12.05.2024 Change HDMI Port Label *New LG Smart TV

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Hi and welcome in this quickvid i'll. show you how to name your hdmi ports on. your lg smart tv. to start off with press the home button. on the remote it will take you to a page. like this. then scroll down the list and go to home. dashboard. you'll see your tv inputs on the left. hand side hdmi 1 and hdmi 2 for me. i'll rename hdmi 2 in this example. however you're free to rename. any or all of them to do this we'll go. across to the right hand side. then up and across to the three dots. click ok there and the next option is. edit. we'll select that and we'll go into edit. inputs. i'll select hdmi two and okay. and now i'll use the backspace button. to delete the current entry. let's bring the pointer in um let's call. this xbox. i'll press the shift button i'll do an x. and what you'll notice is it goes back. to lowercase if i press.

the shift button twice once twice. and do another letter it remains in. capitals so that saves a little bit of. time as well. so that's named xbox i'll click enter. and save and as you can see. the hdmi 2 port has the label xbox. so i hope that's been helpful to you if. it has really appreciate if you can give. it a quick thumbs up it helps me so much. thank you very much for choosing my. video and i wish you a great day ahead

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