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Before we get into the video make sure. to sign up on 500 casino with code hype. crew as it allows you to claim the. exclusive bonuses and it supports the. channel massively and guys we greatly. appreciate all the support alright boys. today we are visiting the old man Mr. Zeus Mr Gates of Olympus and we're gonna. visit him for a big one I don't know if. we're gonna get it let's go. let's see. what we do today bro the last session we. had on this game was actually insane. right that was the. Big Win session I think nothing else. well the session before the last one the. good one we saw a red multi the 100x. and um 50x as well so we want to try and. see some nice multipliers like that. today. now we combine them for the five. important to zeros. what would that be 5200. before. apologize all right. 500x bomb it's a bomb we've never seen.

We see it today. speaks about yourself. I've seen it but the bomb I've never. seen I've seen you hit it many times. are we gonna hit it together bro oh. today. yeah I think we did. a debate but it didn't connect. Zeus wouldn't do something to me he. wouldn't be cops whatever oh. I can't imagine not much. multiincome. hey. this is a profit we have made profit on. the first bonus that is a very good sign. that is a sign that Zeus is actually in. a good mood unlike Sugar Rush. you want Sugar Rush. I was thinking the exact same thing bro. we don't know we just all linked up. today we're going to be hitting some big. wins together. big bomb. objects. next bit here we go. oh that's really good Max Reds. just imagine the height bro first thing. five was an experience oh my God. I don't know what to do bro I haven't. thought about what I do if we got a Max.

Win from Gates. had a long time to prepare for it. yeah. so long since I hit mine. well when did you last to the Gateway. the first the first one was like two. years ago yeah. second one was like. one and a half years ago so we've been. like six months I had two and then now. it's been around ever since a one and a. half year dry Street of no Gates. function. that is such. Uber being on a six month trash trip. without any. in general. no Max winning six months yeah. I'm not currently retro tapes. really retro tapes kind of counts. ever since. a lot of retro. all right that was bad should we do. another 900 even the balance down yeah. over you you've been hitting the pragma. twins yeah bro fruit party. man I'm still going for that one. I really want. yeah I don't know how I got the Madonna. and there's a crazy animation as well.

Like some infinite spins pretty much. yeah. beautiful. but the one I want the most is Gates. I've always wanted Gates. I wasn't really that bothered about them. sweet Bonanza maxwood. I mean if you could do that bro you'll. be. you get a lot of people asking you. questions how you did it Tombstone rip. that one's all right all right 66. million x last week isn't stupid. it's pretty good. that's pretty good money if I ever hit. that a bit forever. forgive me some bro give me like ten. dollars. bring your thousand X. it's been to that on the fifty dollars. first. I don't think no one I think no limit. City would shut down after that yeah the. company. what is this we're talking about all. these Max expenses nothing's happening. on gates in it I'm glad we're having a. conversation because this is absolutely. dead what is happening in front of our.

Eyes. and the gates. I'm paying anything I don't even know. what happened in the last two bonuses I. wasn't even watching. that's how bad it was it's that. irrelevant. but can you stop being good please Zeus. I've got the bad size a bit now. there we go he's starting to be a bit. good a little bit better asking each. other to see 15x in one spin with 11. spins left very nice I like that. keep it coming very nice keep connection. boom 20x calluses. coming all of them we'll take all the. multis. all the maltes you've got Zeus you know. what where the reacher goes off hmm. you're asking for a Gates Reacher. and are you gonna get one. oh my God no way bro oh please imagine. that would be the best collab. almost. there's a rare on this right nice profit. yeah that's what I mean the rebel we've. been hitting them often recently that's.

Fine yeah we have they've been pretty. common because. can we get more than a hundred dollars. come on. no don't. oops I want it. you don't want it I got it. 1.4k. it is a profit but it's not very big one. should we just run it back another one. maybe they'll keep paying now okay we. got one profit please and we're just. gonna keep getting red Multiverse. still do it right. you can still do it bro I've seen an. animation where there's like three spins. left and then option of 500x. yeah but I feel like that's way rarer. yeah that never happens. because that's what I mean I've never. seen it I'd prefer the easy animation. you know where you just get one on the. first fin France yeah guaranteed Max One. then again you can't celebrate too early. because you never know yeah it could go. that. where. oh yeah. rounds hello. yeah that'll be nice I'm just trying bro.

I'm trying to get something out this. month old guy I mean the crowns did. really save this world dad. Ultra yeah all right we're 2.3k we're. down 700 400 1400. come on Zeus time to. be big now that we're doing big bets. come on bro I just want to see some. bigfo ones man. very true. we know Zeus can deliver. who's never done. it wasn't me. this is what he feels like it and he. never feels like it. that is true. are you feeling like it today Zeus. a big win. all right nice. we didn't want to anyway. we want them to lose all the money. that's why we started recording but we. wanted to lose. ah come on. stop kick crowns again and save us. it's something anything. right man it's so dry I can't believe it. I guess we could do a one kid bye. unless you want to do really big spins. no I just don't give up. okay. I just know you've been feeling the big.

Spins recently on these games. oh yeah you've been like him but after. this. probably doesn't pay what it pays so. you better pay all right exactly a. better place some sense of feed. say goodbye to Zeus for today. oh the rest. so yeah. Audrey we just never played gears bro. permanently that'll be the best decision. you'd ever make in your life. right now don't come back. are we having eight hourglasses once. today. I'll hit him right now. please. oh my where are they. oh wow there's just so much space and. it's just ah. why is Gates being so dead man Yes. actually. that's so bad. we should not have come to Gates we. should have gone and played ironbank or. something just anything but this game. come on that's my soul. oh. wow. wild North is badly Goods. I'll fired up here now I'll be dropping. them all today a bit late. four spins left.

Well what do you want us to do mate. come on just keep connecting he keep. going. it's got a 21x it's not even bad but we. have two spins. maybe 10 reachers. well should we try those big spins. 45s or 50s. okay door spins going. yeah there's a big bonus right now bro. oh I don't even want a bonus big red. balls in the base and premium that's. what we want. I actually don't remember blasting my. head though. so one time one start I had a two and a. half pounds on X on base imagine we did. this right now. next. of course that be. 125k. oh my God that's a lot of money. I would not mind oh. Zeus if you're ever gonna give us a good. base game here do it now man. give it to us. nothing we've ever hit a good base game. here on Gates hey you know how I hit a. free party base game maxman I'll bet you. do it now on Gates like right now okay.

100 x do it. about crying it's very hard on this game. oh Zeus just doesn't want to pay today. bro he just doesn't want to do it he's a. scammer you need it already he's a. scammer and yeah I guess we just proved. it to you guys hopefully you enjoyed. this video obviously it's another loss. which absolutely sucks but it is what it. is Gates just doesn't want to pay today. thanks for watching boys if you did. enjoy please make sure to smash that. like button subscribe to the channel. check the big comment as well we'll see. you all in the next one

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