12.05.2024 3kzy X Adoe x Ek X FTB yungbul- CAO ( Official Video)

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You know. his name is. top let up 30 shots looking on that. block you ain't see that Green Dot you. ain't see that Green Dot yeah we really. hit that drop you know Ado he get active. and really hit that spot yeah young. and we coming at your door yeah. my want to be if we want to walk. huh and yeah my want the war bro. we spin again we got game . door dancing on the guys when he got hit. he left the torch he ain't Wanna Smoke. we had the alligator door hanging on the. door like come outside then again. we hopping out the Johnny down the ride. stopping at the light caught you. at the life. real all black you we creeping. through the night yeah. call the cases. yeah I'm really on some yeah my. got them switches I was really. late to class because I really out there. trip I was really on some similar . speaking really happy I was really on.

some . hey. I'm calling him on that block. all the Wiggy. cause you've been shaking ass and. titties don't spin [ __ ] come get. with me try to run that [ __ ]. pulled a Ricky that pulled a Ricky. if you got the switches. bottom line

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