12.05.2024 See the Nvidia K1 in action at CES 2014

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After Tegra 2 dual first the world's. first dual core after Tegra 3 the. world's first quad core and then we. double the performance of that with tgra. 4 what's next for us what we decided to. do was we was decided to make Tegra. K1 the world's first 192 core. processor. 192 Cuda cores all programmable by the. by the by the um by programs all fully. programmable all massively. parallel and this is the first GPU the. reason why we decided to call it Integra. K1 is because this is the first GPU that. took a vast jump from the previous. generation it's almost inappropriate to. call the intechra 5 because it's simply. not linear. we decided to call it Tegra K1 we. decided to call it Tegra K1 because it's. based on the KE Kepler architecture as. many of you know Kepler is the most. successful GPU architecture that we have.

Ever created and it's the most important. GPU architecture the industry had ever. known from 192. cores all the way. to 36 million cores running our nation's. fastest supercomputer let me explain. some of the technology behind it so. first of all in order to capture the. human face our skin is a living thing. light penetrates through our outer. layers goes into the skin bounces around. inside and then. scatters and then comes out picking up. some of the tone of the color of your. blood and as a result when you look at. them um it looks alive of course there's. a lot of pores um your eyes are the. windows to the soul and so obviously the. eyes have to look alive in this. particular case we use a technology. called Ray tracing the ray trace the. eyes that's why the eye Crystal looks. like it's looks like it's alive and of.

Course all of the Shadows are being. rendered so beautifully you see no. triangles no fating. whatsoever triangles have disappeared. the lighting system is so sophisticated. we can pick up the little Sheen of the. oil of his face this is what this is. what a stateof-the-art mobile. application mobile game looks today in. fact this is an this is a game that's. featured on tgra 4 and it's on integra's. own it's a fantastic game and they're. doing incredibly well however this is. what last generation Graphics looks like. let's show them what next Generation. Graphics look. like now let's just kind of take this in. a little bit this this particular image. notice the trash. can you see no triangles whatsoever all. the fating is gone the detail is so. Exquisite that when the light shines on. it it looks perfectly smooth all the.

Shadows are soft it seems like light is. coming from all over it's being lit the. scene is being lit in darkness there. isn't one particular light that's. showing up somewhere but light is. bouncing all over the walls using this. technology called Global illumination. where everything in the scene is a light. source uh so this is by a company called. Frozen bite uh it's a it's a custom game. they've made uh this is the first for. mobile uh it's a really fun game uh it's. kind of like a platform a 2 and a half D. but the cool thing is you have uh three. characters uh so you can have your. Warrior guy you can switch to have a. wizard and he can like uh now remember. this is a mobile device that's been. blown up to this to the size of a. theater absolutely this's a mobile. device that's been blown up to the size. of a theater look at the Exquisite.

Detail so uh they've used Nvidia physics. actually in this so um you interact and. a lot of the puzzles are based on. physics and you have to sort of uh. figure out different ways and we'll see. that just up here so if I run inside now. past the uh the beautiful sort of uh. Egyptian. statues so here we have a a puzzle this. one's uh fairly straightforward and I. have played it a couple times so you can. choose which character you want so I can. try and uh reflect this beam you note. the way the lighting uh follows the beam. around this oh yeah oh that's hot yeah. so I think I'm actually going to use the. wizard here and I'm going to grab this. uh this box and hit the special key and. I should be able to open the door there. we go now while you do while he's doing. that look at the how the lighting is. changing the environment everything's.

All lit so beautifully it's all Dynamic. lighting it's a beautiful game the. artwork in this is is just exclusive now. if you compare Tegra K1 to a couple of. other wellknown Platforms in the world. one of them is the PlayStation 3 and one. of them is the Xbox 360 both of them are. last generation Graphics capabilities. called. dx9 Integra K1 is based on dx11 but if. you look at the horsepower just the raw. horsepower alone the GPU has more. horsepower than both Xbox 360 and. Playstation 3 and the CPU. is Far and Away more powerful than both. the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 and. all of that is made possible because of. mobile technology now available in just. a few wads and so what you're going to. have is essentially the visual richness. of Next Generation capability but the. horsepower of a game console right in.

your palms really really amazing so I'm. super excited to introduce Tech K1 to. you

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