12.05.2024 Is Spirulina Dangerous For Your Health? Dr Michael Greger

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Spirulina a blue green algae and is incredibly high in protein, iron, calcium and is a good source of antioxidants, Bvitamins and other nutrients. However Dr Michael Greger released a series of videos A few years ago which suggest that spirulina and all blue green algae’s may be dangerous for our health. Studies have found that almost all bluegreen algae can produce neurotoxins, including one called BMAA which has been found in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients and ALS, Lou Gehrig's patients. BMAA can kill motor nerve cells in the spinal cord which are destroyed by ALS. And in fact a potent neurotoxin was found in spirulina.

Spirulina was also found to contain hepatotoxins which are liver toxins.. The question is, is spirulina toxic in itself or does it contain toxins because of contamination. by other toxinproducing blue-green algae.. Because When spirulina is collected it can be difficult to know what other algae is also. present.. There has been some discussion that perhaps buying spirulina from reputable companies. that have thirdparty testing of their products and state that it is BMAA free may be an option.. But it is hard to guarantee its safety.. So what about the algae omega 3 supplements that many vegans are now taking, are these. safe to consume or do they too contain liver and neurotoxins?. And what about chlorella should we avoid it too?. Let’s here now from Dr Michael Greger as he shares his current thoughts on spirulina,.

Algae omega 3 and chlorella supplements. This clip is taken from Dr Greger’s February 2017 Q&A the link to the whole video will be in the description below. Be sure to check it out. The background noise you can hear is Dr Greger walking on his treadmill desk but hopefully it’s not too loud…..Are algae omega 3 supplements free from BMAA, a neurotoxin associated with ALS and Lou Gehrig's disease. Yes, BMAA is made by bluegreen algae so that’s why it would be ideal to stay away from blue-green algae supplements, to stay away from seafood, stay away from spirulina which can be contaminated with bluegreen algae but chlorella is ok because it’s a green algae not a blue-green algae and the DHA is from golden algae completely different and so you don’t have to worry about BMAA.

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