12.05.2024 🍭Hot to WIN BIG on SWEET BONANZA - Tips and Tricks!🍭

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What's up money makers and welcome back. to another player's best video so last. time we covered the doghouse in our slot. review this time we're going to be. diving into sweet bonanza one of the. most popular slots on the market at the. moment if you did miss our last video. though be sure to check it out in the. description all links will be there for. everything in this video with that being. said let's get into it. sweep announcer is a six real five row. slot with an always win engine meaning. you can win with symbols being placed. anywhere on the board there doesn't have. to be any specific pattern so a lot of. ways to win this is due to sweep. announcer paying out once eight or more. of the same symbol is visible on the. board at once to keep things simple the. more of the matching symbol you have. once it's over eight the higher the.

Payout. you can also win on two separate symbols. at once once there's eight of each on. sweep bonanza you can stake anywhere. from twenty cent all the way up to a. hundred euro there's also an autoplay. feature like most slots so you don't. have to keep tapping just be sure to not. over spin and train your battles. sweepanasa has an rtp up 96.49. with the industry standard being 96 it's. definitely one worth playing this slot. is considered to be a medium to high. volatility slot now but from my personal. experience it's always been quite high. on my end if you're lucky enough you can. hit the max win which is 21 175. x of your initial stake so that means if. you're spinning at a hundred euro or one. euro we should say you'll be walking. away with 21. 175 euro if you're lucky enough so. that's a very very appealing bonus.

Compared to the dog houses which was. 6750. so we're stepping it up here big time. the theme of sweet bonanza is sweets and. lollipops giving off some candy crush. vibes with a similar concept now while. you're playing there's certain specific. symbols you want to keep an eye out for. with the red heart symbol being the. highest paying so if you see that show. up get excited the lowest paying symbols. include bananas blueberries watermelons. plums and apples the mid to high tier. symbols are the blue rectangles green. polygons purple gems and the red heart. being the top one if you manage to hit. 12 of the symbol you'll be rewarded with. a 50 times your stake on any single. so the bonus not only can you win big. off the base game but the bonus is where. that big money is going to be made. firstly just like many pragmatic games.

There's a double chance to win feature. that the player can activate for a. slightly higher stake this increases. your odds of hitting the bonus if you're. spinning at a euro activating the double. chance feature will cost you an. additional 25 cent per spin making your. steak 1 euro 25. if you have the balance. to play with this go ahead if not. consider decreasing your stake and then. activating it so you don't miss out on. winning big with that being said there's. been many times where i've been chasing. the bonus on sweet bonanza for a long. time and have no luck with this being. activated so don't expect any guarantees. it could take a while now free spins now. this is what every player on sweet. bonanza is hunting for if you manage to. hit not three but four lollipops at once. you'll be rewarded with. three spins now you can also hit up to.

Five or six lollipops at once if you. manage to hit four you'll get a 3x of. your steak off the initial five is a 5x. of your steak and if you hit six. lollipops you'll be rewarded with a. hundred x of your steak going into the. bonus so that could be big so starting. off you get ten free spins now be on the. lookout for the candy bombs because they. are the multipliers that drop which are. going to amplify your winnings these. multipliers range from 2x all the way up. to 100x if you manage to land a. combination while candy bombs are. present on the board your winnings will. be multiplied by whatever amount is. displayed on the bombs there can be. multiple bombs that drop out once to. amplify your winnings also hitting that. 100 x is the best feeling in the world. sweet bananas bonus also offers a. retrigger during the free spins meaning.

If you land three lollipops during the. free spins you'll be rewarded with an. additional five free spins. multiple retriggers are possible so. there's no there's no capped amount. sweet banana also has a buy feature if. you're not in the mood to wait for the. scatter to appear which can be long you. can buy it for 100 x of your steak which. will sure cut you to the free spins but. can be very risky so don't do it too. often i have lost quite a bit of money. doing this but with that being said that. is gonna be it for this slot review if. you did enjoy please do leave a like. also subscribe with notifications on to. keep up to date with all things slots we. have tons of tips on the channel and. tons more content to come so be sure to. be subscribed let us know in the. comments what you think of this video. and we also stream six days a week on.

our twitch and our facebook all our. links are in the description so you can. come in there ask us some questions or. watch us win or lose but with that being. said appreciate everybody's time adios. until the next video thank you. you

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