12.05.2024 Flysky G7P with FS-R7P Bind and BVD setup

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Hi youtube welcome back to wtf rc cars. so. um. i keep getting questions on how you set. stuff up. and i think sometimes it's easier if i. show you with all the kit not actually. in a car. so you can see a lot more of where we. plug in stuff and the general flow of it. especially these dvb connectors a lot of. people seem to be getting confused with. these. so i've been lucky enough for fly sky to. uh supplies with a g7p. really nice transmitter for the money. this one um i'm quite surprised at some. functionality it has. and as stock it comes with the fs r7p. so this is a seven channel receiver. it uses a bind button. so you got a little button to bind it up. you've got dvb. that comes with it that actually plugs. into the top what's called vcc and. uh. bvd. so. basically what this does. it will send telemetry of the battery.

Back to your g7p. so what would you use it for. well. if you're running in a nitro. you don't really need it. because whatever voltage this has been. sent because this does twoway telemetry. so. in a nitro or a fifth scale you've got a. battery pack that powers this that. powers the servos directly so whatever. voltage this is seeing you're gonna get. fed back. but what. would you do if you've got say. a mini lipo pack. so you've got this running your lights. on your fifth scale or on a crawler. um. or you're running a separate battery. pack for your electric start on your. fifth scale. so you might want to check that voltage. now. what this external. bvd is. it's. a voltage. connector or a voltage sensor if you. like. and. how you wire this up depends on how. you're powering this. so basically. if you are monitoring the. lipo that is powering your esc and.

Receiver or your receiver. then you only need to connect the. positive. so the negative i would tape up or even. cut off if you're never going to use it. on anything else. and all you do you put the positive to. either the positive terminal on your. battery. or the positive pin on the lipo. the reason you don't use the negative is. because you've already got negative from. the circuit of whatever else is powering. this. the only time you will use both these. is. if you've got this or a separate battery. and it is just powering your lights. and there is no power going through your. receiver or your esc. so if it's a completely standalone. separate. power source. then you need positive and negative. and literally all you do negative. into negative on your. balance lead. positive into positive. and that will allow you to show not only.

The voltage that's powering the receiver. you'll also get the voltage of your. separate battery pack now you can also. go directly to the positive and negative. pins. on the battery itself so your main power. cables. likewise if you're running off a lipo. you could permanently wire. the positive. just to your positive battery feed and. tape the negative up or remove it. so you can do it either way it is nice. and convenient to plug it into balance. lead because you're not doing any. soldering and the holding pretty well. these. likewise. if you're using a separate battery. whatever this would be powering you. could go directly to the positive and. negative off that. or if it's a lipo you can just plug into. the balance lead. so. what we'd be doing if we've got like in. this case if this is a traxxas rc. traxxas servo.

So your servo you want to plug into. channel one. our esc we're gonna plug into channel. two. then we've got our. voltage monitor. and that one. we can go into the end socket. so the bvd or whatever it's called dvb. bvd. so that is basically how we're going to. wire it up if you've got any other. like. little micro servos. you've got all the rest of the channels. up to seven that you can use. so. once you've got that connected. what we're going to be seeing is. the receiver voltage will show you the. voltage of the bc. on your esc. so likewise if you had a nitro car and. you're powering it off a separate pack. you're gonna get whatever power is going. to this. if you're running it from an esc. on a electric rc. we're then going to see the voltage of. the bc. so this is where. your external monitor comes in. you might want to monitor your lipo.

Which especially if you're on a crawler. and lipos last hours it's easy to forget. yourself and you're probably not using. full throttle on the crawler anyway easy. to drain your battery down and. some esc i've got lvc that's better than. others. so i'm not going into which ones are. better but i've seen some pretty bad. ones where. by the time lvc kicks in your battery's. down at 2.8 volt per cell which is no. good for anybody. so. what you do at this this point. remember never use your negative if the. power source is what's powering. everything. so you'd plug the positive pin. into the end positive on your lipo. so once we've got all this set up. i'll bring in closer now and you can see. how we'd set our transmitter up and get. it all bound up. so first thing we're going to want to do. we're going to want to turn on this.

Controller. we're going to want to go into his. memories. we're going to want to set a new memory. so we'll just set something. easy. to start with. just so we don't accidentally get using. this for anything else. so. now we're going to want to go. into our. receiver settings. and then we're going to want to set up. binding so this has telemetry. so it's going to be a twoway. um if you set it to digital you may have. problems. as a rule with traxxas. you can usually set it to. so if we set it to other. and then go in. see if it'll let us. yeah. so let's see what we can go up to. as a rule most esc's should be able to. work at 333. but basically. we're going to want to. start as binding. press and hold as bind button. and then power csc. so we get a bind successful. this is also where you can set up your. fail saves. so if you go in.

You got the option of not set all off or. you can go and set the percentages of. what you want each one. this is set up like an electric so i'd. just leave it all on zero. so if we come down to a sensors. we've got our dvb which is reading 11.4. that's written as lipo. we've got the receiver voltage at 5.9 so. that's as bc voltage. and then we've got a transmitter battery. so if we come out. we've got as rx voltage. at 5.9. if we push up on this we can monitor all. those channels so we can see. a servo. and if i hold the motor. so we've got all his motor working. we can come off that if you press down. you can see all your voltages. and your signal strength and everything. so you can keep an eye on your external. voltage of your dvb so. when that starts going flat you'll know. all right so. um. at the minute i wouldn't use the alarm.

On the bvd. um because basically. the current settings the highest you can. set it is nine volt. which is not really much use for. any lipos or anything. um only really good for nim stick packs. or 2s. it does read the voltage and you can. calibrate it in this menu but you can't. go above 9.9 volt for the high. setting. so no matter what you set it to at the. moment if we set it as a low alarm it's. just going to keep alarming even though. we've got the alarm value set at 9.9. volt. because the high voltage is above 9.9. so i wouldn't advise using that a minute. uh you can set the receiver one exactly. same. so you can go in. and you can set your low voltage warning. you can also set a high voltage warning. but on an electric it's not really going. to be much use to you that. only really much use on nitros or petrol.

Engine cars um because you're basically running off your bc on a electric so we do get to see our rx voltage if you press down you get to see all your voltages so literally just at the flick of a button you can see what power is in your external pack so as for um setting everything else up if you want to reverse the steering uh you'd go in channel one press it reverse it and then we've got a steering opposite way you can also do the same for channel 2 for your esc if you want to set your end points you just go in select them and then bring them down so you can turn one side off altogether or you can set wherever you want your endpoint to be so you can bring it down make it work with any and it will go up to 120.

also be useful for the other channels if. you've got your micro servos on a. crawler or anything else. and. you've also got your sub trims. your curve. svc will be for gyro use. but yeah quite a nice setup i just. thought it'd be interesting to show you. outside. of an rc so you get a good idea of where. you're actually meant to put these bvd. connectors and everything. so let's wrap this one up right. hopefully you find that useful um you'll. have to let me know if this is more use. showing you outside an rc than inside an. rc. if it makes it easier to follow. but thanks again for watching wtf rc. cars if you like this kind of content. don't forget to like and subscribe hit. the notification bell share to friends. and family. and i'll catch you guys again in the. next one

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