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Welcome back to another video today. we're going to be doing the bet on every. single number roulette strategy we're. going to start off on Red Door roulette. we're going to move our way on to. extreme lightning roulette and then gold. vault roulette let's jump in and see if. this strategy pays okay ladies and. gentlemen balance is Juiced up to. $4,000 we have a. $925 bet on the table here $25 every. single space um I was going to put $50. on my favorite number eight I just did. not get the opportunity to do so uh. let's see what happens here we got a. couple of good ones 5 4X 2x can't tell. what numbers those are though that's the. problem 2018 18 anything in there no. it's not going to be anything that's. going to be some money back it's going. to be some money back but it's not it's. not. good if we take a look and open up the.

Last 500 there's there's a good bit that. hit on on uh Red Door roulette we're. just looking for that 1,000x now we only. have $25 on the spaces which could be. very good if we get some big multis uh. nothing on our eight there that's a okay. lot of keys though ladies and gentlemen. a lot of keys it's really hard to tell. which number is which 36 would be great. 36 would be great come on 36 drop 36 36. oh my gosh dude I think 34 is in right. yes 34 is in we are correct about that. okay I thought 3 36 was coming around. the corner ladies and gentlemen but it. just missed okay we have 25 bucks on. this one let's see if it could pay we. are down uh what 1,800 bucks here so. 100x would put us into some profit we're. looking to double up the balance that's. kind of the goal for this and this and. see if this strategy Works let's see.

What happens here looking for that. double or. 100 double or 100 let's see if we can. hit it please brother bear 100x come on. no good it's going to give us a 30. that's not even going to be money back. oh my goodness wow that's. unfortunate that is. unfortunate all right moving on to the. next spin here we only have. 1,176 left Eight Keys is it going to be. on our lucky number. eight no it's no good on our lucky. number eight that's a okay okay we have. one two believe this is 13 right 4X on 2. no no that's that's uh 10 and 26 that. have the multi 26 come on 2 six 2 six 2. six 2 six drop 2 six 2 six two two's in. okay all right I I thought we were. coming around for 26 but that's a okay. we will take the two here if we could. get a lucky bounce maybe and and uh hit. something big that would be that would. be a okay let's all enjoy another crazy.

Time watch here let's see what the. board's looking like okay this is the. best board that you can get on this game. why because there's that 400 and a. couple of 200s and there's a a slight. maybe one or two doubles I believe that. go along with this let's see what. happens here come. on come. on come on 100 or or. 200 100 okay all right we'll take that. we will take the 100 we will take the. 100 2500 bones going back in our pockets. thank you very much okay next bin is. here going back to that key board what. do you call this the keyboard the. multiplier board 15 all right there we. go we have a one in 15 chance here come. on come on any big ones any big ones we. there is an eight. here okay you guys see the numbers come. on come on seven on something. huge. four. no no no no no so dope guys no. all right here we go next spin is here.

On its way our last spin on Red Door. roulette and we're ending it with 15. Keys that's absolutely what we wanted to. see okay anything on eight no good no. eight but that's okay a lot of keys. there 15 Keys come on 15 chances to win. 15 chances to. win one and nine one and nine one and. nine one and nine one and nine. one one one no. nine 31's not in oh it is okay it is can. you believe it it was literally on one. and then it really it went to nine and. the reason we wanted one or nine is cuz. they had a top slot of 2x so whatever. this win was you could double. it goodness gracious okay let's see if. we can hit a 200x here if it hits 200x. at least we got money back and uh we. would take a break from this wheel maybe. we' do one more bet I don't know let's. see what happens. please please 200x or a double 200x or a.

Double here our redeposit is officially. in 100x. 40. okay that's not going to be enough to do. another bet is. it we could do one more with that we can. do one more with that ,000 spin so of. course eight is Juiced up to a $100 chip. so eight would be four times better come. on eight let's see another 15 keys and. go on eight this time please for us. please brother barar 13's not bad 13's. not bad let's see if eight can come in. again nothing on eight that's okay. that's all right eight would still be. good here still get us our money. back zero has something how much 2x good. not bad come on come on zero come on. zero come on zero come on. zero come on zero we I think 19 in okay. we'll take it we will take. it we'll take it come on all right we're. on backto back hits here ladies and. gentlemen backtack hits definitely feel.

Good what are we looking for the board's. showing some 200 X's 200x is what we. want to. see maybe even 100 x if I hit it I might. leave and go to a different game Let's. test it out let's test it. out. 100x 100x x 200 stop stop stop oh okay. we'll take that we will take it we will. take. it we can't leave we can't leave on a. win I'm sorry but that's international. law ladies and gentlemen it's. international law you don't leave on a. win we got to do one more spin same bet. $1,000 going back down the drain let's. see what happens here win Los or Draw. eight. beautiful let's see something on the. eight then no good on the eight that's. okay that's all right four we're looking. for a four 11 11 we 11 wouldn't be bad. here 2x on top of it come on 11 come on. 11 come on. 11 come on 11 zero 32 no. good too okay no good okay we're out all.

Right moving on to the next roulette. will will which is Extreme XX extreme. lightning roulette we got all the. numbers covered especially eight with an. extra 25 making it 50 bucks on there. looks like 28's going to have a very. nice. 700x so seven is right next to 28 as. well so that's a really good position. here could we crack a s or 28 28's. obviously extremely better oh eight very. good to hit our our favorite number on. the first go we don't lose any money now. as always I can't say thank you guys. enough for joining me for another video. If you guys be part of all the giveaways. I do make sure you're playing on stake. use bonus code TT Dante see it on my. shirt here even the wall behind me you. see it 1227 using bonus code TT Dante. stake gives you extra perks and like I. you support me and like I said you're.

Part of all the giveaways I do one would. not be bad could we hit a one here could. we hit a one here no no no 25 anything. on 25 just a half our money back that's. all. okay we will take half our money. back next spin is here let's see what. the light oh only one lightning number. 23 that's the bad part are we going to. get any yep okay good at least they gave. us some Reds are we going to get any big. red any giant red yes we are on the last. couple of numbers back here okay that's. going to be a 29 now with a 600x could. we hit that could we hit that I feel. like we can I feel like we can 29 26 no. good no good half our money back. goodness. gracious come on brother Bears we got to. see a lightning here please please. please please pretty please with sugar. on top lightning come in 1934 15 19's. only 50x couple of Reds anything on.

Eight no any big red any big red no big. red but we have a 300 on an 18 could we. hit the 18 could we hit the 18 come on. right next to 29. 36 no good nothing still take half our. money back all right a couple more spins. here we haven't. seen excuse me any Lightnings. yet any bigger Lightnings than those. okay we got one or two maybe just one. what's that number going to be 16 with a. 600x let's see if it's possible let's. see if it's. possible go go go 22 is not good no good. we're just not getting it we're just not. getting it. Team all right what are these numbers. going to be anything big only. 100 no big Lightnings either that's no. good but if we can hit 100x on 1320 or. 24 that would pay us back something here. can we please see it brother to the. bears looking for that 20 or 24 13 is. good come on 13 24 2.

Uh seven seven seven is in it's a 50x. it's not the most but we will take it we. will take it we will take. it all right last numbers 21 has a 300X. that would be absolutely ideal if we can. hit that 30 has a 100 and 32 has. 50 21 could you do something for. us can you do something for a no 14 any. good no good no so I believe I. accidentally just deposited $50,000 guys. I was meaning to deposit. $44,000 and I just accidentally. deposited $50,000 I'm not lying this is. how sick I am today my brain's not. functioning what's that middle seven we. already hit. 17 could we crack it again could we. crack a seven again could we crack a. seven again come on that'd be perfect. right now honestly 25 to7 come on go. around go around go around now go now go. now go now go yes yes yes and we got. that $53,000 deposit coming in good job.

Guys we needed that we really really. needed that we really needed that good. good all right so balance it back up to. 5,000 we didn't need to make that. $50,000 redeposit I love Lis too guys. he's one of my favorite hosts Lis I love. him love him so much any Big Reds okay. we have a big red on this number here. what's that 18 yep could we hit the 18. here could we hit the. 18 it's right next to that seven drop. drop 18 18 three okay we'll take a three. that's in we'll take a three that is. absolutely in thank you very. much uh my balance reads 59,000 but we. are going to put a bunch of that oh. we're not going to keep that balance. that's for sure. don't somehow I I redeposited way too. much so we'll wait till that reloads and. then we'll just put that in the uh Vault. 26. 34 four as well no big Reds that's a. okay we're looking for that 426 or 34.

Kind of spread out. there let's see it 436 or. 26 26 come on 26 it's going to be near. it it's going to be near it no oh no. good 18 oh my gosh last time 18 had the. big multi all right brother Bears let's. see what happens on this next spin okay. our favorite number has a lightning it's. only 50x but can we Juice It Up even. more can we Juice It Up even more we. might have we have two chances for. juice four and. 20 four four. six five no good ah. oh oh. man definitely going to leave after this. spin I promise you guys I'm definitely. going to leave after this spin one more. time why not give it to give us a chance. here come on Big multis 4 26 27 come on. bigger Reds Big Reds oh my goodness no. chance for the Big Reds okay four or. 27 another $5,000 if we can hit four or. 27 four or 27 drop spin. 427 oh my gosh it was on its way to both.

Of. them all right moving on to the last. wheel so far we are down. $88,000 for today we're on our last game. here which is gold vault roulette and. we're going to see if it makes any. difference of this wheel compared to the. other ones now there's a lot more gold. vaults coming in it looks like so maybe. we could get something. here 500x on what we got that silver bar. it's on uh six I believe could we hit a. six could we hit a six 22 no good no. good for. 22 how much money do we get for these 24. to1 okay okay how many I'll make the. withdraw in a second here I'll make the. withdraw in a. second what's that number is that a 12. no it's not 12 what what number is this. that has the 150x guys this is it 13. it's it was 13 it was 13 it was. 13 oh man we are down 12,000 so 12,000. is the break even for. today if we can hit that I would be.

Happy if not I. understand how many gold balls are we. going to see here how many gold numbers. it's quite a bit quite a few nothing on. eight. though we do have a 14 I believe that. number is with 100x and 36. one of those would be good come on 36 oh. my gosh it was literally in 36 and. jumped straight out another miss another. Miss fire patiently waiting for that. 500x gold vault number to come on in. please we're just patiently waiting for. the 500x gold vault number to come in. please and thank you brother Bears come. on okay ah only seven keys there only. seven not Keys um numbers and that's no. good because they're all 50. XS What's it gonna be 15 and it's in as. well we actually got a a finally we got. a hit but it's with the lowest of course. of course we'll take it it's a win for. the first time ever but all right ladies.

And gentlemen we are going to up the bet. just slightly here to. $1900 spins welcome welcome to the high. stakes let's go basically $2,000 spins. here. we got a bit of gold vault numbers as. you guys could tell on the board there. 150 on the two is the biggest one 36 has. a. 100 50x on our beautiful. eight eight come on six six oh wait wait. wait wait I'm sorry I was search I was. searching for a two not a six why did I. think six why did I think six come on. give me a 500x on eight ladies and. gentlemen a 500x on eight would be. beautiful. here just do it one time. lot of gold numbers as well nah not that. great not that great but that's okay. we'll take something here we'll take a. 23 we'll take a. 23 100x on 23 come on yep six again okay. six is in we'll take it that's 5,000. bucks that's 5,000 okay beautiful we.

Needed that we we definitely needed that. all right so New Balance goal let's get. a new balance goal here if we could get. back up to 10,000 which would only be a. minus $2,000 oh wait we have a we have a. silver bar on number five here we have a. silver bar on number five it just hit it. just hit six and it just hit four. guys if it's fate let it be no no no no. no no didn't even give us a chance. didn't even give us a. chance all right last few spins here. then we're going to be done I'm going to. do one giant spin the ended I think but. that's. okay eight has. something eight has 100x that would be. 10 grand if it h hits an eight right now. we're done if it hits an eight right now. we could say see you later and goodbye. come on back back back back oh just a. few more spaces back and we had. it oh man all right come on just get us.

Back up a little bit of money for. another video then get us back a little. bit of money for another video then. eight no good. okay 34 34 wants to come back or seven. Seven's the best number here we would. love us see to see a seven any danger. come on right there right there right. there oh my it was in seven and it just. didn't want to stay just did not want to. stay all right last spin I just took all. the money out of the Vault that I had. lot of gold numbers here could we hit a. number three I think this is the best. one. number three wouldn't be bad here number. three would not be bad here come on. three come on three come on eight come. on. 10 ah no good okay okay ladies and. gentlemen we're going to do one giant. spin a $3,800 Spin and we're going to do. this on gold vault Red Door in extreme. start with gold vault here and then we.

Are done let's see what happens. last spin last one spin for every. roulette wheel anything on eight eight. has a 50x at least okay we will take. it we will take a 50x on eight or 100x. on I don't know what that other number. is but that's okay I think it's 30 eight. or 30 come on eight or 30 eight or 30. eight or 30. dude all right all right okay time for. the last giant bet on Red Door roulette. another $3,800 spin if we miss we miss. oh well let's see what happens. here come on. team come on big Keys big big number of. keys big Number Eight Keys okay anything. on eight anything on eight yes okay okay. come on eight come in eight one time. right now eight one time right now eight. one time right now ladies and gentlemen. come on eight please if you love me. eight if you love me eight if you you. love me. eight. ah back.

oh it was close it was close ladies and. gentlemen this spin right here is going. to end it for us let's just see what. happens first number is. three okay 300X on three which would be. ideal or what are these. numbers what number is that okay three. or 20 three or 20 20 is so good it's 60. ,000 to end the video please to end the. video. please and it's going to be number six. ladies and gentlemen I love you see you. tomorrow

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