12.05.2024 How to Connect Tiktok to Facebook - Full Guide

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In this video I'm going to show you how. you can easily add Tick Tock link to. your Facebook profile or how we can. connect Tick Tock to Facebook be sure to. watch the video to the very end so you. don't make any mistakes and of course do. not forget to like this video And. subscribe to my channel thanks guys so. let's get started and first off we need. to open up Tick Tock app and go to our. profile. on the profile we need to copy our. username to the clipboard to do that we. can just tap on it it says username. copied and then we can close Tick Tock. and open up Facebook app. after that go to your profile. then tap at these three dots and select. edit. after that scroll down until you find a. link section then hit add edit next to. links. and that's where we can easily add any. social media platform uh to do that.

top add social link. then choose platform. then in that field paste your username. and then just tap add save as you can. see I have just added my Tick Tock. profile link to my Facebook profile and. then if we go back to our profile page. we can see. that Tick Tock profile link has been. added to our contact info that's how you. can easily add Tick Tock to Facebook

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