12.05.2024 Sweet Bonanza Max Win: Top 5 World Record Win (AyeZee, Xposed, Toaster, WatchGamesTV, Prodigydkk)

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Why does it hate me bro this is a good. sign though for sweeping I don't know if. it. is could just be like trying to bait me. into sitting here for 15. minutes yeah but usually when I yo yo do. it do it do. it yes two mil does that dude holy oh my. God. oh my God bro I told him he's catching. know. 300K come on going to Cas out 2 mil bro. come on bro drop that 100x with a big. tumble bro and this is done bro this. could be my biggest one ever get B get a. BTC win bro yeah six scatters and just a. multi get you got to give 25 mil back. okay yes. please. that's already big. 15 come on rrig would be so big on this. bro I want to see rrick so I can make it. last. longer God come on. rri that's rri. please okay potential here poti no man. what the are you doing dude it's so. much money with just one con 100 no way. 25 50x my God hit something hit hit hit.

Hit okay oh oh my God bro Bas don't hit. any hits. there last spindle wait maybe water pink. pinks no but I mean it's still good like. to be fair but for 140k byy like it's. like a 40x no yeah it's so bad wow bro. what the. happening ridiculous we still up good. pragmatic just ruined us holy. is just being pragmatic we didn't. get a single pragmatic uh bonus that. that profit it not just profit it like. they paid over 20x like what you. mean you're going to get this. one come on multis multis there and we. good like a 20 on that yeah I mean 100. be great. but big multi big multi big multi oh my. God nice nice nice that's good that's. good that's good that's good that's good. nice it okay come. on come on don't be done don't be done. come on which just. have multi call me multi MTI bro I mean. we take it at least five read though.

Yeah 22k for that oh my God come on come. on Bon just started let's. go come on yeah that was just scatter. pay 200k come on. oh. 20 Le hit something oh nice more I mean. kind of tough screen not going to lie. but we take that 25 nice come. on oh that screen is beautiful that. screen is beautiful oh what is that. doing there what is that doing there man. move that hit the blues keep. tumbling okay 12x nice going to peaches. maybe okay I mean it's beautiful. beautiful it's a beautiful night oh the. watermelon there okay okay finally. finally all right yeah I think I. explained that all right like okay but. here we go R this all in but make sure. you drop a like and comment if you are. enjoying the video If you what Jay if. you what if you're enjoying the video. what if they don't well hopefully they. will that would have been a really good.

Screen if it just hit something. if heart's hit with uh 6X be the end of. our yeah I'm seeing the same. it's like how do you walk away with. a smile after this can't I just it's. it's oh wait please okay save the . out of the video bro oh please last. going. oh my God this 250k my God 250k no look. at that 281 2 oh my God nice yes. what a save what a save. bro we thought it was yes yes dude oh my. god wow wow wow wow jeez dud okay that's. our biggest win in a long. time that was last. spin oh go the reality come on hurry. this is not the reality of gambling. don't. Gamble down billions he's down billions. from him here come on let's go let's go. come on fellas we don't want anybody. sitting out. there come on keep going blueberries. blueberries blueberries yes yes yes yes. yes that helps it helps us going to back.

This chair up 20K let's go come on keep. going please come on let's. go oh my more oh baby oh great scre oh. baby. come on 81 you dude have you ever. seen spe speed like this this is . crazy bro it's not done hly it's. not done let's go come on buddy what the. hell is happening. here come on keep going bles yes yes yes. what else come on oh . yeah bang we'll take it come on three. more let's go oh yeah greens 20s baby. this is big come on keep. going let's. go nice another holy dude what is. happening here sweet sweet come on more. more more more. My let's go let's go holy dude what. is. let's go go. fellas you ready. go W second. ready take it take it take it. over let's go let's. go baby it's getting hot here boys 500k. let's go that's how you bring that . back come on kid let's go bang. I leave juicy fruits till last this.

Could be a very very bad idea and it. could be incredibly uh toxic I think we. need this game to hopefully pop like. oh okay we need this game to pop. hopefully I would say like 200k 300K so. it covers the other two games as they. very dangerous that could have been. insane but it decided not to be one. peach would have triggered pinks and. grapes bananas please. no okay I mean it's a good start it's. not completely dead how is that not. Blues mate come on. really really you actually kidding right. please just do it CH please do it CH. make up for that no that's Shameless. that was like 12 120x multi not even one. hit that's a really really frustrating. mate nice come on come on come on yes. Blues please please nice continue apples. yes if we can get greens this will be. insane nice man it is insane even. without greens it came back good.

that's. insane like I think it was Georgie that. told me the 100x always comes back and. it does or it didn't a few days ago but. that's why I wasn't expecting it but it. did yes okay that was. insane

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