12.05.2024 What's The Difference Between Fma And Fmab ?

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Welcome to anime love a channel where. all we do is give you anime suggestions. and recommendations. top 5 10 and even 20 lists character. analysis. and even some anime theories and a lot. more my name's david and i'll be your. narrator. and before we start with today's video. i'll kindly ask you to. only if you liked it of course give this. video a thumbs up leave a comment. and if you're not subscribed to the. channel already please feel free to do. so. let's roll the intro and start with. today's video. hello everyone how's it going today. we'll be answering a question that has. the upand-coming fans of anime confused. since there's not a lot of straight and. clear answers to the very question. i mean there are even a few veterans as. well who are in a dilemma. as to what they should be doing in this. kind of situation i understand how they.

Feel. for the series is something so complete. something. so good that it'll make every other. anime out there look rather incomplete. or. just lacking when it comes to the. delivery and execution of all those. elements. that make up the perfect anime only. legends speak. of well we'll be looking at one of the. greatest series of all time. full metal alchemist now people either. watch the original full metal alchemist. or the brotherhood adaptation rarely. have i seen people who've watched both. series. since there's this thing going on on the. internet since the beginning of time. itself. that brotherhood is better and delivers. the perfect experience in blah blah blah. well they aren't wrong brotherhood is. how the series is supposed to be. how the series is written and how it's. meant to be viewed by the fans out there.

Full metal alchemists came out when the. manga was still ongoing. and you know what happens when we get an. anime adaptation of an. incomplete and unfinished manga we get a. lot of fillers or we just get a story. that isn't even related or true to the. original universe the anime is based on. if you're a hardcore fan like me who's. watched both of them. and is just in love with the anime named. full metal then give me a high five and. join me in recalling some of the things. that are different when the two shows. are brought close to each other. if you've watched only one there's no. problem you're still welcome to watch. but realize there are some major. spoilers in the next couple of minutes. to come. and i'd highly advise you watch the. video at your own risk. since this is one of the very few. complete anime out there.

With that out of the way let's spot the. differences now shall we. i'm pretty sure everyone recalls how. brotherhood started we had edward and. alphonse. fighting this guy who was a master when. it came to outplaying others. making it a hassle for everyone on the. chase for him but the one thing that. stood out was the fact. that edward didn't require a. transmutation circle to come up with all. kinds of stuff. so since the beginning of brotherhood. things are kept real. and presented in a way they're supposed. to be even later on in the series. but with the earlier adaptation of the. manga the original full metal alchemist. the start is rather slow and we see roy. and edward engaged in completely. different conversations. along with edward being unaware of his. ability of being the prodigy. who can manage without a transmutation.

Circle it's revealed in the test. as he saves a bunch of people there that. he's capable of doing that. and that's a big contributor to the. watch that puts him out there. as a state alchemist brotherhood kept. things on the lighter side. it for sure didn't sugarcoat any of that. dark stuff that was going on in the. background. along with the gloomy atmosphere that. just filled the streets at night. when it came to the anime it even. featured all new comedy elements unlike. the original full metal alchemist. saving us from getting consumed by the. darkness the series came. hand in hand with but with the original. full metal alchemist. we had an atmosphere that made the show. gravitate towards the dark side. a side that made the show feature the. psychological thriller genre elements. as well that they were still there in.

The brotherhood adaptation. but the whole animation and soundtrack. made them look a lot less and reduce the. punch they would have packed otherwise. if you're a real fan of those genre. elements in the older adaptation. full metal alchemist is your thing go. watch that instead. these two outcomes depend on whether. you've started the series with the. original adaptation. or the adaptation titled brotherhood. that came years later. the original anime came out when the. manga was still ongoing so it's given we. didn't see much of zing or any of the. other characters that come from there. to be honest we don't see anything of. zing at all in the original full metal. alchemist. i'm sure i have your attention now ling. fans. sorry to disappoint you but there's no. zing in the original anime. the empire along with all the memorable.

Characters it introduced. me foo are only in the brotherhood. adaptation of the manga. not a single character is there in the. original anime. making things a lot harder for the ling. fans out there. who just can't get enough of the 180. transitions he undergoes. being a flipflop between his own self. and the homunculus greed. all those characters played a great role. as the story progressed in the. brotherhood adaptation. and it's really hard to imagine a story. where they don't exist at all. am i correct full metal alchemist. brotherhood only viewers. in the original full metal alchemist the. homunculi these op characters. were brought to life when a human. transmutation was performed. and since it was destined to fail being. completely against the laws of alchemy. they were the result of a failed human. transmutation.

But in the brotherhood adaptation of the. manga they're all brought to life in a. process that involves the philosopher's. stone itself. making things a lot spicier than they. were in the original full metal. alchemist. i'm pretty sure you're all thinking. about how the ehrlich brothers performed. that failed human transmutation as well. give me a second i'll come to that as. well well yes they did and the result is. exactly what i mentioned. and that leads us to our next point in. the brotherhood adaptation of the manga. we see sloth as this humunculus who. stands tall. acting like this frontline who can take. any shot you throw at him headon. without breaking a sweat in addition to. being big. he's also extremely strong making him. the best spear and shield. at the same time in the original full. metal alchemist.

Sloth is completely different him being. a her. sloth is literally water in the original. series flowing freely all over the place. making it look like she's straight out. of sonic or something. also in addition to a she she's just. like the mother the ehrlich brothers. lost. and wanted to bring back so desperately. that it made them take the forbidden. step. commit the taboo and alchemy human. transmutation. so whether you've watched the original. full metal alchemist or the new one. this will be quite the shock since both. feature completely different sloths. making you have two images of the. character whenever you recall the series. we saw father and the anime sure showed. us that this guy was capable of making. literal planets pop up in his hands. without trying even a bit. father is one of the most overpowered.

Anime characters to enter the realm of. anime. we sure welcome him to the 2d universe. you'd be expecting him to be there. wreaking havoc all over the place in the. original series as well. since it's hard to come up with an. antagonist that's not such a god. since he's part of the picture that. represents the face of the series. in the original full metal alchemist we. have a different face a different soul. a different character who again happens. to be a she. rather than a he full middle universe. sure loves to make people feel stuck in. this timeline. while the entire universe shifted to the. other one a while ago. way to go with these gender bends anyway. dante is completely different from. father. and wants something completely different. their aims and goals. being miles apart both of them being. completely different from each other.

Of course that means that the universe. and everything they're part of in the. series is completely different. it changes the whole full metal. alchemist universe depending on the. series to say the very least. but father is the original antagonist. and the bad guy the original story. featured. so we'll go with him instead there's no. olivia in the original full metal. alchemist. so the whole fort briggs thing that. occurred in the brotherhood doesn't. feature olivia there in the first. adaptation of the series. plus in addition to there being no zing. there's no alka history in the original. full metal alchemist. this changes things in ishvala as well. since scar's brother was studying both. alchemy and alcohol. the brotherhood adaptation making him. look like a scholar while the original. series didn't make him look like that.

Much of a nerd to say the least. also the relationship between riza and. roy. them always being there for each other. and all that backstory they had together. just isn't there in the original full. metal alchemist as much as it's featured. and highlighted in the brotherhood. adaptation. so anyone who ships these characters. would really be disappointed. maize hughes death is one of the most. tragic ones we've seen. in the entirety of anime and manga he. was just such an earnest character. who won our heart in that little span of. time he was there on the screen. the original full metal alchemist gave. us an even better insight on the. character. making it even harder for us to get past. that since it broke a lot of us. the ending is completely different as. well and i don't want to highlight much. as to what happens in the ending since.

I truly ruined the entire anime whether. it's brotherhood. or whether it's the original full metal. alchemist see. we're nice here we're not douchebags who. spoil anime and neither should you. both series feature quite different. elements despite being the adaptations. of the same series titled. fullmetal alchemist also the pieces that. make the puzzles complete in the end. are worlds apart when both series are. brought close to each other. in order to see what are the. similarities and what are the. differences. if you're a fan who loved the series. whether it was brotherhood or the. original fullmetal alchemist and you. want more of alchemy on the screen that. you're looking at 24 7. then i advise you to watch the other. adaptations as well. since they'd make you see the story from. an entirely different perspective.

it's like all those fate movies that. just don't stop coming out almost every. couple of months. brotherhood adheres more closely to the. manga and delivers us a story that full. metal alchemist was meant to deliver. since the very beginning. so brotherhood takes the cake when it. comes to which one's better that's for. sure. but if you want some more of full metal. alchemists then watch the original as. well. you'll only love the series even more. that's a fact. tell us in the comments below which. adaptation was your favorite and why. highlighting the thing you love the most. in it all right guys. that's all for today really hope you. enjoyed this video. and if you did you already know what to. do and with that being said. i'll see you on the next one bye bye

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