12.05.2024 FIX Forza Horizon 5 Sign In Needed Error On PC

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In today's video i'll be showing you how. to fix an issue with forza horizon 5 not. allowing you to sign in. so if i press start game as you can see. it now says loading please wait. and i now get the window that i can. click on let's go to sign into my. account but it now pops up with a sign. in error and if i go to start the game. again it will just do the same and not. allow me to start the game it will just. keep saying sign in needed you may not. proceed without being signed into a. profile so to fix this issue first you. need to completely close down forza. horizon 5 and once you have closed down. the game you now need to open up the. start menu and you now need to search. for the microsoft store. and you now need to click onto your. profile icon and then select your email. address and you now need to click on.

Sign out and we need to sign out of the. microsoft store and once you have done. that you now need to open up the xbox. app and we now need to sign out of our. account on the xbox app as well and once. you have signed out of the xbox app you. now need to go ahead and restart your. computer and once your computer has. restarted you now need to go ahead and. sign back into the xbox app and we then. need to sign back into the microsoft. store and once you're signed back into. the microsoft store and the xbox app we. can now go back to the xbox app and. launch forza horizon 5 and as you can. see that has now resolved the issue with. the sign in loop on my computer so i. hope this video helped you out and. resolved the issue you were having with. not being able to sign in to forza. horizon 5 using the microsoft store.

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