12.05.2024 TrainWrecks Teaches Adin Ross How To Play Sweet Bonanza

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What's up everybody welcome back to. another OG highlight so after about. three or four months away train wrecks. is back to a fulltime streaming. schedule as always there's a link in the. description if you guys want to go. follow him over on his Kik Channel. obviously he's streaming on Kik being a. cofounder of Kik but uh this clip right. here there's a ton of people in Discord. with them there's like Andy Milonakis. Aiden Ross uh DJ scheme I think one one. or two other people if I if I remember. correctly but I enjoyed this clip I know. you guys are going to enjoy it I. probably enjoyed it for all the wrong. reasons but whatever. um if you enjoy it drop a thumbs up it. really helps the channel leave a comment. and make sure you're sub to the channel. enjoy. lots of dumb literally just chewing the. balance at this point.

Come on stop connecting me hit a. home run for me right now. gone forever. man if I was a big slots player though. and I get a Max win on a slot I'm never. playing this slide out here and you know. what you know just for Aiden let's do. one of these yeah no dog game. where'd he go. Aiden's gonna start foaming out the. mouth watching this. he's gonna go big right off the bat 100K. by 100K by 100K by yes oh my God I'm. gonna get hard oh my God no did he just. do what he did this is why you go broke. this is literally like this game is . though look he Juiced it up. he did a 100K buy right off the road. no. great oh wait yeah oh yeah we'll take. that baby did you hear Aiden yes. good for you he Juiced it did you hear. him. oh my god did you hear Aiden in the. background though he went no oh that's a. big oh that could have been nasty Aiden.

Went no a little triple up wow uh yes. heat check heat check another one oh no. this is the back another one check right. here. doing a heat check. bro that's so funny. listen pay close attention Aiden this is. how you play Sweet Bonanza oh wait oh. wait. yeah he still got spins I wish I dropped. 100 eggs. this profit though. bro. Aiden's with his trigger. money back it it. was this is wild the shittiest game ever. no you're about to win 1.6 now yes you. are you're about to win 1.6 mil. yo Aiden is secretly hoping it pays. absolutely nothing you know it too watch. watch watch wow very little stingy . it dropped 100x stuff wow 100x. boys. cash out everything you needed a cash. out your balance. this is great oh wait wait look another. one another one oh that could have been. nice oh this is great I'm loving this. think about it think about it literally.

That's literally three profitable Buys. in a row do you know how rare that is at. Max bet two hundred thousand dollar. bonus by Aiden's piss man well I just. want you to get your keep and get out I. mean yeah nice. oh oh don't be a little the 30 40. something okay. no it's not okay. yeah. bro because this is how this slot really. pays no yes it does okay the slide is. dog okay. you [ __ ]. you want to get money. grapes what rhymes with grape chat tape. dude is crazy. yeah all right give 100K come on he said. nah yeah. so funny bro. peaches oh. I actually I I didn't lose too much. there. another one more huh another one holy. I mean why not. die. yo Andy's what yo Andy Milonakis is. okay. 100x 100x he said bro it dropped 100x. the first damn Buy. no shots doing it again. bro if it drops 100x again he needs to. withdraw uninstall open his window and.

Chuck his damn computer out bro cause. it's never gonna happen again. okay we gotta do one more tomorrow. another one okay though. yeah you know what man I'm gonna be a. real friend you should leave okay and. never gamble ever again it's gonna drop. two 100 X's. damn I wish Aiden's live right now too I. wish I had his pulled up so I could. see his face when that hit. damn this is the one yeah yeah this is. the actual this is the actual . nice big paper yeah you gotta go bro. that's the one you dip on yeah you. definitely we go to a yo that's not. that's not a bad little round though I. want to see what he ends up doing with. the 700k that he just won on sweep. Bonanza though that's definitely not a. bad little run on sweep Bonanza yourself. gang you about to get his name. now even though Train's probably gonna. end up losing this on this slide.

Right here no way he does a. I'm doing one 150k by what the nasty. word please don't me word brother. 150k by please holy drop two you. hit big on a slide man you gotta go you. gots to go. today bro I did nothing. any real one or two real one or two it's. over. on your real one or two fast or it's. over. I think it's funny as hell I think it's. funny as hell watching like train and. Aiden interact with each other I mean. they're both large streamers and it's. just like the two opposite ends of the. spectrum you know Aiden Ross's way over. here train wrecks is way over here two. different uh two different Generations I. was gonna say degenerations more or less. two different D Generations as well too. but. no. scrub. you paid 150k for this wow. just one and around. 90k. come on man. do some Train's yet to get that. big big win he's been searching for on.

The slot. five . I feel like I feel like this slot right. here the Zeus versus Hades I feel like. this particular slot It's gotta have a. massive Max win It's gotta be at like 15. to 20 mil at least Max win. feel that way at least. it seems like one of those slots that. has the huge Max wind you know. okay hold on wait nine nice we'll take. that this is huge hold on hold on it's. so big this is massive oh my God. why is Aiden pretending like he has any. clue what he's watching all he knows is. sweeping answers. real one please one or four come. on man how the is paying this with. this build. it was a 90k buys 21 000 profit but yeah. no that could have been massive but it. just wasn't. another 90k I feel like the regular. advice. yeah I don't know why. I love so much that train just won. I'm so happy train just went on sweep.

Bonanza and then left I mean let me cook. let me cook let me cook let me cook I. said. what. oh. I'm about to say something crazy I'm not. me. the flow oh my God the big flop. it's a massive flop. dirty flop. the dog. that is disgusting and as you guys could. probably guess he did end up losing that. balance and he did end up redepositing. on that slot. um I'm just glad to see trains back man. I missed his streams he was gone for. like three or four months you know. whenever I'm on my computer and he's. live I always have a tab up I'm always. watching and listening into his streams. and I've been doing that for over a year. almost two years now so when he left for. three months I like I was kind of start. going through some train wrecks withdraw. so I'm glad he's back there's a link in. the description if you guys want to.

follow him watch them like I do remember. guys do not gamble you will lose I'll. see you guys in the next one peace

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