12.05.2024 Insane HIGH STAKE WINS on Gates of Olympus, Crazy Time, and more! - AyeZee Stream Highlights #9

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Big balance. i can't. oh i can't. love your videos thank you so much man. i'm glad to hear that. see may i ask i've been using coinbase. for nice another crypto casino at the. suggestion of another streamer but you. mentioned they'll catch on is there. another similar service that is not. strict why does this always happen the. past few bonuses where it lands here and. here or here and up here they're like. not on the same line but two houses. lucky bamboo what you can do is you can. still continue okay. that works. for the spin we still have like seven. spins left right. yes. if we can land one house here where this. bonus. and then. yes that's decent. you can just. move the. crypto from coinbase to a wallet and. then use it for gambling but if you move. straight from coinbase to a casino like. i hope that's not a good good idea i.

Would say. nice it's crazy how much it pays not. even a full line. okay that is a multiple full lines. actually. yes. okay. now where's the mop set for line man. nice almost 200x. yes all the way all the way no but yes. nice nice nice nice this is like 6k. right nice man. quick 15. 627.. emojin treasure could be fun greg let's. hope this goes well and then we can try. some there. insert game name i see you luna. living life on the edge. okay nice mister yeah nice nice i jinxed. that thing okay because i thought that. was hitting oh nice yeah i've got the. two nice yeah oh sick dude okay one blue. one blue. multi. yes eight x nice. more. multipurpose. nice okay 10x that's 4.2 k already. i think nothing. bro not too shabby isn't it come on oh. okay that's with the multi already yeah. yeah yeah yeah. okay we're ready at 12x. oh.

This is such a good screen if it just. continues our retrigger yellow blue. this is nice rings maybe big multi nice. okay i think. bro oh come on moldy you gotta no you. don't. okay. any maltese and any multipliers and the. multipliers in the house any. multiplication please yes. nice man now these one more files no. this is sick though. nice. oh mate this. is this is not just steak this is good. good. 23k and we've still got five spins oh. multi this. oh oh okay nice greens. greens yes rings purples purple for sure. nice yellows now yellow one yellow one. now rings rings rings rings. no nice 27 x 20 30 x on this another 10k. yeah bro. this is the flame this is the oh the. comeback. one more. come on yes one more come on um what do. we need here maybe. i feel like this can keep going. come on greens. greens oh. okay that's sick though that is sick.

Yeah nice. from 2k. from. 2k i gotta be completely honest with you. there's no way you can convince me out. of buying this bonus. this is a very bad idea. but. what. you always have to you know there's. always two sides of a coin yeah there's. always a good and the bad side so just. send it. i've done four of these buys on the. stream 19k bonus supplies and none of. them are profited now when tony's yeah. of course we're gonna win. come on come on. come on. come on come on okay it's a save. bro. whoa. yeah it does the sound so you get a save. oh god imagine it just dies there. yeah that's what i was thinking like. okay we take that not bad. come on let's see we're going. what's the max wheel how many wheels are. there it saves us again holy. uh level five i think is the max one or. level stuff like that level six i think.

Is the max and then it's just free spins. okay. we've already got 9.3 k back this is the. last wheel before the spins wheel. and then the crazy wheel comes in. come on xxxxx nice here we go max. hey there's a 200x on that yeah here we. go we can get 50 free spins. wow that that'd be decent yeah hmm. i'm not going to watch this is it it's. at least 25. it's at least 25 no yeah. yeah it is what's up avail come on. nice man. wait we have a little bit of a. situation this is the situation. okay come on this could get a little bit. spicy. oh jackpot jackpot with a multi oh. yeah okay. oh. what's up a random. come on nice how do you win not bad yeah. huge jackpot. like if you give us this grand jackpot. right now. he'll be famous emerging. i mean it'd be decent yeah. quick 1.7 mil in the bank. ah hello again. nice i love getting two axes when it's.

Not connected it just makes my day. morning i woke up i was like i want to. get a. okay. yeah. okay but you never get extra connecting. yeah. 2x is that but like. that's a 5x on this bed size. hello. what do we have 30 spins 22 spins left. yeah shadows. can we get some wild reels in this. or what. yeah. you're on the way. you can get the jackpot in this this can. trigger a jackpot what should be a multi. yeah when the kings are one off oh mate. that would be huge actually wow. come on. come on bam yeah. jackpot. let's keep those wins coming twins mate. 100. 500.. you're on the way. checkpoint. okay that's. that's. like 10 grand in that 3x like now we're. just breaking even by the way yeah. like what. break even wow amazing. left. we haven't even had the like there's a. wild feature thingy that can trigger we. haven't had that once.

Okay 10k 5x plus two free games 500. wow. wow. checkpoint. okay that's better. you've got the right stuff. i beg. please. 100 bucks for that mate not even your. best size back. come on. like there's absolutely no way we do. another one if this doesn't pay decent. no there's no way. nice. imagine being all these people in the. chat molding about it not being real. money. when you literally show the deposit you. mean. not only that but on oh oh yeah oh this. is jackpot i think. jackpot my ass mate nice. that's that should be good. okay. that's good. how did that pay so much i don't know. that guy's top symbol i think. yeah it should i guess so yeah. oh it's correct that's this thing 2x. though oh yeah nice yeah. nice 40k not bad 39. 630 corn flakes things we love to see. 96k today i had a massive win on gems so. so so you profited good man and.

Thank you. like there's no way bro bro bro. bro. bro. bro yes 15x coin flip. fuss. boss. with 250 dollars no i don't want to live. we're hitting. a quarter. please this this is a minimum this is a. minimum of seven and a half k. maximum a maximum of. i can't do the math right now but it's. yeah. that's okay come on don't do it 2x just. don't do it 2x please please please. don't do it. 7x it's going to be 7 2 or 7 4.. it's always one above five one below. okay 105 x that's all over 25k. red red red red red. okay. still nice though let's go let's go what. is that fifteen. i think nice man. throw my heart. like i knew it was going to be a. other number the moment you see the 7x. lock in. hammered yes i have. silicone thank you for the follow uh. talk and thank you for the follow. oh. there's no way we get there. like. it could be a little cashon situation.

Though. it is. nice give me that. here we go. cash hunt time. what's up ashton. izzy al played emote was born when i. shot on you in scrims ashton. somebody said you should. oh bro. this is on you. this is on you. nine nine nine nine okay next is the. biggest multiplayer but uh. thank you for the 100 bits we're there. under the multiplier under the um. how did. come on. if this is 100x. we're up to 60k balance. come on what i can choose. you have to stay. at the target. so good. come on man let's start the stream in a. good way today. please what's up the awesome dude. okay. mate if that was red we had a instant. 2000 x 200k win. not even kidding if that was if that was. reds. please be good. please be good. i think yeah we in we and we are nice. okay 4k back already we into level two. after last night i'm like i'm not saying.

Man what's up romnek. happy birthday. oh greens greens or blues. greens. greens for sure greens oranges pinks if. this isn't good i was gonna say nice man. already 8k back look at that xp. come on. come on come on come on good squares. nice man let's go. what is that. that's exactly how you want to start the. stream holy man. and we're in. oh. wow. okay. that works. still going by the way 5k 1000 1400 x. still going. this is so good after yesterday's. ripping on this game. come on. be good. still asking for more by the way. oh i don't care at this point we're in. we in that's 150k and we in. no way man this is my biggest win ever. on gems and i love this game so much. and it's raw cash by the way. i don't know 200k maybe yeah no. what. whenever this happens it's. oh. no way man. 156. 000. and fifty six thousand seven hundred. dollars.


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