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We're back on sweet bonanza with a $400. balance on rainb we're just going to run. this up hopefully to 1,000 and if you. guys want to play on the site make sure. to click the link description it's so. easy to sign up two simple clicks and. you get to play and use code run along. if you want to support me link in. description and let's get run into it. $100 buy Here straight up let's go for. it okay hopefully this time we don't get. baited for three 100 X's cuz that's been. happening lately this is a very good. board okay it dies out it's fine it's. $100 buy guys. greens hit okay I've never seen greens. hit in a while just give us a multi. we're happy okay. 6X yeah I mean we got 25% of the or 20%. of the. money. okay not a bad hit what like $20. 16 not bad we're 37% we need one good. hit and this bad is going to turn.

Around it's a little too. loud come. on and nothing okay all we're buying a. 60 now hopefully this will pay uh both. sweet bananza sessions I've had they. didn't really they paid a little bit I'm. pretty sure every time so hopefully we. can get one massive profit and we're on. rainb today again this is a very simple. site to use Blackjack has everything you. need uh all you have to do is click l in. the description and sign up it's so. simple so good luck if you're going to. play come on. bro we just need one good buy to pay. like 500 x and we're. up okay I don't think nothing on this. buy okay that's fine that was only 60. okay D I'm going to up it to 80 then we. might have to do some spins cuz we're. already down half our balance Apple it. that's weird and. bananas okay this 80 has to pay this is. our third buy and nothing has paid yet.

Hopefully this at least pays like a 2x. so we're okay reach rri that's good I. once had a buy with 30 retrig or 30. extra spins and it still didn't pay. profit is that that is insane to me why. give that much retriggers if you're not. going to pay profit and this is not. hitting anything but we did get a. retrigger so we're kind of still safe. okay good board pinks okay Blues re. sugar and pinks okay we'll take that. that's a decent hit 25 could have went. way crazier though these peaches. hit okay good board really good board a. died it's. fine okay let's see what. else can we scrape break even at. least no we can't another. loss okay we're going to up it to 100 if. we lose this we're down to 140 which is. pretty bad um so hopefully this is. probably what our close to our second. biggest buy of the video so hopefully.

This one pays. double. oh wow come. on okay. bananas oh bananas and pinks would have. went crazy there these hearts are. blocking it though okay. Blues anything else no one not. bananas that was a decent tumble too if. we got bananas there it would have been. good okay we got half our money. back it's a good board again we keep. getting good boards but they keep dying. can this one keep going okay anything. else okay give us 100x. just more mul okay good if greens hit. that I'm insane but still a 10x there. that's what 26 $100 there we go our. first profit bu 150 come on give us one. more hit like that and we're. happy one more hit like that come on. no all right so I'm just going to spin. it for maybe like a 100 spins on $250. and if you get in that's a $200 buy all. right so I spun it for 100 times and we. basically broke even there because we.

Got some pretty good Tes with parts so. we're just going to do a $100 buy and. hopefully we get some profit or else I'm. might have to do it all in because I. want to make I want to go big or go home. basically so 10 spins give us 100 x here. okay very good. start watermelons okay it's a good board. if we can get a retrigger too multi or. retrigger nice okay now give us some. multi and we're happy okay $3 tumble you. could have multi there but we'll take. the five extra spins it's looking really. alive right. now. okay. um we haven't got any good multis or. money yet so it's a little. scary 10 spins left with $12 we need. some more. hits decent board it's going to go dead. though the SL pop right here bro that. was such a good. board I was hoping wasn't going to. listen to me uh Blues one off. Blues one off or two off peaches that.

Was a good board wow likes to tease us. man another re trigger okay it's going. to give us like 50 spins without profit. is it good. board okay don't die okay one more. retrigger okay another R trigger would. be insane. $11 at all these multis we're no we're. getting no tumbos we got that tumble in. beginning with zero. multis another good board are these. boards like scripted like it's always. the same board that's good and it just. dies $50 though we're halfway there we. want to make profit though can we get a. really good hit right. here. okay no well not. Blues look at all those hearts just. blocking you Blues come on Blues no. blues and then something else would have. been insane look at that multi 50x. basically okay another good board like. please do. something no okay we can't. complain we lose $20 on that. though I'm going run the.

Biggest I'm going do a 180 the. biggest uh bonus buy of the video. hopefully it doesn't just drain us here. I'll be happy if it just gives us like a. 1.5x or 150x give us some prop here come. on Good Start give us more. come on. peaches nice peaches hit okay 10 that's. good I'll take that how much is that is. that like $100 already nice $100 that's. good that's basically more than half the. bonus. buy come on no one not peaches one not. bananas come on man give us some profit. here and let me know guys in the. comments any slot you want to see cuz uh. you guys are seeming to love few bananas. but maybe La Bandon or any of those like. Gates of Olympus I'll do more of if you. guys comment in below and I have a. Discord in description with like a bunch. of going on there with giveaway so. make sure to join that too and that just.

Die completely I thought we're going to. make profit there but I might we just. might send it 200 another big all in. Allin $200 hopefully this pays double we. break even maybe even. a,x we haven't seen it go really crazy. in a second here it only paid profit. once come on don't. die don't do this bro don't give it just. one buy and then die completely. bananas okay re suger maybe pinks or re. trigger pinks no one off pinks no multis. bro it loves to do. that a so looking like a dead by here. unless this board saves us it's look. like a good board multis multis 100x. 100x please 100 x look at this multi or. tumble holy [ __ ] an $8 tumble if. we got 100x that's $1,000 that's still a. save there we in profit if we get. another one of those Hits come. on another one of those hits we're. happy Blues Okay pink somehow no one not.

Pinks that that was going to be another. huge. tumble I don't know what do I run. should we run that back let's run a. 220 another all. in I just want to like either go big or. go home because all these super ban has. been like break even so now we're either. going to lose it all or hopefully we win. and it's looking like a dead bonus spy. like not a single. hit H that's really. annoying okay somehow save us bananas. bananas. how do you not drop two bananas the most. common symbol. $52 I can't believe. that H let's see if the 60 could save. us. yeah maybe just bro like look at that. screen nothing connects SW off. everything one off three symbols there. Hearts like yeah Dead all right so I. just SP our all money on green and we. lost that spin so we're rins that was. $400 on rain bet I mean if you guys did. enjoy this video uh click the link in.

description and use rainb it's really. simple and they have everything you can. think of but we did lose everything else. with Bonanza but that's just how it goes. we didn't all in couldn't save us we had. a huge tumble but thank you guys for. watching and I'll see you guys in the. next one

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