12.05.2024 How to Put a Password on PlayStation 5 Console/Account Tutorial! (For Beginners) 2024

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Yo what's up guys it's your boy wavy in. today's video i'm going to be showing. you. how to set a password for your. playstation 5 and on our playstation 5. account so on the main menu want to go. up to settings. right here i'm going to go to users and. accounts when we go down to um. login settings and you can change where. you want to log into this account. automatically or if not. and then you can set a ps5 a login. passcode just for your account so for. this example. we'll just do up up up up. just for an example up up up up. okay so i just set it and you can change. it or delete it right here. so i'll go ahead and log out of my. profile real quick. log out so now every time someone opens. up your playstation 5. when they log in. they click on your account they have to. do a password passcode to login so again. i'll do up.

up up up like that. and i'll go ahead and um take that off. because i don't feel like having a. password on it. users and accounts login settings. delete file login up up up up. delete okay that is how you do it guys. hope you enjoyed this video i helped you. make sure you drop a sub and like if. you're new i really appreciate it. hope you guys have a great day and i'm. out peace

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