12.05.2024 Why Is This HyVee The Best?

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Hey graeme's newest business hyvee is. open. way way way it's not your typical. highway this hyvee is first of its kind. design. and. technology driven. let's go check it out. if you have an electric vehicle there. are four charging spots right here for. you. now let's go inside. so talking about technology this store. has electronic price tags. and tv monitors. to display products so it's not boring. shelves. scan and go is also available at this. store. set up your profile in under five. minutes and start shopping. yes. so. yes. hey. human baby. fur baby. foreign. done shopping let's complete the. checkout. i'm hungry let's go get some food. do. so you can order from the counters or. from the electronic kiosk. do. do. hey let's check out the cake and bakery. area. you can also order you can also custom. order a cake from this kiosk.

do. one last stop wine experience. do. do. do. what's up my friends i'm jen hon your. favorite realty one group impact hope. you enjoyed the tour of this brand new. design hyvee. technology driven and third largest in. iowa. drop a comment below to tell me what is. the coolest part of the store make sure. you follow me on my facebook and. instagram for my day to day activity. and follow me on my youtube channel hit. the subscribe button and the bell. notification so you get notified when. new videos get posted for now affiliate. signing out. you

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