12.05.2024 Five Kids Who Draws it better takes the Prize | Art Challenge + more kids videos

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Let's draw a giant dinosaur no a hundred. dinosaurs. no let's better draw a Hundred Flowers. no let's better draw. attention today I made the rules today. we will play who draws a better. challenge. you'll have to draw three different. items the one who does it the best will. get a prize. first round. I want this ready steady go. I have a better idea. what was that. you're cheating Maria. hmm. I want to win this toy I need more. violet color. where is my purple. I said where is my Violet chop. it's not a problem I know what to do. blue plus red gives violet. wow. still not enough I need more violet. time is over. I have a new overdone. great job Alice. Hey kid it's time for the second round. Wow. Let's Go I want the flamingo so much. oh no it's ruined what should I do now. actually I have an idea. what. happened. wait wait it's not ready yet.

Cheers okay okay I'll show you. just don't tell them. I want this Flamingo so much. but what should I do. I think I know what to do. time is over show me your teachers. very good Alice but I don't see flamingo. I've been fantastic. huh. it doesn't look like lollipop we'll see. we'll see and the winner is Ivan. yes. wait a second. oh no this for me going to go to Maria. this was unfair next time I will. definitely win. well it stands for round three. well I need to go. what we haven't finished yet hey Dasha. where are you going. okay let's continue. okay but where's our prize it's here. oh wow. I wonder so bad not the color is blue. but blindfolded. let's go. where is Blue oh oh no I can't see. anything. I guess it's blue. it's so dark in this Moss I can't even. see anything. I guess this is blue. well well well. it's definitely blue.

Thank you. tell me so take your mask off. oh. I picked the wrong color but it's fine. I'm so in love with this because purple. is my color. I picked a bread but not blue but red is. my favorite color. yes finally I picked the correct color. blue and it's my favorite color congrats. and you can take your prize. never be shy to show your creativity. and any creation is a piece of art. welcome wow. wow. I need the bathroom. wow. I need a decent room as well. good. I just need any room please. I have only one room. it's okay. wow that's cool we're gonna. live one. two three. laughs. wow. hey this is my room get out of here. I think the room is okay not great but. okay. yes my silver one do you like it. I'm so happy with my room so lovely what. are you saying lucky. I need golden toys. I need some toys too. let's see what we have here wow.

Such a cutie. I think I can make a house for you. really. this is exactly what I need let's go to. Kitchen. my toys. look at my golden pop. wow but I also have one. here look at my silver puppet. hmm. so cool. hmm. I don't have any gold or silver but I. really like my cardboard puppet because. I made it myself. that's weird. I need my confusion now. huh. golden Buzz now. mmhmm. look at my golden pyramid. I want a snack. s. let's try it. I want to eat. I need good. hmm. I know I'm hungry too hmm. that's lucky but this is all I have. I'm so bored what should I do oh I know. me. next one. oh I can't play for you and I can teach. you how to play oh that would be great. no no this is how you do it you hold it. like this. now you try okay. may I show you how to do it yes. like this and then. you try. great guys see ya. foreign. okay. hi Maria we're sorry for our Behavior.

It's okay girls you're forgiven let's be. friends. let's give you a makeover. what a makeover. let's go. try those ones. thank you. you're welcome I. I like this one me too it's so nice. whoa I like it so much. it's fun for makeup come here. thank you fine and touch. are you sure but this is yours you look. so cute. friendship should not depend on your. status always stay kind no matter who. you are. laughs. do you really want to play Mystery Box. challenge. Wow Let's Go. mystery boxes. how many colors and numbers secrets. number 11 yay. what's your box number I forgot 11 11 oh. I see. are you ready. oh. Don't Be Afraid slower. huh what do you think is it. it's like a stone but it's alive. what do you feel what is it. it's really cute what animal is very. small. Turtle you're right take a look. Turtles. you may take. this. so tiny.

Oh. they're so cute. number line. number nine nine yeah. wow so cool you gotta guess put your. hands aside the Box. what is it. it's a toy no but you definitely know. this character. good job Alex. who is this. any guesses no no. and now any guesses yes Mario Brad and. the princess. Mario and the Princess. good job Alex. we're ready for a real dance challenge. I want to try it too. let's find our mystery box. wow it's so cute. any guesses. what do you think. lizard Closer Closer I can feel the till. I think it's like something like big. lizard or something. I touched his skin. different. it's not dangerous it's cute it's like a. tail yeah yeah you ready to touch it. how do you think it's a kind of lizard. the big one I don't know. yes correct. yes. scared beautiful animal yeah. okay now it's my turn. number eight. are you ratchet yes wow.

I hear some snuffing and it smells bad. are you ready yes yeah I'm scared. don't be afraid. I can feel something deeper deeper. both hands both hands. both hands both hands he's moving or. they are moving I think it's hashtag. Brad it's a hedgehog but now you have to. guess the color. it's not the usual Hedgehog you know. maybe white yeah what you're so smart. all right. put it on your hand. he bites me no no okay bye guys. this may I try yes sure. let's go I'm so excited. it's harder whoa this is divided into a. halves. ah something sticky. what is that this is jelly yeah. yes it's it's almost like a jelly oh. almost like a jelly yeah tasty yeah yes. yes what about the right hand. which one. is definitely played. worms yeah yeah Water Street. I better taste this one. and look at this one. let's go bye bye. thank you. next.

Number one where is it here is it yeah. correct. are you ready yeah. wow. use your hands. ready yeah. what do you think. yeah correct so quick what about your. left hand. oh. what type of candy. yeah that's right you are so smart two. burgers candy burger and the real one. yeah I mean let's go. let's go. six. I'm already here six yes are you ready. yes. put your hands besides. don't worry. it's yummy. yummy yummy yummy attach it no I don't. want it's alive again. Don't Be Afraid okay. is it just lizards lizards yes yeah. I'll win. one is it two two correct. yeah uh six total six yeah and one. spider. oh. wow it's so cute oh wow. it's not dangerous at all yeah. one by one oh. you got it good job. I'm next I want to try this. hey are you ready yeah let's go. what do you think. what is it Barbie doll right what else. hmm what's on the head of this Barbie.

You don't like shrimps take a look like. a hat you see that's strange. I hope I'll get lucky this time. ready yes. I like it Maria. I really like it hmm. on the top wait what is that what do you. think it's it's something something what. hmm something cold something cool right. probably its size. something yummy I think it's popsicles. you're all right just. I like orange orange do you think it's. orange. okay Orange. mango. yeah. my turn again. three. well number three. oh three. it's very difficult to guess what do you. think oh. hey snatella I think yeah you're right. it's easy. delicious yeah let's go. hmm only one box left. what is this. it's moving. I want to try it what is this. monster. who is this. you can have a look now. who put me here oops. I broke the Box. I called you. let's play Pink and back challenge oh. yes wow yeah okay.

Okay let's go. wow hi. you know what to do right. oh I have an idea. oh hi take a seat. okay. oh yes. now look at you. which color would you like yellow. purple. Maybe Pink. look how pretty you are. whatever. it's my turn now. arts and crafts. fantastic. oh yes. look how cute. I'm ready to create let's go. excellent hmm interesting. this is my style wow. spiders do you want to see my spiders. hmm I have an idea wow. let's dress you up. good. wow. oh cute little pinky friend. oh. hey smile oh yeah okay. I don't like pink oops slime. oh yes. look it's my slime wow. Final Touch. foreign. I like it now oh yes. I don't like these I like to work with. dark colors. it's better that's my style oh yes. you perfect. how do you like my slime oh yeah okay. homework. too dark for me I prefer more bright. colors I know what to do fantastic. awesome.

Perfect. I need to add some color to this. oh yes. look how beautiful and colorful we are. in this picture. oh. I will not go to school with this let's. try one more time. surprise. what's inside I hope it's something dark. look up what what. wow balloons I love them. I don't like paying balloons. okay. this is much better. my turn. whoa cleaning. ah. no worries I'll clean this up. turbo pink wash. oh wow. I have done such a good job. um. this is not mine Wednesday it might be. yours. it's definitely not mine it's pink. hmm. laughs. let's try again. cooking. dark colors. much better. let's decorate it. foreign. the most delicious cake from Wednesday. would you like some. no thanks I prefer fresh fruits. skeleton. where is skeleton. hello hello. wait a minute. let's dress you up okay. wow. no comments. last one. dress. wow pink Suits You.

no. done. I love my black dress

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