's great that's what oh.

It's going to be 500 round and we're. going to have a massive we've got 10. free 10 spins that are 14 times multi. it's left come on baby this can make. this could make it up for us come on. make a make up that 600 round first. i think we've almost made that up. oh okay we just made it up we've got six. pins to make money. come on. oh nothing there. okay three times there. anything more no okay. it looks like it's gonna be. it would be nice to make up the. the spins on the other one as well but i. don't think it's gonna get there. come on one's been left give her. something's this. something better than that my man. gold gold gold. no okay 665 rand i still feel we got. pretty shafted on that one. so. i think i'm going to give it another go. so we're in for 600 again. okay nice multi to start off with three. times. oh i thought we were going to get.

Something there. oh almost almost another scatter. come with something else something else. come on zeus give us a strike. come on zeus i'm praying to you brother. come on. yo all of that and zeus doesn't give us. anything yo that wasn't very nice this. that wasn't very nice of you at all. come on. give us another strike this. 159 on that one it's okay it's okay. seven left. come on zeus. oh my man come on. no give us something dude. only two left. only one left wow absolutely terrible. 229 rand on that one that was not good. i'm not giving up i'm not giving up. let's do another one let's do another. one. i feel like this these these are really. are shafting us at the moment. okay there we go we get a nice four. times on that one at least. six times come on the reds red red reds. there there we go this could be a nice.

One. now there's another strike pieces. okay okay we'll get a decent one from. that that goes nicely to the multiplier. 186 ram okay. come on zeus. there we go okay four times there can we. get those green ones yes we can some. purples maybe. no okay. not great not great. lots popping there but we need a. lightning. four left i don't think we're gonna make. anything on this one either i think this. is absolutely child. i need that lightning strikes this. only three times. okay another one's this. another one if you please. oh he doesn't give it to us we get it 15. times on that that's gonna have 600. bucks okay. so. we made a bit on that one. i'm gonna put it up to 800. and we're gonna buy those. nothing on the first one come on give us. something zeus give us a strike brother. this come. on times four times okay okay. something at least.

10 left. nothing this is not looking good at all. seven left. five left. we'll get a nice melty on that one we've. got it nine times on that one this is. gonna be a juicy one i think. i thought there was going to be a bit. more we'll get a bit more than that. we'll get 13 times that's gonna pay a. thousand bucks okay nice okay. looking good but you still owe us a bit. more there's this. three left come on give us something in. this last three man last two. come on zeus. ah that was a bit disappointing that was. a bit disappointing. okay so we back to where we started. we're back to square one. we've actually made a little bit on this. one. um. but i am so tempted to. to press onto something else. i don't feel like he's been he's been. that kind to us all as this today gave. us just a little bit. i think i'm i'm kind of i've pushed my.

luck on gates of olympus and i think. that's where i'm going to call the. episode didn't make that much on this. one but this is looking like it could be. a long series but i've got to take those. wins where i can keep where i can get. them we up just a little bit today i'll. bring up that balance on screen guys i. hope you enjoyed it episode four thanks. for tuning in and i'll see you in the. next one have a good one guys cheers

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