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Whoa whoa whoa some extra juice on it. they're actually juice hold on I'm in. here bro. bring it down a little bit. sad what is that. oh. nice let's go switch balances switch it. there you go. Astro. What's your deal with the tunes buddy. huh. let's get a bad thing. nice. holy man any any like dude there's. just so much crazy that can happen. on this kind of bat come on bonus me now. ah. holy. bang let's go nice dude. let's go you guys. stop guys come on. funnel off. nice come on one more. get me there. nice dude let's go on next level. ahead of it beautiful beautiful come on. now let's go bass do that thing. man. ass hello. ass. around. fast. oh what the where'd he go. you Olaf did he. all overboard or something bro what the. happened here. oh right back into it don't worry about. it right back into this come on. up. me come on.

Come on. okay okay. Robin. Robin. 20K fish. oh that would have been a nice catch. 800k fish. holy you see that. oh what the hell. wow bro wow. you see that . oh man. oh. wow. whole night. rise again. Olaf's kind of squirting come on. beautiful start let's go. bye now yep take it. three pound fish on ball here hold on. that should be enough. yep. light. oh second round. yep nice one nice one nice. Beauty 13 nice bro beautiful catch buddy. bang well guys we're getting a balance. here I'm building one. come on. thank you. hello we're bored again. good ending beautiful oh yeah times two. 16 17. nice dude holy beautiful. bonus photos we want some goddamn points. let's go. I didn't know why I'm sitting now we're. just gonna get back into the bonus round. here fellas 90 G's we're back. we're back now we got to play this. better this time bro.

Gotta play it better. 30 turbos and we're out of here. foreign. get your rods out right get your rods. out guys. come on guys keep going come on. Judy. oh. Beauty man we'll take it all right okay. all right beautiful day for the spins. ain't complain about that. give it 30 more. oh you were pulling your own rod. hey dude this didn't working bro. okay don't don't pull your own Rod. fellas let's let's get back to fishing. here all right come on. beautiful beautiful stock got this. beautiful start look at this. dude. nice dude wow. oh. all right it's all right he's getting us. there getting us there not complaining. about us I just write 100 G's let's go. come on. let's let's see if we get a biggie. buckling fuzz. every time we change the bat size we've. got a Bonus can we keep that streak up. right here right now come on.

Nice 50k bonus coming right up. come on. you gotta pay something here. I got a feeling this big sack of. right here ain't gonna pay a dime. come on here hold on hold on. hold on peace. hit a pace hold on he's lining up. hey hold on. nice look at that. that's pretty good catch oh yeah baby. come on. let's go three more let's go. beautiful. come on get ahead let's get ahead here. get ahead. I will too come on now. come on big one big one. come on. get us there. yep. oh come on brother that's a . minnow. huge different kind of bait brother I. need some monster here. day all night let's go guys. we're getting some boosts let's go come. on two more. ah baby. one more guys hey level three for the. third time today bro hold on I'm in here. can we get there. and we can and we can. come on baby get a hand come on that is. level three here I don't think you guys.

Understand how much this could actually. pay. the problem is with level three it. always scams us and doesn't give us one. single hit but you get excited anyways. because we know the potential of this. here we go 33g is already in the. pot can we get something else 10 more. spins level three here we go come on. doesn't catch anything here bro ever. I don't know what kind of Rod he's using. bro but he sucks to catch him. hey who the on here oh I'm sorry Mr. Olaf that's pretty on him good. bud. nice tax buddy holy . oh yeah. nice one bud. you get it 10 times I literally suck. your cockle off I'm serious. Brother resent it. present that right now. last one here we go. oh what a big bonus guys. beautiful beautiful. let's go guys. holy hey fellas hey fellas. dang we're going up. let's go 30 more let's go every time I.

change the bed it always hits let's go. again. 30.. change the bat. come on sweet spot I can feel it. all right. all right we're out here. beautiful. what a boost by uh big bass man holy

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