12.05.2024 100 x Cevapi - The Ultimate Balkan Challenge - Tesla 369 Eatery

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Watch me Smash 100 chiap 100 chap is. about to go down let's go 3 two one. let's go today we're at Tesla 369 in. Mount Pritchard to take on the ultimate. Bulan Feast 5 kilos of chapi served with. onions kimac and Iva stacked onto a. platter with sides of chips and lepia. just like Bubba makes most people are. really surprised to hear I'm from. Croatian Heritage so this meal was. really nostalgic and reminded me of my. childhood the Tesla chiap is really. authentic and you can tell it's Handmade. by somebody else's Bubba I went through. 100 chiap like it was any other lunch. it's great to have an authentic Bulan. restaurant in Sydney I finish this in 15. minutes 49 until we eat again all right. there you have it guys that's 100 chiap. chips Lepa Iva KAC a bit of onion for. good luck done under 16 minutes Tesla. 369 M Pride come check it out.

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