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Ladies and gentlemen we have a new game. show today it's called crazy Pinko this. is the first time I'm going to play this. game this is going to be the first time. you guys are going to be watching me. play this game we have $10,000 inside. the balance right now okay nice music I. like the music Okay let's listen to the. music here for a second do a little okay. all right yeah yeah yeah yeah okay. listen let's see how this game works I'm. I'm assuming it works like crazy coin. flip um I watched some videos on it. shout out to my boy tact I watched his. video on it and then I said I'm going to. come come and film a video on it uh now. what I like to do when I test out these. games I like to first go to the lowest. setting and see what happens so we could. do regular spins here one cent spin so. regular spins let's see what.

Happens okay look okay so that is a. scatter right looks like the scatters. when they come in they will stick and. they'll move down each reel until it's. over so if we could get two more here we. could win right no but you see what I. mean I see how it works see you see see. how it see how it was for two I like. that. feature oh my 5x but we're not going to. land one right now because they're both. gone one. more get it get it get it okay so that. is the normal spins obviously it's. pretty hard to get in now we can. activate um these type of spins so. you're guaranteed one scatter here and. you know we could we could up the bets a. little bit here this is a base bet of. fif uh one but it costs 15 so you got a. 15x so you that's where you want it you. want the first guy to drop in on top. there see if we can get one more scatter.

Here all right so we're in with the. bonus game $1 it cost us let's see how. much we we can profit here now obviously. there's the top up right we could top up. with a $100 top UPS so let's do a couple. $100 spins there's a. 2,000x okay. wow. 700x. wow wow so is it is it just this one or. is it this is pretty big. here all right keep. going not bad here there's just 1 2 3 4. 5 six seven spots where we don't really. want to hit if we hit this if we hit. those yellow numbers we we don't get. money back if we hit those 3,000 I mean. that's good you know so let's see what. happens here this is a $1 Pachinko Puck. so only it only counts as. $1 I think it makes sense um let's see. what happens. here 30 50 so what we really want is it. to stick to this left. side I don't have any multis. though let's see what happens. here and there is one double.

Which would be great to. hit we don't want any of those bad gray. numbers. man all right I mean we're right over. that double which is kind of what we. want to see so here we go this is the. very first uh gra Pinko don't hit 10x. please come on come on come on double. double wow all right our first is a. double up there's a 6,000 X right so. will this turn into a 6000x oh no so. your top UPS do not double up I repeat. your top UPS do not double up all right. so that that is good to know so I had. that one I had that one top up which was. 3,000 in the left corner there as you. could see there was a double up that we. hit and it did not double up my big one. it's all right so let's see if we can. hit a. 300X come on come on come on don't go 60. don't go 60. no and literally literally the one that. I did not want bro that is trash all.

Right now let's jump over to this one. which is a guaranteed your your. guaranteed money here okay that c so a. $100 base hit here $100 so our ticket. was $1 a $100 base H cost. $7500 man so you got to hit a 75x to. break even you guys understand that. let's try a $1,800 one which will be a. 25 um ticket here that's good that's. 7x okay so we need. a wait wait wait wait wait wait that's. 7x yeah so do we even top up so let's. see what happens here we have to wait. till this penko ends and we will jump. into the next Pinko drop as we are. waiting for oh Toby Chinko come here. Toby Toby this game was meant for you. come here to come on come on Toby come. down. here. we do have a 7x here we do have a 7x so. everything is multiplied by. seven uh that ain't bad actually. everything here is a. hit everything here will be money back.

So that will be great I think you're. going a double we would love to see a. 400x would be perfect it's over top of. two doubles here Toby this one's for you. brother. bear come on buddy come on buddy okay. buddy we're dropping the wrong way can. you scoot it to the right bud can you. scoot it to the right Bud all right all. right all right all right go go. go sorry I think I just shouted in his. ears all right so we'll take that that's. money back bless a lot all right so it. looks like that the second time the. second one that we did was great. everyone welcome Ashley Ashley to the. video Ashley you haven't been in a. YouTube video why don't you jump in here. and say hello to everybody just say. hello just jump in you look beautiful I. don't come on jump in jump in tell. everyone hello hello every tell everyone.

How are you how are you no no how are. you doing oh I'm good how are you well. I'm great you know that but they want to. know how you're doing and what's new. with you oh I'm not too bad but let me. get off camera real quick to ask my. husband do you want wings for dinner. that sounds perfect chicken wings. perfect so this game is a little bit. different um we can activate this oh. it's a slot yeah so we just did. a 1875 you want would you like to jump. in with this one Ash yeah let's try this. one again cuz it did pay off last time. problem is this time. there is no no top slot so we had that. 7x top slot which was beautiful this. time there is no top. slot um so let's do 300 of these it's. one sorry for inconvenience. two three and then we'll drop this down. to 75 and do one here all right so we. really want that corner shot looks like.

Looks like that corner shot is good I. mean I still have to I still have to. play it a few more times before I can. get give this game a rating ladies and. Gentlemen let's see what this drop does. and then we will go over it but as we. are waiting to see what the multipliers. are I want to say thank you guys so much. for subscribing today I think I just hit. 46,000 Subs so we are super close to 50K. which is a goal of mine which I never. thought in a million years that I would. hit so all love to you guys thank you so. much um there is two 100 x's on the. board here no doubles which we wanted to. see oh no okay there's one double let. get ready to drop. so everything that's below 75 is not is. is a loss and right now we are over. nothing we have to hit that 100x. literally we have to hit. 100x come on come on come on come on.

Come on it's over it it's over it guys. it's over it. guys luckily we hit that 100x we. desperately needed that 100x we almost. did not profit there that was that was a. little profit it wasn't a lot so this. game is definitely tough let's. deactivate this let's go back down to. the one scatter. ticket and um do we even dare to do $2. no let's stick with $1 here let's. activate it oops activate it now let's. do our spins oh that would have been. good to hit hit it now hit it now hit it. now yes okay we got a 5x on top of this. this could be pretty dangerous this. could be pretty. dangerous. um let's top up let's do the top UPS. here let's do 100 now let's see if we. get anything. good, 1500 X I mean these are all pretty. good we spent $3,000 on this one though. 3K. $3,000 has been spent on this drop here. and there's only a 5x topper which do do.

Not go towards your topups so honestly. the only ones that are going to give us. money back here are the ones that are. over 3000x which we don't have many we. only have a few sadly we only have a. few we have a 5,500 x we have a 4,750. x right and we're kind of close to our. 5,000x let's see if we can crack it or. go down to the. 4,000 or maybe even go to double to save. us here all right hold up hold up go. left go left go left oh man not the. double I did really did not want to see. the double there it doesn't double up. your top UPS it does not double up top. UPS brother there's no double UPS I. would like to see the. 5,000 come. on whoa whoa whoa where we going where. we going go back to that 5,000 5,100 x. come on come on drop left drop no no. no there's a 1500x all right so that's. only okay that's trash I'm not going to.

Lie that is. trash all right man all right ladies and. Gentlemen let's let's do a couple $50. Smacks and see if we get it on the base. hit come on come on. ah nope no. good we're going to play this down to. 10,000 10,000 even come on no okay you. got two more shots come on one more shot. get a s one out of. 50 last. one oh man you couldn't have done that. one last. spin couple more smacks and then we're. going to go back to the bonus. games no no this ain't. good nope no. good three more. one two and that's three all right let's. activate. these this is going to cost us. 375 every time we spin. here. okay drop it darn it. dude come. on this is. tough all right so you can see how this. game works here we need to drop it now. drop it now drop one now let's go all. right all right all right this ain't. good I'm not going to lie this ain't.

Good at all let's go straight into the. bonus so we're going to need to see a. very big multi. here where's the 100. X's all right well we do have 1,000 x on. the board here not going to lie that. would be. $25,000 if we could hit. that you guys know how good that would. be oh man come on please go please go. please go please drop no no no no no no. no no no no no no no okay could it go to. that thousand. could to go to that thousand we kind of. need it we kind of need it we kind of. need it come on please all right go to. double then go to double go to 280 go to. 280 go to 100 go to 100 you all right we. got a little bit of money back with that. a little bit not a lot a little bit all. right it's tough it's tough game it's a. tough game good thing we hit that 100x. there that was risky it sure was risky. do we do a $3,000.

One. 3x all right well I did it I didn't even. mean to click it but I did we got it all. right we're in it we're in it let's do. four 4 100 all right all. right. okayif so basically we need what here I. don't know what we need. here we need. 100x okay that's good guys that 200x. turns into a 600x that could be really. good how many that could be really good. we can hit it there's no dude even with. a 3X topper there's no 100 xes on the. board other than that 600. stop H has to really push right come on. push right please push right please push. right please push right please push. right please push right come on stay. there come. on go yes bro oh my gosh. yes yes. yes yo that's huge let's go no. chance. yo nice hit. okay wow oh my gosh ladies and gentlemen. first look at crazy Pinko and it just. dropped in a 600x for.

$30,000 wow I'm going to end it there. ladies and gentlemen that's going to be. it for me today oh my goodness you guys. just got a complete rundown of the game. we tried every single thing to every. single thing about the game um First. Impressions let me know what you guys. think down in the comments below but wow. that was insane that was. massive. $30,000 oh my goodness ladies and. gentlemen thank you so much for joining. me here for another video crazy Pachinko. right now I like it I like it a lot this. could be a new great game to play let me. know what you guys think make sure to. use bonus code TT Dante while on stake. thank you guys for all the love all the. support hit that subscribe button and. tomorrow I'll see you for another. video

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