12.05.2024 Party in the Pool Movie Clip - Diary of a Wimpy Kid 3 (2012)

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That was impressive. that's pretty high are you talking to. yourself of course not. now you were you're talking with. yourself because you're scared I'm. scared that's crazy you don't understand. what I was doing beaten because you're. just a little kid then go. I'm sorry I don't understand you see I'm. just a little kid hey Holly oh my gosh. it is so hot out so nice to be able to. cool off in here yeah great ice cream. you want to join me that'd be awesome. uh I mean no remember time Amy are you. sure it's really good here hmm. yeah Shyne whose couple towns thanks. anyways. I can't believe it's so crowded here. maybe we should come back how about. never does never sound good boys a. family swim is a great way to kick off. this hour let's not forget opening day. is free pretty high are you talking to. yourself yourself because you're scared.

not scared then go hey Holly twentieth. Century Fox presents Greg. Rowley I feel like a gangster right now. that's supposed to be it's a human head. and look he's smiling on day one. Paulie what are we play doubles how do. you mean versus you two paddy I mean. sorry sweetie and Roderick I need you. get a tattoo it's one of the things they. don't know if I'll be great this summer. it just make it something I have to tell. you one time I used your toothbrush to. get dog poop off my shoe what Diary of a. Wimpy Kid dog day

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