12.05.2024 I HIT 260x MULTI on GATES OF OLYMPUS... & IT PAID!! (Highlights)

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All right boys welcome to another. highlights video. hope you guys enjoyed these clips are. from my twitch twitch.tv watchgamestv. i'd hope to see you guys come and say hi. also these are just my wins so don't. think of this as how it goes all the. time most of the time i lose but you. know sometimes we get some nice wins and. you guys get to see them on youtube so. hope you guys enjoy and let's get right. into it peace. it's not certain yet but i'm working. towards it watch wanna no no guys. moving where i don't know i haven't. figured it out but i want to move to an. island that is not malta that's closer. to canada i want to wake up in the. morning and just smell the ocean. dude you know i want to wake up in the. morning smell the ocean come out. in my balcony naked and just go. like this. ah. you know. and then come come put my clothes on and.

Go live so that's the plan um i'm gonna. i'm gonna buy my parents a house here. before i leave and then i'm getting the. out of here bro but that is the. plan like i wanna be that guy why naked. because i don't know why not like that's. what i want bro that's what i want i. think that's what i want like. i just want to do that we need to do a. science experiment right since he's here. we have to do one more to see if there's. a back to back potential. like that's how it works right. what the . okay another retweet twice in a row now. almost. but instead you just blocks okay. why is he dropping so many scatters i. don't understand. every spin there's a scatter two. of them every spin. you're blocking. 8x2 oh that was a nice 10x we wasted. okay that's a good one please. zap man. please zap. please step you yes. it's so bad it's so bad put a bigger.

Multi. yo drop drop drop zap zap zap zap zap. okay. not bad that's a profit already. that's profit already wow gates is hot. today what the hell. okay. huh. uh it's much better version of sweet. beans candy boom okay i'll check it out. man maybe maybe i'll check it out i. don't want to tell you i'm going to. check it out and then i don't then. you're mad at me so i'll hit you with. the maybe. because i'm kind of enjoying gates right. now. this is a zap screen i've seen it before. this is literally a zap screen the exact. same one i've seen. in the next one coming up. yep this is the one. yep i told you see. sounds good thanks yeah dave i'll see. you man honestly like some new games i. haven't really checked out i've been. kind of on a losing streak for a while. now so. um i just haven't had the. urge. i haven't had the urge to gamble that.

Much bro like it is what it is so crowns. here would be good right no okay another. profit buying interesting. now wait what happened to my balance oh. okay i was gonna say bro what the hell. okay you you know what. oh my god we got the bonus i . knew it dude one extra spin i don't like. double chance let me tell you why when i. turn double chance on i get millions of. dead spins when i don't turn on double. chance i get 50x multis 500x multis i. just did one click and i got the bonus. guys huge. wait why did our balance go down. okay start us off good 5x is good but. 500 would be better. okay. zap this. we need to get the multi up zeus. yo grandpa. come on man. okay what the are you doing. ah okay nice what the one more okay. we have eight spins with a 27x. not bad. we just need to get hits now like a good. tumble here is profit.

We just need to get hit zeus okay zap. okay. uh green. uh this is gonna be tough. okay what the come on. oh one more is that 500 x it. oh so close very close guys it was. almost a 500 x blues again this is a. very big tumble it should be okay okay. one more zap 500 x zeus it. okay we'll take it bro what the hell. that's a good win that is actually a. very good win guys. nice 11 12 000. not bad and we have a 38 x. wow. i knew he would be my valentine reds. okay. somehow zap. somehow zap this crowns and then zap. okay okay not bad not bad 4k right 4.6. okay not bad. and then. like give me one more juice greens. one more juice here. greens. why why not bad again though 44 300. there. not bad. all right that's points boys that's. actually points i know you guys coming. from easy's thing. guys i i don't have as good of a shop as.

Easy okay ac has a really nice shop but. you know when he's not live and you guys. if you guys do chill here i do. appreciate it we have some stuff you. know. but uh but yeah. also guys if you want to check out. gandom you can head over to the rewards. section use the promo code watch game tv. to get instant rake back weekly rake. back monthly rake back and a surprise. that you can claim i'm gonna claim this. i don't think there's gonna be much okay. not bad 231 dollars we're gonna go ahead. and claim that i'll take my rake back as. well and yeah let's have some fun also. you could probably include that in the. video but anyways um so that way people. can see it's not just 76 dollars but all. right. but zeus is zapping some big multis. today it's just it's just a matter of. time what's up texas legend how are you.

That's 250 dollars of rings. 290.. now blues and yo please zap man. bro please zap man. these tumbles are disgusting put your. hand up you ugly oh and then you. put a scatter whatever dude also that. was not a voice crack oh we're in okay. i'll do a pachinko drop if this pays. 200x or more deal. type deal in chat if you agree. oh no. wait a minute wait a minute wait a. minute. wait a minute no wait a minute wait a. minute i was joking i was joking cat. wait a minute. green. just hit crowns 500x. how am i not going to get anything here. oh wait a minute. i know what is nothing can hit there but. we got a good multi now right 19x or no. 21x. okay two spins though. that's gonna be huge if we get a zap. that's gonna be huge if we get a zap red. oh wow i'm pissed. here. if that hit two would have been good how. much is that.

Okay it's not yet not yet not yet. last. spin yeah you guys got scam bro. well i didn't but you guys did. it is what it is nice profit yeah it. wasn't bad under struck nah. did i. we haven't done that in a while actually. maybe. oh okay. okay i literally just couldn't play you. you talked about thunderstruck yeah okay. no double chance also wait where's my. camera bro what the hell i came back i. woke up. okay here we go. give us max win bro just once in your. life. that's a very good start what. the hell. that is a very nice star check we get. one more zap. 13x starting what the hell. okay hold up. okay. i mean yellows. not bad. don't go dry on me please like we. started so nice. purple maybe but it's going to be tough. okay yellow. green. hourglass would be huge. yeah wow okay uh crowns. well. that's a lot of that's a lot already.

Though 4.7 okay zeus i see you retreat. no. 500x imagine. 2x. okay rings hit purples blues. okay blues one blue. wow that's toxic but good good hit. oh yeah. 25 wow not bad not bad guys this is. going pretty well. purple purple and blue. red for red and blue. okay red. ah damn it. yeah that was toxic. okay 10k bro that's that's points. that's points boys. it's dead here okay last but not least. kind of always isn't it. all right good start. yeah he's actually. not doing too bad one of my mom wasn't. clear biggest assassin. turned into like the biggest software. girl yeah no i feel like that that's. what it is right uh annie's your dog i. see big beach well you know i thought. maybe you took your daughter to the dog. park to play with the dogs like. you know i don't know. it's a huge responsibility that's what i. mean right like that's what scares me.

That's why i like i'm not ready i ain't. ready bro. i mean you gotta do it at some point. yeah of course the crowns and then hit. oh zap zap 250x bro please please. please rings will hit two rings oh my. god please drop you . dude. thanks at that point at that point 250x. world champ dude this this world. champ guy i can't stand this world champ. guy welcome back joe i had that today. hey baby i had a 50 uh 50x drop and a. bonus and it skipped over oh in a bonus. no that's that's scary. i don't think i've ever hit anything in. a bonus oh my god if i just starts. crying just stick him in the closet with. a bottle of nick will easy peaceful. sleep we've rolled in two bonuses and. both times it's five scatters. it's weird oh wow i pay more. if you get six it's 100x. going to the bonus this is a very good. start greens as well maybe i don't know.

Where does it start. sam says five scouters are well. hopefully not okay let me prove you. wrong. it's a good start. zap one more time there's no way you're. connecting yeah i knew it. okay. okay that's . this one is a hit nice yellows won't hit. i don't think but we can hope not. okay 15x quite a bit of spins left. greens purples could do it with a zap. maybe yellow purple no okay. come on. on the center right yeah i did yeah. i don't like buying this game on this. i'm like recording i guess. no i feel that dude yeah zap here though. i need to get the multihigher bro put. your hand up world champ stop. this guy. this guy this . guy this world champ guy yeah literally. you believe this guy oh that's a zap. that's a zap screen that's his app. screen. that's a zap screen with hourglass let's. go boys that is literally a zap.

Screen yup. i can tell i can tell. that's nice that's a really good hit. that is a good hit boys we take it that. might be the most points wow we're very. close. imagine. um i don't think howard. i don't think he'll do it. yeah it's too clustered. yeah okay that'll give you points for. that it is what it is. yeah of course that makes complete sense. it's two clusters it's really me as. shane would say where the is my max. win. don't worry when i never pass the line. to my deposit i'm outlined uh damn. okay this could be a zap yup i just know. man i just know i just like i just like. purples too oh wow that's a good hit a. decent hit though that is a good hit. voice that's what i'm talking about bro. double chance. i'm people riding against double chance. bro so. it's my turn over hold you you can yeah. we're gonna pick.

Um let's do have has gates been picked. no no. nick's call what the that's rude oh. yeah we should do next one as well we'll. do it right after i want to get the mods. out of the way so i don't want them. to be like oh it's nick dylan he threw. you know what i mean yeah. one more time that's big. that was huge bro what the 67k just. like that so. you want to divide that from the bond. from the valence i don't know what do. you guys think you guys are the hunts i. think let's cash out the thing like that. cash. yeah we could do that we could we could. cash out 38 and continue but that would. mess it all up yeah so oh that was a. good call really i did holy you're. welcome. you know like when you when i always had. a request we've been in maybe majority. of the time yeah like i was just gonna. say when you spend time not playing.

sweet bonanza you might actually win. something you know you cash out at least. 38. at least half of it yeah. zap again. oh 20x what's going on with gates today. bro are you going to finally pay me. zap 500x right now oh ho ho. okay we take that bro good it's still. good nice another 10k what the god. all right cash out that 48 and just play. with the rest let's go yeah we do that. yeah you guys cool with that. i'm just gonna put another tab i don't. want to ruin the seat i don't want to. ruin the seed. gates paying off hard yeah actually it's. like the first time it's actually doing. really good which is nice because we. have so many gates clips that i never. got a chance to upload because we can't. get one big win and today we got one

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