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What is going on guys we're back on. R in today's video we're back uh we got. $2,500 in balance a fat ass balance for. a fat ass guy like me uh if you want to. Bo like subscribe comment Big Daddy down. below if you don't do it I will be very. upset with you little guy you better do. so we're in on 325 on this slow oh my. God 325 on the first pin that's why the. balance is not actually on 2 2.5 close. enough though we lost that shouldn't. have done that whatever we always go big. on the first pin it's a fact we got to. go we got to do it it's it's for for all. time sake let's Up Up the Volume a. little bit let's also do the same bet. again psych we're not going to do that. we're going to do this instead I think. 175 and then we'll add an extra five. there five there and one there one there. okay perfect this is exactly what I.

Wanted to do uh let's throw in a kid St. in your chatow obviously if you don't. know when you're on craze time or the. new funky time drop the kid stones in. the chat just see what happens the game. always pops off you end up making a. Iana Iana Iana probably Iana shout out. to Ilana secured a little a little. profit on that one probably not that. much profit though how much did I spend. I made $100 not bad 100 bucks I I only. risk 200 to make 100 very good about. something in this okay it's fine it's. fine we just got to maintain until we. hit a fat bonus uh hi Leana. all right okay we've already dropped the. K St so we can't do that again that. would just kind of bring the luck to a. Next Level which we're not prepared for. yet we're going to do that later on 10x. on five absolutely sexy if that could. potentially hit that's close oh that's.

Like legit it I think that hit we're. back okay we're back we're profit I. think even we're profit 100 bucks. beautiful absolutely beautiful Elana now. we're going to double up this might be. the quickest C Time video you've ever. seen in your life this is going to hit. we're going to take the profits and I'm. running dude we're running to. the. bank cash on Forex if that hits this is. definitely going to be a very quick. video that's not close is it no it. doesn't break that way as much or does. it I forgot dude one okay disgusting I. doubled the bit it's. disgusting okay you know what they. should have they should have a. divide the BET by two B that's what they. should have cuz I can only repeat I. can't divide it by two $28 this right. here such a good bit Forex beautiful. that right there is an absolute. lock and it's poo no it's not one.

Again God damn it bro a lot of ones look. at that we just can't see it we're down. 500 again now bro this is moving too. fast I don't know what's going on I. don't know up from down left from right. all also I just want to remind you guys. there's a bug going on on on on YouTube. where you guys might not be able to. comment but if you can comment if the. comments are available I would. appreciate if you do drop a comment it. does help with the algorithm so. basically YouTube turns off the the. comments on on my videos every like 10. 20 minutes I'm I'm always on YouTube on. my phone enabling the comments on my. newer videos every single day dude uh so. I would really much appreciate that if. you could try to drop a comment cuz it. it's complete with the the. algorithm and how good the videos do uh. when I don't get comments cuz I people.

Can't comment it's very annoying and. it's kind of it's legit killing some of. the videos so like I said if you could. like the video as well that would also. help and drop a comment if you can drop. kidney stones in the comments like I do. right here kidney oh my God kidney. stones there we go I've only seen it on. gambling creators no other creators so I. think we're actually legit being. targeted right now but I don't know. maybe I'm just not paying attention. enough five decent okay A little bit of. profit $100 I think I think yeah yeah 98. they're good enough I'll take it. we take it as British people would say. okay while we wait for that to roll. let's go rubet games Mission. uncrossability and then we're going to. go with a solid $69 Daredevil mode two. clicks one . okay we're done with that we're done.

With you buddy we're done with you back. to Crazy time never want to see that. little chicken guy again oh my God what. a bait or is it no it's a bait. God damn that was. close oh my God what a bait or is it bro. I legit thought that was going to hit. that's sad hey can you please rig it for. me real quick so I can buy a new car I. don't even want or need a new car for. that matter but we're going to ask for. it she this my message they always this. when I to rig I think they kind of have. to. probably damn bro I mean they're reverse. ring it at this point now we're down a. th000 uh uh uh is this crazy time a. Vibes might be bro might be we're going. to do that and then we're going to go. over here Live casino oh oh oh there we. go double up big bet first spin we. have to what's her name June oh my God I. love June it's a great month it's like.

Summertime and Chris looks so bad. how could they up on the second. crazy time how does that make. sense I've done done it again I've done. did it again it's probably legit going. to be like a 6X or 7x so yeah or like a. 2x so coin flip you can't really be too. happy but maybe. maybe we need a 25x so come on. June come on juny Doney. doy. and hello oh my God why is Chris I. lagging so. much oh the. 20 oh bro please it last time was red. it's double red for sure. please come on now please. June. no the two. did I not call the 2x well we haven't. had a roll or a reflip in so long I. think they legit might have removed it C. I'm 3x holy macaroni if that hits that's. kind of close I think I don't think C A. breaks as much so that could legit. happen no it's actually going over I. expected it to maybe stop a little bit.

Before back to back. okay not going to be twice in a row. that's big no 15 stop too fast back. to back. blue okay there we go that's five that's. 7 $800 I think so we're back to 1600. right yeah okay we're at, 1600 not. badal but we're still down a lot. let's go with that again bro this dude. is betting more than. me we're going to do that just so I I. win more than. him okay cuz I'm second place second. second place is a first loser be honest. here if I'm if you're second place you. might as well be 47th Place type of. thing no multis that's fine don't need. them don't need. them. uh coin sleep. again. no it's 10 though I. think that's probably good yeah 550 it's. not bad a little bit more it we're. closing up on two grand again CHR time a. is kind of doing us real nice. here June June June beautiful name June. do I up the beted here and we go.

Crazy if if if this one pays we'll do a. $1,000. bet if this one pays that is $1,000 bet. we're going to do obviously we're going. to divide it up nice and and simple easy. PC. squeezy that could be cash. hand maybe it stops too quickly then. actually could be. 10 a I win 550 to do a th000 okay. whatever that's probably a dumb idea but. we're going to do it yolo worse comes. worse we're we're still at. $1,000 300. there okay 950 I didn't even do. ,000. so I even failed at that if this. hits though if that hits for example bro. we are. rich ah this is sketch bro could. that be. Pinko it's it's heading towards Pinko I. think that's Pinko no it's over . stop no. bro okay that sucks. we're going to do this $500 bet worse. comes worse we lose we leave with 500. but it's not over yet in that case cuz. we can always just go back and it's.

Going to be. fine oh that sucks. broo 2x. multi could that be cashunt okay they're. in. Lithuania 10 no it's over . bro do I leave with the LW. this is so difficult bro okay all in. hopefully we hit something sick here. please ah please please like the video. guys don't forget to like the video. maybe drop a comment as well called fly. 69 on. rubed coin flip please 10 10 10 10 10. 10. oh oh my God I thought that was more,. 1500 that's great though Cas is holy. guys guys guys guys click redeem. code 569 every week I give a $100 to. someone who used the code all you got to. do is use the code 569 make it AOS of. $10 or more just play like you normally. would basically and at the end of the. week every Sunday I take everyone's. rubet username who use the code because. I can obviously see it in the affiliate. panel I I add it into a wheel I spin the.

Wheel L on I tap $100 we're like week 28. or some 27 uh so check it out you. also get daily weekly monthly break back. all that stuff we lost on that uh but. yeah you get a lot of stuff Cod 569. helps me out a ton as well with these. videos. dude okay. uh I think I think uh what do I. think do we do this potentially yeah. let's do it it the 20x on 10 that. helped a lot. helped a ton. bro uh uh uh uh uh I yeah that's what. I'm afraid of dude it's probably going. to be a one or two it's so many ones or. twos on on this CRA. time oh. it's it yes yes 75 bucks let's go. oh my. God yes bro yeah oh that feels so. good no matter what that's going. to be decent dude. oh that's a cash out for sure we're. going to we got to go for the back to. back and then we're out so this is the. second last spin holy okay I. believe you already know oh and I was I.

Dead ass was going to stop at 500 I'm. not obviously it sounds like that's. something someone would say a dead ass. would have stopped this would have been. the last. spin oh what a save. bro The Comeback King strikes again baby. did I not just strike again G says hi by. the way also I love you guys. okay. uh oh my l l. 25. okay how much two grand oh we're back I. thought that was less okay. beautiful. perfect actually perfect we we'll do one. last it we we're going to lose. worst comes to oh no that's too much. worst comes to. worst we lose 500 bucks that's fine you. know what we've wagered a lot it's. obviously going to help with the rake. pack we got a video out of it losing 500. is not not the worst that could happen. and obviously if we hit something back. to. back we could make a lot of profit here. that's dead for sure.

okay no we. won we actually won a 6X on 240 how much. is. that it's like decent no 16 bucks it's. not decent at all it's actually . okay $26 if we make it. to we did not make it past the first one. I don't think yeah that took a long ass. time bro those cars were a long a far. back whatever I love you guys I'll see. you tomorrow make sure to like subscribe. and uh peace out you. cuties bye byebye nah

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