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We're back on Dual bits with a $630. balance and we're playing sweet Bonanza. this game has red me so much so. hopefully today we're finally going to. have a crazy day make sure to follow my. cake in the description I'm going to be. streaming a lot of days and I'm going to. be giving away stuff every stream to a. bunch of people so make sure to follow. my cake in the description and join my. Discord cuz I'm running giveaways there. too every day so this is a huge. opportunity for you to earn a bunch of. money Discord and Cake down in the. description join both and let's get. right into the video let's start with. the $60 buy cuz I realized something I. do crazy buys on sweet Banas and every. time it gives me like a 10x I get paid. $0 so now I'm going to try to lower it. down a little bit and then progressively.

Make it bigger when we're in profit. because we can't just keep rinsing every. video come on give me something good. make sure you use code runal on Little. Bits uh come. on we need to get us blues. there I'm a little bit sick so sorry if. I'm coughing uh hopefully that won't. affect the video too much but please can. we get like a premium hit and then 100. lik I haven't seen 100 or50 X hit a. premium in so. long well I haven't seen even a close to. 500x so I'd be happy to get 500x this. video nothing okay so $60 pay 7 this is. insanely typical from Sweet bananza. let's do another 60 we're down to 500. already looking like a bad start I don't. want to up it to hundreds of dollars. right. away okay some peaches okay it's a good. board if you get some blues in okay now. bananas okay now anything peaches one. Blackberry greens if greens hit it's.

Over ah I didn't think greens would hit. but if greens hit there it would have. been crazy that's a good multi too. that's a good hit $60 off the first spin. already paid back for the first uh for. the buy that was is good board oh b a. hit come on peaches okay hit peaches. please hit peaches no one off peaches. that whole time that's only. $27 oh if anything else would hit there. dude and then peaches and then pinks or. something okay it's a good day at least. we're in profit finally or for the buy. not for the video I guess okay a rrick. would be great okay well I mean we'll. take con EX at $2 it's a great win so. far let's get a bit more though a past. of 200x okay it's a good board don't die. peaches it hates hitting peaches for. some reason okay there we go. blackberries give us a 50x now okay. that's still good we'll take that that's.

A 200x already for the B. okay that's a good hit bro $140 nice. it's looking like our day on swe ban and. look at this okay another good board. even with these. blocking nice we'll take that that's a. good multi a. 35x holy guys that's a. 300X nice bro and another gab board. what's going on give us a rrick it keeps. baiting with the retri we'll take. $8 okay we'll do we'll take that when. we're like at 300 something X we're at. 700 we're in profit for the first time. on sweet bananas in a very long time a. few minutes later we're at $80 B here. where I like how we're slow like keeping. our money like we're not losing. everything okay green hit finally. premium hits nothing else though no. multi on that bro that could have been. good Ah that's annoying it's fine that's. the first time I preium hit this oh. actually no I'm cap Pink's hit right.

Before this okay this looks like a dead. bu but like last time just anything to. happen. it's looking. dead re maybe. nope all right that's a 10x right there. that's what we expect from superan let's. do 120 biggest buy the video we're down. to 500 if we lose this so hopefully. everything goes good give us like 1,000x. for once on the biggest buy give us. 1,000x okay greens maybe come on droping. greens no one off greens and two off. pinks bro that would have been a crazy. hit H it's annoying it's fine we'll keep. going it's a good board it dies though. obviously okay we're at at 50x right. now that good. board. watermelon that's a decent. hit okay I mean it's already a decent uh. bye Bo I want to get some profiting. watermelons come. on. we lose some money there again but. it's not that much should we just run a. $200 buy and call.

It that's what I always do though and. then I go keep going let's just let's be. smart to do 160 let's not go in full 200. right. away cuz if this pays 50 at least for at. 500 that's not tooo. bad come. on okay surpris that hit to be. honest bananas now okay we need multis. there's no multis okay we'll take an. adex we need a more multi there though. it's $33 that's not. enough I want to see hor that 100x just. come in bro imagine that would be insane. bro ah drops in four pinks there yeah I. mean we got $50 that's what we asked for. but please give us a little. more drop in four greens four four. Hearts guys that's the drops $2 what a. hit it was like nothing. there ah okay somehow. nope they even pay 50x I'm going to drop. it back down to 100 hopefully we can. just a 200x or 300X on this thing we can. call it maybe cuz I don't want to rinse.

I rinse so much as super banza I just. want to end up with profit like $800. would be so. nice Okay reing I didn't see that nice. that's a good. start I know I'm fast spinning I just. can't resist look cuz look at this it's. just all dead. bles. no here we're basically just bu the buy. we got 10 spins. left. Blues it's a decent screen I. mean nice somehow more 50x nice that's a. good hit nice bro we'll take that 150. just like that Let's do let's get one. more hit like that and we're. happy finally we get something decent. bro it's not even that crazy but just so. nice to see something like. profit. okay greens 100x nice holy guys a. 50x and 100x this is a huge buy that's. $224 finally holy I did not expect. that guys finally we're seeing some. light in the darkness of sweet banan. that is holy bro that's a. 400x we'll take that we're at 800 it.

finally paid I'mma call it there make. sure you join the Discord used cold run. along a little bits and um follow my. cake bro that was an insane I'm giving. away a ton on every platform so finally. bro we got 100x 50 we we had two 50 X's. hit in 100x nothing baited today that's. perfect and the 100x was actually a good. hit too it was Greens right nice bro. I'll take that all day I appreciate you. guys watching this video and I'll see. you in the next one

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