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Yo yo yo ladies and gentlemen welcome. welcome we have big bass versus Big Bass. okay today is something different I. wanted to start off uh doing something. that I think is personally fun we're. doing. 1,000 spins on big bass floats my boat. and then we're doing 1,000 spins on the. new Big Bass day at the races I have no. idea what is going to happen today but. all I want to know is which big bass is. better and number two can we please make. a ton of money on the big bass. slots I have not played big bass for. like well I did play it a little bit. yesterday guilty guilty but I have not. played Big Bass like on stream for like. two and a half weeks so we'll see what. happens we're starting with $3,000 today. this better not be a terrible idea this. I've had terrible ideas in the past this. cannot be one of them so what we're.

Going to do is we're going to keep track. of all the bonuses that we've gotten on. big bass floats my boat on the bottom. right hand corner it's not going to be a. bonus H obviously we're just keeping. track of what uh what how many bonuses. we get and what they pay um and then. figure out the profit and loss at the. end of all of these spins if this is. going terribly wrong I'll just cancel it. whatever you know it is what it is the. after the first day after like the first. like 5 hours or so ended up being okay. but we got our first bonus took $200 $22. so we got got scammed $2 good luck but. it's okay we need these to pay obviously. um but welcome everybody to the stream. Mike how's it going big dggs on YouTube. as well Mr poker's on YouTube cam pre. run surgery was good man thank you for. asking what's the bet he's spinning big.

Bass of the races right now dude I'm I'm. going to I'm going to Sirus how's it. going Terry what's going on Adrian. congratulations on your $50 Randy hello. watch all the time you're funny and. hilarious plat is hilarious what about. concept concept's not funny that's. messed up what's up J but thank you. Randy I appreciate you bro we're into. the next level with two spins that's not. bad we rep how you doing my green what's. up what's up get that Max dude if we get. a Max on a freaking big bass slot I will. never talk trash ever uh C toer glad to. hear everything went great with your. lace good luck today hope you had a Max. win today with your new vision dude all. it takes is good Vision to see the max. win I can see into the future Max win on. a big bass slot is happening 100% da. it's my birthday blow me a kiss is it.

Actually. there's your kiss uh please open up a. ticket in the Discord for $25 if it is. your birthday uh little birthday reward. for you appreciate it. man hope you have a good day wait is it. your birthday actually I feel like it. was just your birthday and you went to a. steakhouse. no is he are you scamming us mless are. you scaming he's scamming dude when yo. mless when did you go to the steakhous a. couple like weeks ago you little liar. you little liar you little snake you. little snake eating snake wait steak. eating snake is what I meant to say not. snake eating you don't eat snakes I hope. please give me more dude what come on. two more double drop double drop Fisher. man's please please double drop bing. bing no you need to save it you need to. save it $93 is. nothing bauki okay will take it that's. actually nice what a car yesterday too.

Jesus man oh wa I thought that was way. bigger I thought that was way bigger. okay we'll take it okay this has to be. in we still have 600 spins. left dude there's no thank you if this. doesn't pay $1,000 I'm going to lose it. come on third bonus. finally let this be the one yo Jasmine. how's it going Barnaby you should try. the new Big Bass it's actually decent. yeah I it is actually really nice barbar. artist how's it going please catch these. fishy please please catch all the. fishies instead of 1,000 you should do. 500 I'm sticking to it I like a. th000 I like the I like the 1,000. spins I believe I I trust the. process girlfriend sent me $40 to double. for her and I withdrew 350 and you. definitely told her that you doubled it. so you gave her 80 and you kept the rest. right it's definitely how that works yo.

Where's the octopus to help us out bro. we 40 we have 40 cents. oh pull oh that's good that's good. that's clutch that's clutch that's. clutch okay thank you thank. you I mean still dog trash but we'll. take it we'll take it you gave her 200. wow you're way too nice like if it was. your fiance then sure but you're way too. nice Grim Rino come on now we know how. this game is. played if you sign up to 500 Casino make. sure to click your name in the top right. hand corner when you sign up select. rewards and then use code daily Gamba. exactly how you see it on the screen. this is by far the most rewarding casino. and we are giving away over $20,000 to. users on my code every single. month yes okay we need to keep going now. come on come on big bass come on baby oh. yeah oh. yeah come on Double Fisherman droppers. now why why can't you do it for one time.

No way we're getting $50. dude. 5120 come. on yeah Barbara I don't I don't answer. the trolls man we'll. see all right come on please big big. bonus now big payer got to be a big. payer this is officially the fifth bonus. in in. $500 $4 like. $50 what's up Jacob can you play. gigantes dude I don't really like that. slot. though watching from Disneyland Paris. and the pub from the money I won let's. go man let's go congrats on the vacation. hopefully uh hope you're relaxing man. that's awesome what's up Posh how's it. going hopefully you're doing well just. got me a 2,650 X on fruit party no way. was it like a big stars or apples or. Stars which one was it apples or. Stars okay interesting we just need one. more Fisher B can we please get to level. two this has been disgusting please we. just need one more one more right here.

Right now please help me out please yes. okay finally we can start building we. got to get to level three though we. really need. to Yo Daddy like more I saw that crazy. win man that is insane. congrats please please please. Fisherman's early and fast fast and. early early and fast come. on no that would have been really good. catch come on a lot of sevens a lot of. fives dude whenever you see one fish. like that it's whenever you see one. little fish is when you freaking catch. is. like it's fine it's fine come on. come on now keep. going not respectable we need a double. dropper we need twins to drop in right. now please Fisher man there are so many. fish in the sea just catch them just. catch them here right now bing. bing God damn bing. bing. what give us the Bing Bing come on two. spins give us bing. bing oh we're done oh we'll take it I.

Guess we'll take. it 500 spins remaining Heman bass. man who that's 100 bucks or 200 sorry. 100 x I mean if you could get into the. next level by six spins left you know. it's like a good script the two 1,000x. plus scripts that I've watched from you. guys getting big wins literally same. thing six spins remaining gets you into. the next bonus six spins remaining gets. you into the next bonus and it just like. keeps going. but another bad one here can we please. get a big whale big whale catch the. whale the one big whale those are. freaking shrimps man $3. $3 no way you're having fun catching. freaking. shrimp th000 spins you would think good. there was one more scatter there it's. fine this this is bonus number. seven bonus number seven come on man you. like I can just like see you like you're. like me like you scream at your freaking.

Computer while you're typing in the. Discord and it's actually. hilarious like I just envision myself. doing that cuz I do do. that God dang this is so disgusting bro. what is going. on chaos Crew 2 is really good Jacob but. it's obviously it's like expensive like. it can get really expensive cuz you're. 10x in your bet or 5x in your. bet what I have to do to get something. to pop here. but this is this is a big bass yikes. Bonanza oh my God I I'm in a I'm in a. NeverEnding cycle of first Spin fisherm. and then it goes. dead oh. jeez whoa. whoa. woo no fish with it but that's. okay oh my God. guys look at this this is huge bigger. than 20x it's 25x. 26x this is different this is different. this is different dude. 27 x one more fisherman. yeah yeah we're in the next level this. actually has legs though legit this. actually has legs we have 15 spins and.

We're on level two this could this could. be the biggest one. this actually has legs bass don't have. legs but the godd dang Fisherman's got. freaking legs baby come on they're like. tree trunks if you've ever seen my legs. you know that they are absolute freaking. trunks I know you've seen my crotch by. accident. please one more here no one more right. here. okay oh. one more come on fisherman dude if. this hits one more in the first four. spins here this is going to be. crazy dude please please please please. please please please please please. please please dude you waited till the. last 100 spins of 1,000 spins to give me. any sort of Hope do not dead spin for 10. spins in a. row yes yes yes concept what did I say. six spins remaining every single time it. does a the last two times I've seen it. do this was a 1,000x win each.

Time I swear to. you this is how it happens this is. literally how it happens this is the. this be this is the biggest win so far. and it happened on the last bonus. probably of this challenge. yes that's big that's big dude that's. big that's freaking big that's 200x okay. okay come. on oh my. God. please don't flop or flop flop like a. fish flop flop flop flop flop. no please double drop oh my god oh no no. no no no no give me a naked fisherman. with a bazooki please naked Fisher man. no it dies here no way that's so unlucky. man that's so. unlucky a it's it's not even it's not. even true you're you're doing it you. just gave me 100 bucks I appreciate that. but give me one. whale wait we actually we literally have. a chance here we actually have a chance. bro come on one more fisherman please. please one more bro one.

More please please please please please. please one more fisherman please give me. some legs give me man yes this man's got. freaking Tre Ro baby yes. yes doubters are silenced shut up. everyone freaking pay. attention every fish we catch now is. massive every single catch is enormous. please do not dead spin for 12 spins. straight oh my God we're not getting to. the next level but we just need money. here we need to collect as much freaking. casual as we can man even that would. have been. okay. oh no oh no oh no oh no. one1 one what did I say there's a whale. and there's like literally a freaking. boat full of whales and I catch a. goddamn. shrimp what dude you could have been so. much more it could have been so much. bigger oh that hurts that was that was. huge that was literally. thousands oh. my God oh my God that should have been.

Really good but that's daily dollars. though we we we'll give it that we'll. give it. that okay I'm ready all right guys big. bass horses let's go this has got to be. a good one okay we've had we have to. have a good bonus here we need 1,000. spins we need at least clearly we need. at least Le 11 bonuses but most. importantly I don't care how many. bonuses we get we just need them to. freaking pay and get us back to $3,000. or more okay it cannot be any worse than. the big bass we just had there's I I. just don't see a world where that's even. possible a come. on yeah nice okay let's go here we go. here we go Miami oh these are different. jump the. shark nice where where where where nza. oh yeah. Bonnie yeah oh my god oh. pearly oh my God fish and they're off. okay come on this is a good setup really. good setup we have one of.

Everything oh baby a move lowest TCH is. the best one this could be crazy though. dude that's so big they're so big the. horses are freaking massive come on man. all right bonus starts now nine spins. come on horse man or Bass man. bass man Horseman yes okay good we'll. take it come on come on come on early. bass man Horseman please fast again one. more oh there's two of them come on. there's two twins. here oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh. yeah oh yeah oh yeah okay. beautiful one more one more big bass man. Horseman. please. no Bast hor oh what come. on no. dude. no no you such a. start oh my God man 9640. 9640. a. yo it's Baron uh I'm watching your. videos every day bro keep going thank. you man appreciate you for real thank. you thank you thank. you please double drop double drop. double drop we need we need a double.

Drop here we got to get in the next. level haven't even haven't even been. close. yet oh man double drop save. it bro this is I want to throw. up another. 30X okay stop dragging it if you're. never gonna drop him thank you Jesus do. I got to scream at these freaking horses. Bonnie Bonnie no dolphin Miami rainbow. jumps the shark oh should should K. that's actually pretty. good you don't even want the guaranteed. fish it's not even that good reming. removing the lowest one is really clutch. and obviously more. spins yeah on the other two are really. good what's up waade uh how's it baby. doing he's doing so good man so so so. good can we like this is so this is like. a snooze Fest this. one this slot actually. sucks. oh oh that's. glitch hey some money but it's like what. freaking $80 again and it's just not. going to drop another another freaking.

Uh Horseman. give me thank you now if you just double. drop right here I will eat my own toes I. will literally eat my foot whoa okay it. didn't drop it but come on drop one more. please please we have not hit level two. yet come on. please thank. you stop oh my God so many okay that's a. l of freaking horses that's a freaking. Whole Meadow full of horses running wild. hairs going everywhere Tails. spinning yeah yeah good finally a profit. we're in times two now with only 11. spins quick quick quick quick quick. quick quick come on quick double. mans no double man man horse man man man. bang one big connection like that last. one on a time two would be perfect cuz. we're not getting it a time three this a. stu give us a stamped for real yeah. stamped Twins and stamped Twins and. stamped oh. dude. no we removed the lowest horse too so.

Like this could pay if we get one. more oh that would so good that would. have been so good need a stumped so bad. oh we need we need something big here we. need a big save bro one Horseman oh oh. yeah that's some money that's some money. come on give us. 150x 150x biggest win so far out of the. three. bonuses one on the last one on the last. for fun oh you don't want to have fun. this guy doesn't like fun. 30480 guys we still have 670 spins left. a big Bast day at the races please home. stretch go crazy run as fast as you've. ever ran. before good start Good Start 500 spins. five bonuses now we're. back nice dude nice dude a lot of free. spins and we removed Lois horse. hey oh this is pretty good come on come. on come on yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah wo wo wo come. on come on come on come on come.

On. come on bro double drop yeah come. on double drop again come on come. on come on man just freaking catch a. horse catch the horse cat the horse oh. freaking come. on oh my God come on I'm getting. freaking dirt in my eye come. on yeah yeah yeah yeah come. on no way it's the six grip. come on come on horse whoa whoa whoa. come on whoa whoa that's a red one. that's a fast one that's a fast. one come on oh yeah oh yeah all right. all right all right relax relax relax oh. my God we're going to tr we're going TR. we're going to trot we're going to. trot come on no no no Trot and then we. Sprint save up energy save up energy. your jockey is dead tired your jockey is. dead tired come on start sprinting start. sprinting come on holy holy oh oh oh oh. come on come on come on come on now. times. two holy dude this is a long ass.

Race. F do me a favor close your eyes just. close your. eyes get on your freaking horse come on. get on your horse okay guys close your. eyes and just listen just listen with. eyes. closed all right home stretch home. stretch home stretch home stretch home. stretch home stretch come. on Stampede no no no Stampede no. Stampede no Stampede no Stampede come on. double double drop now double. drop come on come on oh oh one more one. more please come on one. more come on oh one more horse one more. horse one more. horse God damn this races. suck God they got to start paying good. we're actually kind of kind of going. though I'm sending is the pr H nanza Hof. nanza jump about your freaking H nanza. bro okay oh yeah oh yeah Bonnie oh oh. we're on one. though okay double fixed look at the. Gold Fish dude why you always get the.

Screen. sorry why are you grinding this we're. doing 1,000 spins on big. bass uh floats my boat and then 1,000. spins on big bass day at the races and. seeing which one's better right now. MoneyWise I think this one's better but. they both kind of suck. yeah like two of these uh stickies. absolutely. suck we don't have a single catch. yeah okay nice. woo it's cuz we're not riding the. freaking horse that's why we're we're. just a spectator okay let's get on let's. get on for the finale nice nice nice. just when we get on Just when we get on. come on come on come on we just need one. more we just need one more surely come. on. who that's. it. yeah I got scammed to $20 but that's. fine come. on. yeah time two 11 spins make it happen. now come on the dream is still alive the. dream is still. alive come. on yes I better have 300 Believers.

There's 300 people watching right now. you better all believe you better all. believe everyone hop on your. horse those of you guys that start that. get up and start Galloping and naying. insta $10 tip $20. tip PL get up I'm up I'm stand do it. Platt we're running on time plat start. kneeing start Galloping come. on. rap song is this. come come on black get into it you just. got one come. on that's it that's it keep doing it. keep doing it. louder I'm never never heard the horse. like that guys okay all right not bad. plat thank you no problem we needed that. here I just wanted to share with you. guys the replay from yesterday uh this. is this is unbelievable this is. literally insane I had literally my. biggest big bass win um aside from the 1. 1000x uh win that I had a couple a. little while ago this is uh this is the.

One that I had yesterday and it was a. Drager inner dragger inner $2.50 bet. size and this one went crazy I hope I. can like skip through this or does it. like slowly pick the horses oh no it. slowly picks the horses doesn't it. but it was a good setup yeah double. starting mans actually crazy and I'm. think I had a three plus three or I. think I had a plus two or three here no. I didn't okay but still it was an actual. crazy crazy bonus this one paid huge. this is what started everything for like. my uh my good streak of like big wins. yesterday I was I was uh gambling off. stream uh and off recording and plat was. like dude you got to record this I'm. like nah no no that's good we were we. were just like in a meeting and then. after it got to like level two level. three I was like hold on we got to we. got to watch this cuz this is uh it was.

Crazy like look we're already in the. next level and we have like 18 spins or. something stupid like 20 spins it was. actually look at that 18 spins Man. actually insane her Discord must be new. it is not bro you I don't know how to. message anyone on there you can just. message someone what's your name on. Discord man I'm I'm sure an admin can. message you but you should be able to. message. anybody sure you at the right Discord. come on this is uh this is the big one. 439 X mag it was actually. insane okay it's all times two by the. way so that's 100 bucks there so we're. already in profit by 100. bucks another. $150 just on that one and we're in times. three I think it gets even crazy. oh yeah it definitely does only $500. this gets even. crazier nice I mean for a big bass dude. 439 X win is is actually insane like it.

It was it was quite. nice only $600 it gets even crazier we. thought this was bro yeah I I I really I. really did think so like this was this. was insane after that after that like. twins double drop to get us into level. three and the Stampede on times three is. huge by the way look at this dude that's. so big that's so much money that's. freaking like 400 bucks $412 there it's. still not done that's. $11,000 just chilling gambling off. stream which I never really do ever I. just was like trying to boost my wager. up cuz I want to get closer to 900. pretty I'm kind of close but I feel like. I wagered a lot today and I didn't. really move this we praying to get yeah. yeah yeah dude we were getting in like. every like five spins it was just weird. and times 10 times 10 with 13. spins. actually super hype this was like oh.

it's dead spinning it's dead. spinning and then and then. $50 huh and. then bang There It Is was juice juice. juice 500 stones on the dot and that was. uh that was my my big bass uh day at the. races experience yesterday that's why I. was like you know what today I'm doing a. thousand spins on this slot because it. was going absolutely insane yesterday wi. me $2,000 in profit um overall but that. is the uh that's the challenge hopefully. you guys liked it

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