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Oh. well hello everybody and welcome to a. fun Friday live stream today we're going. to be taking a look at the R1 rabbit. this is an AI in a box application is it. any good what do we think and you know. what the deal is that I'm actually not a. product reviewer but I figured that this. thing actually does have an interface uh. it does have some touch interface. capabilities it's also an interesting. mix of physical meets digital interface. right so it does have some physical. aspects to it like a walkietalkie. button a scroll wheel a camera but it. also does have a touch screen so what. does that look like when you bring. physical and digital together that's. kind of what we're going to be taking a. look at today uh if you want to watch. like a really indepth review of the. actual R1 rabbit somebody who's going to.

Go into the build quality the usage of. it then you should definitely go over. and check out Marquez Brown Le's review. of it it's probably the most indepth. and interesting review uh his consensus. was it's basically unreviewable um and. I'm going to give you maybe my like 60. to 990 second breakdown of what I think. about the rabbit when it comes to me. actually using it we're going to spend. the majority of the time actually. looking at the interface and seeing you. know what does it look like what does it. feel like and is it like a good UI is it. a good ux what do we think about that. from a UI ux designer's perspective. that's where we're actually going to be. taking a look at but first hey we got. some people in the chat we got people. watching right now say what's up if. you're in the chat and uh if you are.

Interested in learning more about UI and. ux design then definitely consider. coming over to the 30day UI. designer.com. that is my indepth UI design course and. program where you can learn how to be a. professional UI designer in just 30 days. it's a lot of work a lot of fun but it's. actually getting people a lot of results. so people are coming out of that program. right now with an absolute ton of skills. and tools in their tool belt so if. you're interested 30day ui.com the link. is down in the description hey let's. talk about this a little bit um I got a. cup of coffee and we're going to just be. doing a little bit of a chitchat today. and talking about this R1 rabbit but. first I guess let's start talking about. the rabbit and what I think about it uh. and you might even be asking what is the. R1 rabbit well it is basically an AI.

Device in a box so AI is a real big. thing right now chat GPT uh things like. claw like open AI Dolly mid Journey AI. is like all the things it's the rage. right now but the idea is well what if. you could have an AI assistant in your. pocket at all times not go into my phone. and open up chat GPT and ask it to do. stuff but what if it could actually do. things for you that's the idea behind. the R1 rabbit which is it's supposed to. be like an AI assistant in a box and. it's supposed to be separate from the. current device that you carry around and. the idea is it's got a walkietalkie. button that you can actually just click. and start speaking so I can ask it. questions like what's the dist distance. between Los Angeles and New York release. the button and my little rabbit a. assistant friend here should start.

Speaking and doing stuff for me now. here's what you're going to find out the. rabbit is broken it does not work very. well at all let me try that one more. time what is the distance in miles from. LA to New York City quite often the. rabbit will not answer things and when. it does answer things it's going to. answer. things. miles so sometimes it'll answer it and. sometimes it won't who there it goes. let's go ahead and shut that off for now. and so that is the problem like as a. device uh it sometimes works and. sometimes doesn't okay A lot of times. you're going to get better results if. you were to just use something like chat. GPT versus use this little rabbit right. here okay so we're just talking about. the device itself right now not a uiux. review you it it just the capabilities. of it aren't there also I bought it as.

An AI assistant and it had probably one. of the best keynote video is when it. first launched it was super impressive. one of the best kind of like launch days. and launch presentations that made me. really really excited about it and it's. just not living up to the hype of that. launch video it's just not possible so. some of the things that it's able to do. or says it's able to do is basically. connect through the browser I can go to. the browser log into my device and. connect it to certain you know services. like door Dash or Spotify or Uber and I. can tell it hey get me an Uber and I. need to go here or there and it'll just. do that whole process for me instead of. me having to go into an app now that is. the case but there's very little that. this little rabbit can actually do right. now and there's even some basic things.

That you think it probably should do. that it can't like for instance it. doesn't have any calendaring. functionality it doesn't have the. ability to set a timer it doesn't have. the ability to uh like count like or or. like do a Pomodoro time or or like you. know set notifications for me it can't. Remind Me of anything I can't tell it. like hey remind me to do something in 20. minutes it's going to go I'm not capable. of doing that so as an AI assistant it's. actually not the greatest AI assistant. that's ever existed it's actually pretty. pitiful um so it kind of fails in that. aspect it is designed by teenage. engineering so it is really cool that's. kind of half the reason I got it because. it kind of looks like a. 1990s kind of game boy it's this. electric orange that my camera is. actually not even really doing Justice.

To right now and it has this nice fun. spongy kind of walkietalkie button on. the side and it has this nice fun scroll. wheel and if I double click you actually. get access to your camera and I can. actually scroll wheel and turn that. camera around to be looking at me which. is kind of cool so a lot of those things. seemed really interesting to me but it. breaks down again in its functionality. like I said I'm not going to do any more. of an indepth review past that because. marus brown Le is going to do way better. than I could ever do when it comes to. actual product reviews but let's talk. about the actual interface so there's. two things I really want to talk about. today number one is how does the. interface look and feel as is the actual. digital interface because I'm a digital. product designer but secondly how does.

This digital interface actually work. well with the physical interface which. is these analog controls the buttons the. wheels so on and so forth so first off. let's talk about the digital interface. the digital interface is actually quite. limited when it's on it's just this. bouncing little rabbit which looks very. very similar to a tamagachi from the 9s. kind of fun kind of nostalgic and when. you go ahead and press the button it's. going to give you some stuff that you. can do with it now I'm going to move. over here so we can kind of work with it. a little bit more now when I tilt it. over on its side we should or maybe it's. this way we should actually get access. to the command line but we don't okay so. that's kind of problem number one when. it comes to the actual interface it is. actually a touchcreen let me just shake.

It really quick to get to the menu and. make sure that my terminal is on okay. great we're going to talk about the. things that I'm doing right now here in. a second let's go back so we do actually. have a terminal so like when I turn it. on its side either this side or that. side we are going to get an actual. touchable interface here so you can see. I can actually start typing questions. into it but I will say that the. interface is very very cramped and this. is kind of my first complaint when it. comes to the UI and the ux of this is a. it feels we live in an age of touchable. devices and for this to be barely. touchable at all only in a couple. instances and when you do go ahead and. touch it it just it's the the screen is. too cramped it's not a good experience. it has basically no haptic feedback if. any this just very very problematic and.

This the real estate that you have to. actually operate in and work in is just. so tiny that the whole thing becomes not. an enjoyable experience and I think. that's again where we kind of like go. back to is how do you bring good digital. experiences interfaces and experiences. and mix them well with physical. experiences a lot of it does hinge on. the physical aspect the physical product. design and this physical product design. actually does not bode well for using it. in any sort of digital way now I think. that's probably intentional they. probably want you to only use it in this. push to talk AI kind of method and I get. what they're going for that's the. suggested or default behavior is to push. talk to it do a thing and allow it to. assist you but the problem is you go of. course of course but the problem is you.

Go back to that and it is very. inefficient at doing anything that you. want it to do so if it can't do the. things you want it to do by pushing on. your mind today what's on my mind today. if it can't do the things you want it to. do simply by the suggested Behavior and. the alternative to it is poor at best. then what you're left with is kind of a. not so great experience altogether in my. opinion so that's kind of number one. let's talk number two about the menu. systems here and as we did you could I. showed you earlier you can shake it and. you do get access to the main settings. menu and uh this is something that is. really interesting about the R1 which is. that you have to use I immediately want. to touch I want to scroll cuz it feels. like a device but none of this is. touchable I have to use the scroll wheel.

And when I use the scroll wheel it kind. of has a weird lag to it like it's not. super smooth and fluid as I'm scrolling. things and I don't get any haptic. feedback and let's say I go all the way. down to the bottom of this menu and I. click into that thing and I'm reading. like all this disclaimer the only way. for me to get back is to scroll all the. way back up to the top and have it. highlight the settings there like that. press settings then scroll all the way. back up to the top again turn on thing. see how this thing barely works trying. it again it's really upset at me right. now let's try. again and the settings menu can't come. up so again that's kind of the first. thing is scrolling up and down these. long menus is really really really. taxing it's very very difficult to do. then we have really weird and.

Interesting behaviors for instance like. getting the brightness and maybe you can. see it but it says hold there so I'm. supposed to know that means hold down. this button and then reorient my hand. cuz I can't really do it very easily. with my right hand I suppose I could try. but it's kind of a twohanded behavior. to change the brightness to this thing. and so that's a really weird behavior. that you have to try to get used to also. things like volume if I go down to. volume and click on it and move into. these I have to scroll all the way back. up so generally speaking as a UI. designer I really struggle because it it. fails to have some of those basic things. that a good uiux designer would. Implement like the ability to quickly. get back to whatever main screen I can't. swipe up there's no pull bar there's no.

Singular button over here to take me. back to a home screen it's a lot of this. taxing kind of scrolling up and down and. so this leads me to kind of like my next. big assessment of the R1 rabbit not only. is it fairly useless again it's not even. really reviewable says Marquez Brown Lee. it doesn't do the things you want it to. do but then even as an interface it's. highly taxing annoying and it requires. you to do an awful lot of work so again. all of this would probably be you know. like I I'd be less critical of it if the. actual functionality for pressing and. doing things actually work like for. instance hey uh can you please uh remind. me in 20 minutes that I need to set up a. live. stream I can't set reminders or timers. you may want to use a different tool for. that like a different. tool than the AI assistant in a box in.

My pocket that's supposed to be my. assistant it's very weird so because. this doesn't work because the the large. action model which they claim is going. to be so revolutionary and amazing. doesn't really work it kind of got. shipped out of the box with like limited. functionality it just Falls flat and it. makes me start to assess the digital. uiux which is also lacking and so here's. my final result before we move on and. take a look at some good experiences and. some good interfaces and we'll review. some portfolios and some work um here's. my final kind of idea on what this thing. should probably be used for we should. probably for now just for now at least. until they improve this experience and. the functional functionality of it this. is most likely what it's going to be. used for as a nice cup holder to hold my.

Drink because right now that's about all. it can do is be sat down as a big paper. weight and do pretty much nothing and. that might be a harsh review but that's. my honest review of the R1 rabbit right. there so with that being said why don't. we take a look at some really good. interface design and to do that I'm. going to jump over to design Champs. which is my free community if you want. to come join we have over 2,000. designers in the community and you can. just click and join for free or if you. want to jump into the plus part of the. community that gives you access to a. bunch more stuff but for free you can. jump right in and we're going to take a. look at the gallery because dribble is. kind of a snoozefest nowadays we're. going to jump into the gallery and look. at some really cool stuff that some of.

The community members are making we are. by the way uh doing design challenges. and this week's design challenge is a. gaming platform interface last week's. was a food delivery application you want. to jump on that post your work and we. also before that did a Personal Finance. Management tool this is just a way for. you to come in and practice and kind of. hone your skills and work on your UI and. ux design let's take a look at this. personal fitness app this is by Usman. and uh Usman did some pretty beautiful. work here we got like a nice launch. screen here the buttons are kind of. interesting and fun what I do love is. one thing like we're starting to just. kind of get away from boring kind of. like flat design and while I might say. that this this button has a little bit. of accessibility issues potentially what.

It also has is some kind of fun interest. I mean yeah we could work on a little. bit of color contrast down in here yeah. maybe the colors are like not hitting. and punching but I think if you took. this up to the next level I think if you. really went hard and turned it into a. fun Neo brutalist St Style with those. pinks that were really really popping. and and kind of like having a lot of fun. then the layout which is already really. really cool I like this kind of like. teeter totter like masonry kind of. layout and it works well because we have. this structure up top I think that's. really really fun I think that uh this. could be a really interesting interface. and that's a good entry by Usman let's. take a look at this one by Joel Walters. we're going to take a look at his gaming. platform UI challenge you can see he.

Linked that post up there in the top and. uh we got some cool comments stuff like. that from the community happening in the. design Champs but now he's doing a. little bit of this gaming interface I. wonder if this is kind of maybe a little. bit inspired by my gaming mobile app uh. tutorial or course you can find here on. YouTube for free and uh really really. cool stuff here fun colors definitely. like working that gamer Vibe like. putting some really cool modern and. colorful gradients in the typography. nice little flare nice little touch. didn't need to do it could have kept it. all kind of one color but made that. extra little little tip there to do. something really really fun but uh I. like the patterns here like you know we. have like these horizontal scrolling. assets here and then we have kind of. like featured content and you're reusing.

Some shapes to give some consistency. familiarity down here to these other. kind of category cards I'm a really big. fan of taking one type of shape or a UI. card or an element reworking it and. repurposing it in lots of different ways. because it gives that feeling of. consistency while also having some of. that uniqueness which is really really. fun so let's just zoom Zoom back in and. take a look at one of these feature. pages I think this is really really cool. um nice colorful design here I like the. dark theme I do wish maybe that they we. would do probably a little bit of a. color scale here and if you don't know. about color scales go into figma pick. your primary color that you're working. on inside of your application open up a. plugin inside of figma like a color. scale plugin and let it give you a scale.

From you know 50 up to 900 that means. somewhere between 7 to 9 or 10 different. colors going from light to dark a scale. of that color and you can use that color. scale to start establishing some. dimensionality some layers right so. maybe our navigation is a little bit. lighter and not this gradiation and the. background is pretty dark that makes. that background kind of the darkest. piece and then things start to move. towards you because when we do dark. modes we don't have drop Shadows if you. want to learn more about that I do an. entire section on dark mode design. inside of the curriculum of 30day. design if you go to 30day UI so you can. jump over into UI specifics we have. entire things on UI Styles and buttons. and lists and states and somewhere in. here is the dark mode section uh I. believe it's modern minimal UI design.

Style maybe it's later I'm not sure but. we definitely have an entire section in. there on designing dark modes which is. really really difficult so come on in. come check it out all right let's take a. look at another awesome design let's. take a look at this one actually from. Katy composto uh one of my design chant. Plus members this is going to be a. cooking or recipe application challenge. I really like this screen a lot it's. very clean very simple the colors are. friendly inviting very reserved on the. usage of that primary like call to. action color right so definitely used. here a little bit and then we have some. secondary and I think the only one thing. I would ding katd on and I wish I had. high resolution of this so I could zoom. in a little bit without pixelating is. you know we see like an empty or like a.

A stroked version of this icon same. thing here same thing here and then we. have a filled version maybe she was. representing the Pressed State there but. I highly doubt it that one should. probably be a empty or stroked State as. well so that we have consistency across. those icons but we do have nice. consistency across the rest of the. interface maybe just a little thing with. contrast this is a huge thing it's it's. very very common when you starting out. in UI design maybe even moving away from. web design or graphic design is to make. sure you have really really clear. contrast so for instance we might need a. little bit better contrast by filling. this and not having it be opaque um. that's a tough one to pull off and. because it makes our text inside our. placeholder text a little less easy to. read same thing with maybe our text down.

Below maybe we'd want to just dial that. up a little bit and make it just a pop a. little bit more a little bit darker and. then lastly yeah I see that it is a. testimonial but I I usually don't prefer. long form amounts of italic text so. that's just something to think about. look at this beautiful little weather. app nice and clean very. ioses uh this one was done by Usman as. well uh we got this one from Amira which. is the uh UI product design I think this. is probably our streaming challenge that. we did a couple of weeks ago um so think. of like a Netflix or a Hulu kind of like. competitor something like that is what. we're experiencing right now really. really cool stuff so definitely consider. checking this one out and and here's the. great news you can come into design. Champs and you can join for free and you.

Can post stuff in the gallery for free. and then you get feedback from people. like this for free and that is a massive. Just upleveling moment for you as a. designer so again if you want to come in. please jump in for free join design. Champs design champs. the link is down. in the description and if you want to. learn more about about UI design. definitely consider coming out and being. part of the 30day UI designer program. 30 days or do it at your own pace you. don't have to do a boot camp style you. could just do it at your own pace if. you'd like and you can charge hard learn. UI design transform your life and your. career really you can do it in 30 days. if you are gungho and motivated all. right folks well uh we've taken a look. at a couple of UI designs I have given. you my rough critique of this R1 rabbit.

And I've left you with this this is. really all it's good for right now is a. cup holder or paper weight thanks for. joining me to take a look at this little. AI device in a box uh let me know if. this was an interesting product review. UI review you want to see more of it and. if you want to learn more about web. design UI design stick around make sure. you like subscribe to the channel we do. lots of stuff about web and UI design. here so you can always expect more live. streams I actually have a really fun. series coming up where we're going to be. doing an entire framer website buildout. probably six or seven live stream. sessions you can follow along get the. clonable walk with me build the entire. project yourself it's going to be a. super fun time so stay tuned for that as. well as more content on the channel and.

we will see you next time take care

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