12.05.2024 Mass Effect 2 - Shepard, Grunt and Garrus visit Wrex on Tuchanka

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Halt. you must wait till the clan leader. summons you. he is. in talk you know what tradition demands. clan erdnot must respond. your reforms will not go unopposed you. risk appearing weak at a critical time. shepherd. good enough. excuse me. out of my. shepherd. my friend. you look well for dead shepherd. should have known the void couldn't hold. you. rex. looks like you've done well for yourself. not for me shepard for all krogen. clan erdnad is just the start. when i'm done. we will be one people again. you abandoned many traditions to get. your way. dangerous. fake one spoken to uvank. i'll drag your clan to glory whether it. likes it or not. now shepard. what brings you here. how's the normandy. destroyed in a collector's surprise. attack. i ended up spaced. well you look good. ah the benefits of a redundant nervous. system.

Yeah humans don't have that. oh it must have been painful then. but you're standing here and you've got. a strong new ship. takes me back to the old days us against. the unknown. killing it with big guns. good times. i have a krogan on my crew he has some. kind of sickness and needs treatment. where are you from welp. was your clan destroyed before you could. learn what is expected of you. i have no clan i was tank bred by. warlord o'keer. my line distilled from creduck moro. shogger. you recite warlords but you are the. offspring of a syringe. i am pure krogan you should be in awe. who cares a very old name. a very hated name. he is dead. of course. you're with shepard. how could he be alive. i need grunt back up to speed what's. wrong with him there's nothing wrong. with him he's becoming a full adult. adolescence. can't we just take him to omega and buy.

Him a few dances. i don't care what aliens call it krogan. undergo the right of passage. too far rex. your clan may rule but this thing is not. krogen. idiot. so grunt. do you wish to stand with erdog. this is his choice. it is in my blood it is what i am for. good boy. speak with the shaman he's over on the. second level give him a good show and. he'll set you on the. path you too shepard. how many times have you stepped in a. mess for your crew. i need to go we'll go over this another. time watch yourself shepard tuchanka. isn't safe and homey like pharaohs and. hylos. you see that special they had on the. extra net that crap rocks your brain you. should be out hunting. i'll tear you apart. watch it you go beyond yourself get a. tagovank the rights of erdogan. how do we know it will challenge him. he's unnatural the beasts of the right.

Could ignore him like a love of plastic. they know blood no matter the womb your. barking does not help your case. i'll speak for myself. this is the tank bread. it is very lifelike. smells correct as well. your protest ring hollow uvank. i don't care what this idiot says grunt. has the right to be here. there's some fire and from an alien. oh the shame deceits on those who bind. like pups. if this must stand on ritual then i. invoke a denial my grant stands against. him he has no one. my patience is tested but ivank invokes. correctly. grunt who is your crat. your allies willing to kill and die on. your behalf grunt will strengthen clan. erdknot name our target and it will die. spoken well. most aliens. and some krogan do not understand our. ways. i believe this human does. aliens don't know strength. my followers are true krogen.

everything about grunt is a lie. you. you dare. i like this human she understands. i withdraw my denial. this will be decided elsewhere. you have provoked them reason enough for. me to like you. they're your problem now. we'll return when we're ready when the. young krogan is prepared bloodshed in. the right must not be rushed

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