12.05.2024 Gigabyte G5 - The Best Deal Gaming Laptop - Internals, Repasting, Overview!

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So here's the contender for the best. bang for your buck gaming laptop. this is the gigabyte g5. hey guys welcome back to a harvest. channel my name is ivan and today we're. looking at the gigabyte g5 which i think. at the moment is the best bang for your. buck gaming laptop you can get featuring. the rtx 3060 and the intel i5 10 500h. and this is kind of a strange processor. in my mind i don't know why the intel is. calling it i5 because it's 6 core 12. threaded processor pretty capable. especially for gaming but of course. we're going to compare this one to my. lenovo ideapad gaming 3 which was my. previous choice for best budget gaming. laptop with rtx 3060. so without further. ado we're going to go through the. unboxing we're going to do our regular. overview we're going to flip it open. we're going to open the lid see what we.

Can upgrade and we're gonna do a. software overview and we're gonna move. to the conclusion obviously in the next. couple of videos you're gonna see some. gaming comparison with this laptop and. compared to the a gaming three that is. featuring ryzen. h and again rtx 3060. what we have. inside is rtx 3060 that is with tdp from. 80 watts all the way to 105 and we'll. see how this one stacks up against the. one we have in the ideapad gaming 3. now. speaking of pricing this one is. currently in promotion on newegg's. website for a thousand dollars and this. is how much i paid myself two weeks ago. around black friday deals currently they. still have that deal going on so if. you're interested you can grab that. laptop from them this is the lowest. price i could find and price wise it's. comparable to my lenovo ideapad gaming 3.

That i got for around 950 dollars all. total a few months back uh later that. price dropped to 8.75 but then increased. again and now i think the last time that. was being sold it was around the same a. thousand thousand and fifty dollars. unfortunately not available anymore. pretty much anywhere in the us that i. can find but this one comes for the same. price of a thousand dollars so we will. see what's good about it and compare it. to the lenovo let's move on moving on to. the unboxing and what we have is a box. inside the box shipped in this also. gigabyte branded box we have another one. which i'm gonna open and pull out and. this other one is not anything to talk. about as well seems very plain it just. says gigabyte on top g5 gaming laptop. not a lot of information but at the same. time i like that touch of double.

Protection outside box and another one. i've seen plenty of much more expensive. laptops that are shipping with only one. box which are prone to be damaged in. transportation and this one is double. box so we're gonna open it real quick. very good foam protecting the laptop and. off to the side we have a large silica. gel pack and right here in this bag we. have our power brick and power cable. we're gonna look at those in a second. and the laptop is covered with our. obligatory recycled fabric branded. gigabyte and we have a bag that is. featuring okay dummy sd card great to. see because we have as the card slot. here some isolation pad or thermal pad. i'm not sure what's this for but i'm. going to check it out and we have some. extra screws for installing nvme drives. and ssd drives great that the gigabyte. are actually providing these for you so.

You can install new drives and not just. look around and try to find these kind. of. screws all right with the box out of the. way now we're going to quickly look at. the power supply and the cable and what. are they providing so this is our power. cable. regular mickey mouse style power cable. don't even need to open it very thin. nothing special about it and the power. supply is held with hook and loop strap. here good to see barrel style charger. very familiar with this one as well and. right here this one is. power supplied rated at 180 watts so. pretty compact kind of similar to what. lenovo is supplying for the ideapad. gaming 3 i think it's also 180 watts so. gigabyte branded protection pulling it. out of the pouch another interesting. thing to notice right away we have. another cover which is sitting right on.

Top of the lid and uh yeah it's just. going over the. screen on top side and inside as well so. gigabyte definitely spent some time. securing this laptop making sure that. it's not damaged or scratched or. anything like that so i really like that. uh before we open it and look at the. inside we're gonna check all the ports. and we're gonna move on to the back. right away from left to right our barrel. charger style we have rj45 lan port we. have our hdmi and we have our display. port slash usbc so both these two we can. output to external monitor functional. vent on the right side and kind of a. blocked off on the left side this. chassis has been used for different. skews so other models will have both. these open for this specific one we only. have the one on the right open. because we have other vents on the side.

But i'll show you that in a second and. if we look at the left side large vent. on the back side here and right next to. it we have usb 3 usb 2 and dedicated. headphone and microphone uh 3.5. millimeter jacks that's excellent to see. and on the flip side which is our right. side again we have big vent over here we. have the sd card slot full size great to. see full size and we have mini display. port and another usb 3. midi display. port by the way this one is connected to. the igpu so. if you want to output from here it's. only going to be running through the. intel graphics card and not the nvidia. and then on the bottom we have a lot of. ventilation i see a lot of cutouts a lot. of perforations uh that that's great. that means. the internals will be getting plenty of. air we have interesting shape uh rubber. legs on the bottom and one of the things.

That i haven't seen in many many years. it's the external accessible and. replaceable battery which these kind of. batteries were popular at least five six. years ago. and i still have them on some of my. older laptops. but yeah it's kind of tiny you can see. how small this battery is like i. mentioned many times before in my. previous videos if you're buying a. gaming laptop the battery shouldn't. really be your concern you should be. worrying only about the maximum possible. for performance you can get and this. battery is rated at 49 almost 49 watt. hours so yeah not don't expect any. miracles from this one it's just there. for when you update your bias. and the power goes out so at least your. computer does doesn't die. but yeah let me place it back into place. and we're going to flip it on around. open it real quick and see how.

Everything looks interesting uh sleeve. they put on that screen i'm i'm kind of. surprised to haven't seen that. before it's just going over the whole. screen let me move that to the side as. well and we have another protection over. the keyboard and this one. is really nice so this is kind of like a. microfiber cloth that covers the whole. keyboard. super soft maybe they provided this. because they knew that it's going to be. a fingerprint a magnet with this plastic. you can wipe the fingerprints off the. surface with this one very very nice and. soft and we have another foam laying on. top of the keyboard it's protecting it. so if i take this to the side now we can. see full keyboard with the numeric pads. included larger touchpad with dedicated. left and right buttons again something i. haven't seen in a very long time on.

Laptops so on the left side we have. sticker for core i5 we have the rtx and. on the right side from gigabyte saying. the windforce which is their kind of. branded fans three displays output which. we know high refresh rate screen yes. great that's amazing sd card reader. three supported storage systems which. again we have two nvme drives and we. have 2.5 inch ssd sata 3 drive option. next generation y56 so this one comes. with the intel ax 200 which is excellent. we don't have to upgrade it but before i. turn it on. just a quick note we have dedicated. power button excellent to see i love. that it's not integrated on the keyboard. keyboard feels very very nice and better. i think than my gateway creators edition. this keyboard is all rgb 4gb so single. zone but you can change the colors i'm. just going to flip it over and now we're.

Going to open and see the internals and. what we can improve before turning on. and look at the software so what i'm. using for this one is philips zero. attachment for my screwdriver and. because we have an external battery that. can be removed i'm just gonna go ahead. and do this just in case that's one of. the best things about these batteries. you can eliminate any issues. potentially with power when you remove. that battery and we're gonna go ahead. and unscrew all the screws uh by the way. you'll see here x200 this is our. wireless card so i'm gonna go ahead and. unscrew all these. so after you unscrew all the main screws. they're visible. keep in mind you have to remove three. more they're kind of underneath the. battery. one right here one here and one here. after you remove these start from the. back side with your you know plastic.

Tool and it's fairly easy just pry a. little bit and this one comes very easy. not as hard as. my other laptops. so yeah definitely a nice touch from. gigabyte or clevo so if you're looking. on the back side here uh almost entirely. plastic body and you'll see where the. perforations are are right here right. here right here so nothing here uh not. entirely perforated but. i think it's pretty significant what. they've done so here are our internals. two fans one is exhausting on to the. side and in the back and the other one. is exhausting only off to the side so. this one is the cpu and this one is the. gpu right here we have the memory on top. right here we have the two slots for. nvme drives this is a data 512 gigabyte. nvme drive good to see another slot. right next to it and our 2.5. inch sata 3 ssd drive which i am.

Actually going to install an ssd drive. right here so you guys can see how i'm. going to expand my storage and here is. our ax 200 of course upgradable uh. wireless card two speakers in the front. and conveniently they have numbered the. screws that you need to unscrew if you. want to take this cooling solution off. and replace which we are going to do. right away so we have one two three four. five six seven and eight so eight total. screws if we want to remove this cooling. solution and repaste but before that. let me go ahead and install this uh two. and a half inch ssd drive right here and. what i'm going to be using is this. glowway uh 256 gigabytes had a three. drive very curious to see what kind of. speed i'm gonna get from this drive i've. never tested that brand before i've. never experienced anything with them so.

Yeah it looks like a normal drive. metal housing bolt back in front that's. good cooling won't be a problem with it. so we can remove the caddy with this. screw in the back and then you plug in. the drive into the sata and the power. ports right here and just slide it in. press down and then reattach this uh. support bracket here and just like that. we have added some extra storage on the. cheap because nvme drives are fast and. they're great but they cost more money. so if you have cheaper a larger. ssd drive sata 3 you can just install it. here that's one of the greatest options. they give you not only one and two but. three options to upgrade and i haven't. seen this in much much more expensive. laptops so kudos to clivo and gigabyte. for adding these let's look at the. memory now see what kind of memory they.

Gave us this micro memory is x8 single. rank but it's doublesided there might. not be a bad memory actually probably. better than uh some of the other ones i. have that are single rank and they're. single sided so yeah that's uh that's a. good thing to see right here and of. course this one is 3200 megahertz as. well but because of the chipset and the. processor is the older 10th generation. this is probably going to be running at. 29.33 which is fine for intel i guess. yeah let's go ahead and just place it. back in no need to remove our a data 512. gigabyte nvme drive you see where it's. placed but now moving on to the. repasting i'm going to unscrew all these. eight screws take the cooling solution. off and repaste with something better. and see what kind of job they actually. have done with the paste here and then.

After that we're going to put everything. back together flip it turn it on and off. we're going to go so after we unscrew. the all main bigger screws right in the. middle there over the cpu and the gpu we. have three more smaller ones per each. fan don't forget to unscrew these and. then slowly pry with something plastic. underneath and just kind of lift it. wiggle a little bit and lift it off uh. that's pretty much it and once we lift. it off you will see they've done an. actual excellent job providing thermal. pads all over the memory chips and the. vrams so that's great to see we have one. two three four pipes copper pipes okay. excellent and we're gonna clean this. thermal paste and i'm going to replace. it with some thermal grizzly. or not hopefully we're going to have a. better performance so let's go ahead i'm.

Going to clean this one and then put. everything back together so now that i. have everything cleaned up both gpu and. the cpu i cleaned up the fans and the. heat pipes as well i'm just going to go. ahead and re apply some thermal paste. and i'm going to go ahead and spread it. and if you have anything excessive left. on your spreading tool you can just kind. of put it back into the heat sinks here. that way you're not wasting it and then. from here i'm just gonna go ahead and. place it back together make sure you're. not touching these thermal pads it will. be better if you don't and just gently. try to plug in the cables here first. because it's gonna be more convenient. that way don't forget those make sure. they're fully uh plugged in. since you don't want to reopen it again. and work on it after your plug.

Everything together and now we're gonna. have to gently place it back everything. is placed back together i'm gonna screw. the screws back in just quick reminder. they went out of their lengths to. place not one but two uh tempered. stickers so one is on the four and one. is right here on the seven you can't see. but i will plug it in so once you pierce. those keep that in mind they might put. up a fast if you do any warranty claims. that you have open and did all that. stuff do it on your own responsibility i. am confident with my skills that i can. put everything back together with no. problem but if you are afraid um try to. avoid that now whatever you can put. together make sure that you have not. forgotten anything. make sure all these screws are tight but. don't tighten them too hard. just naturally until your hand stops.

This is going to be a tight kind of end. point and as i mentioned earlier black. sticker over here on number seven and. blast black sticker on number four so. yeah let's go ahead i'm gonna put it. back together we're gonna turn it on and. see how it performs so everything put. back together just a quick note right on. the front here we have four indication. led lights. for drive activity we have for turning. off and on the wireless battery charge. and the wifi indication and now with. everything installed we can turn it back. on and see how it performs you'll see. the different rgb colors are cycling. and uh on this one we have windows 10 so. we don't have to do anything. we don't have to roll back from windows. 11. now with the fact that we cannot. turn off optimus it's not going to be. possible for me to well record my.

Desktop but i will be able to record the. games no problem uh quick uh just note. right on top of course we have a camera. right here great to see unlike some more. expensive brands that all include. cameras we have rubber feet on the. screen here that are contacting with the. body when you close it right on the top. two and right on the side so the screen. won't collapse plenty bright for 300. nits i actually love this screen 144. hertz under 10 milliseconds screen for. the price i think this is outstanding uh. you will see some other brands like. lenovo msi asus they're not even giving. you 144 hertz but even if they do the. response time is a lot slower 20 30. milliseconds which making it really uh. not useful. for competitive gaming quick overview on. the gigabytes gaming center which is. very very simple you open the software.

You have power modes flex key. led keyboard and fan speed control the. power modes they have power saving. entertaining performance and quiet modes. and on flex key this is where we can do. our key macros if you want to on the. keyboard personally i'm not planning to. use that feature too much led keyboard. of course here we can pick from the. different. predefined colors rgb on our single zone. rgb keyboard or leave it by default uh. we can also adjust the brightness. from zero to four. and we can enable or disable keyboard. light sleep timer so in 30 seconds or. hours or whatever you set it up the. backlight will turn off while not using. it and the last one is fang control. speed the fan control speed we can. automatically have the fans adjust their. rpms or we have the maximum. which is quite noisy or we can do our.

Own custom depending on how we want. those fans to perform and independently. we can adjust the. uh cpu and the gpu fans we can see here. there are rpms we can see the. temperature of the cpu and the gpu uh. offset so that's a great setting to see. not a lot of laptops are providing this. kind of functionality simple yet. functional i want to leave it on. automatic and i'm going to run my test. and see what the results are going to be. so this is pretty much it for now guys. not a lot of bloatware the only thing it. was uh microsoft office that i removed. that trial version everything else is. tied with the gigabyte uh the flex key. so you can see on screen menus when you. uh press something similar to other. brands lenovo does that as well there's. no mcafee or anything else like that to. kind of frustrate you everything else is.

Bare bones window stuff and of course on. the next few videos i'm going to run all. the game tests all the popular titles we. are going to compare him to the lenovo. ideapad gaming 3. with 30 60 in it as well and see how. these two laptops these budget kings are. performing and if we have a new winner. in the face of the gigabyte uh g5 so. yeah that's pretty much it guys let's. move on to the conclusion quick overview. this time around and what i really like. about this laptop is three major things. compared to the lenovo ideapad gaming 3.. we have better port selection we have. much better screen and we have much much. better storage capability of expansion. those three things make a great. difference when it comes to this laptop. we have any possible port that we want. we have this very good 144 hertz under. 10 milliseconds response time screen.

Compared to the 120 and much slower. screen on the idea pad and storage. expandability is absolutely amazing we. not only have two nvme slots but we have. an additional 2.5 inch sata 3 slot as. well so if you really want to expand a. lot of storage and put all the games and. everything else on this laptop you can. go all the way up to six terabytes of. storage which is excellent and you can. bypass optimus on this one by plugging. into external monitor which was not. possible on the ideapad gaming 3. unfortunately. this one again we cannot switch off. optimus but plug in an external monitor. we'll do the trick so at least uh we. have it that way and it's a better. option to have compared to lenovo in. addition we can upgrade the wireless. card and repasting the cpu and the gpu. can be easily done as you guys saw and i.

Do recommend doing this if you want to. drop the temperatures down a little bit. maybe five degrees. a little less depending on your. conditions. but it's still beneficial because of the. current uh setup those heat pipes are. not that big and you might see those. temps spike up a little bit above 95. degrees which i really don't like. really kicks the fans on a higher level. and the noise becomes very uncomfortable. so lowering down the temperature will. help out with that but yeah i'm. definitely liking this gigabyte g5 i. think they did a great job yeah the. chassis is not there as it's clevo but. who cares uh i like it it's all plastic. it's a fingerprint magnet at the same. time it has a very good performance and. you guys going to see on the future. videos when we do gaming performance how. this one stacks up against the lenovo.

ideapad gaming 3. but so far i'm very excited i think for. the price you're gonna have a hard time. finding anything better um i mean. thousand dollars rtx 3060 intel 10. 500h. expandability and everything else and. most of all i really really like the. screen i'm pleasantly surprised how. great this screen is so yeah that's. pretty much it for this one guys hit the. thumbs up if you liked the video stay. tuned to the channel subscribe if you're. new if you want to support this channel. check out the link on the description. and as always guys. you have a wonderful day

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