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Nancy, look!. Shweta!. Oh my god, she brought a phone!. What if ma'am finds out?. We have to do a loyalty test on her boyfriend!. Really?. Please do one on my boyfriend too!. Consider it done!. First mine!. But he already knows you, who will you say you are?. Oh, no! no! no! no! no!. Why will you take my name?. Hello, Rohan!. I am Shweta!. One of my friends has given me your number!. It's a tuition friend!. Uhsorry?. What?!. He took the bait!. Yeah. You're so funny!. Why're you crying, dude?. Make her understand. Dude let it go! boys are. There are a lot of hot guys in my tuition. I'll hook you up with anybody!. I already knew he was a bastard!. You're unnecessarily crying for him!. Aren't you like my sister?. Don't do this, don't cry for him!. We hadn't even been on our first date and he already cheated on me!. There is still time left for Valentines day.

You'll get your gifts, don't worry!. You are getting upset for no reason, all boys are dogs!. I'll hook you up with such a hot guy, you just wait and watch!. Oh god! how long will this assembly go?. I am so bored!. Plus my feet are hurting!. Should I fake fainting?. Then i'll sit comfortably in the class!. Why is everything shaking?. Everything seems blurry!. Oh no! I am going to faint?. It will be so embarrassing if I vomit and fall in front of everyone!. I should tell sir!. Sir, I am feeling dizzy!. I am feeling like I am going to vomit!. C'mon, let's go to the medical room!. Sir, let me take her! she is my best friend! Let's go!. Bestfriend? I don't even know your name!. Sir, she is losing her memory!. Come sister, come to the medical room, you really need it!. Who the hell are you?. Come come i'll let you!. Leave me!.

I want pindrop silence in class!. You think I can't see you!. I have eyes at the back of my head too!. Enough of this!. Also if you have any doubts ask then and there!. After the chapter gets over I won't take any doubts!. Ma'am!. I didn't understand this paragraph about Mohenjodaro!. Why?. Why didn't you understand?. Everybody else in the class did!. First, you don't pay attention in class!. And then you waste the class's time by asking silly doubts!. You have your exams next month!. If I only keep taking your questions and doubts, the syllabus won't get over!. Right?. No!. I won't take any doubts now!. Pay attention in class!. Okay so everybody understood this point, that MohenjoDaro civilization. Why are you smiling?. If it's a good joke then tell us also!. The whole class will laugh together!. Do one thing, come here! come!.

Come, stand here and tell the joke to the whole class!. We all will laugh together!. Come, come, come!. All of you want to hear the joke, right?. Yes! yes, we want to listen!. I don't know why mom always puts cauliflower in my lunch every day!. Eat it! It's healthy. Do you know?. Nancy's parents came today to take her home. Why?. She ate bread. Bread? What's the big deal in that? I eat bread every day!. You idiot!. Ask what she applied to the bread!. What?. Vicks!. I swear!. I am not lying!. Vicks?!. I watched it with my own eyes!. It's drugs. She is a bad girl. That's why the principal called her parents!. We won't talk to her!. I think she also has a boyfriend!. What if he has kissed her?. She will get pregnant!. Don't have lunch with her ever!. Yeah, I won't!. I'll only have lunch with you!. Me too!. Listen, Divya?. Yes?.

Should I tell you something?. Yes?. You know about Nancy right?. She has kissed a boy!. Really?!. Sucha! She had Vicks and got pregnant!. What rubbish are you talking about?. I am Nancy!. Get lost!. Nancy dear! How are you feeling?. I am fine, ma'am!. Did you eat anything?. Bread and jam!. Okay, okay!. Your parents are here, so pack your bag okay?. Go home!. Hi, Shweta!. Hi!. Are you crazy?. It's Friday!. Why aren't you wearing white?. You are crazy! It's Thursday! erase it!. Write Thursday there! Idiot!. Let's go to the assembly!. Shit! Is it really Friday today?. I have even set my books according to the Thursday timetable!. Now professor will make you run ten rounds!. What's happening here?. Go to the assembly!. Everybody go to the assembly!. Sir is here!. Come outside!. It's time for the assembly!. Paayal!. Yes sir?. Where is your white dress?.

Go run ten rounds of the ground!. Sir, actually I had a girl problem!. Oh! you should have said so earlier, dear!. Go to your class, take some rest! Go!. Thank you, sir!. You're so cunning!. You made such a good fool out of him!. You guys go! burn in the sun!. I am going back to the class! Girls problem!. What's that?. Pocket perfume!. Here, smell it!. Isn't it amazing?. Very!. Oh, I get it! Music class!. That's why you're getting so ready!. Jhonny sir!. Rubbish!. And what about you putting so much mascara in your eyes!. I know everything okay? You're also interested in Jhonny sir!. Is that so?. Like you aren't!. And by the way, he is mine!. It's time, c'mon we'll get late! The perfume is enough, let's go!. There is a boy in my tuition!. He keeps staring at me all the time!. Really?. Look! Jhonny sir!. C'mon, let's go!.

Is the pain reduced?. So, go to the class and practice!. Good afternoon Jhonny sir!. Good afternoon girls!. What will you teach us today?. Today I'll teach you Cchord!. Sir, my guitar strings gave gotten a little tight!. Yes sir, mine too!. Okay, no problem, I'll fix it!. Sir has such a sexy voice!. And his smile too!. I will win!. We'll see!. Shit man!. I was just about to win!. Hey, how was your trip to Vaishnodevi?. Great!. Took god's blessings!. I forgot I got blessed food for you too!. Here!. But, there is one problem!. I was going to get the 100% attendance award!. Now I won't be able to get it!. Look at that teacher's pet!. She is marking the attendance right now!. C'mon, let's persuade her!. How are you Gulyani?. Slide away a bit. A little bit more, my friend also has to sit!. Here!. I got blessed foor for you specially from Vaishnodevi!.

What are you doing?. Marking yesterday's attendance!. Mark me present. Now I got god's call, so, I had to attend it!. If you mark me absent, I won't get my 100% attendance award!. Aren't you like my sister?. Please?. Your sister will get an award!. Okay, fine!. Ma'am has given me such an important responsibility!. So, I can't lie to her!. Sorry!. Ma'am the attendance is done!. Bitch!. Teacher's pet!. She even ate my blessed food!. Ma'am told us to prepare for chapter 9's test!. Thank god, ma'am has forgotten about it!. Ma'am you told us to prepare for chapter 9's test yesterday!. Yes! Good, good, good!. Everybody, take out your pages!. Today there is a test!. Write down the questions for the test, okay?. I'll get a zero!. I didn't even go to the temple!. God save us, please!. What is her problem?. Teacher's pet!. So the first quetion is!.

Listen! please look at my eyes, is there any mascara left?. I applied it yesterday!. No, no!. Are my braids okay?. Give me a black rubber!. What the hell are you doing?. I am cutting my nails!. Disgusting!. Look at her, stading like a model!. She will definitely get a good scolding from ma'am!. Do you know? she was staring down my eyes!. When I haven't applied mascara, how will you find it?. She was lifting my braids too to check!. When there isn't a colored rubber band so how will you find it?. Look, the model is here!. Hey, listen! come here!. What did ma'am say?. Nothing!. She scolded me a bit and told me to make 2 braids tomorrow!. Do you think I'll do it?. I'll see you in class, bye!. That's it?. We are the crazy ones who are roaming around in 2 braids like clowns!. Let's go!. Where are we reading?. Page number 36!.

Yeah from here!. Now I don't know where we are reading because of you!. Now it's my turn to read next!. I don't know where to read from!. Next!. Is there something on my face?. Do you not know where to read from?. Sorry, ma'am. Get out of my class!. Sorry, ma'am! please ma'am!. Fine!. If she doesn't get out of the class, I will!. You, yourself teach the whole class!. No ma'am, sorry ma'am!. Okay!. The syllabus is over from my side, the chapter is finished!. Come, teach the whole class! I am leaving!. Okay!. Couldn't you have paid attention?. What's my fault? She asked me!. What did I do?. Can't you pay attention in class?. Why are you all cribbing?. She wasn't even teaching us anything. We were just reading, we'll do it at home!. We have a free period now, let's enjoy!. She is correct!. Should we play pen fight?. Hi guys!.

Did you also have the same incidences in school?. If yes, then tell us your favorite part in the comment section!. And like the video, share it with all your friends!. And subscribe to the channel guys!. Byebye!. So you won't talk to her?. I think she also has a boyfriend!. What if she has had sex?. Can I say my line now?. No, ma'am!. No ma'am! Please ma'am! Sorry, ma'am!. Everybody!. Take a pinpon? PIN PON?!. Come, stand here! and tell. At least give me a queue!

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