12.05.2024 Ultimate UNDER $20 Lenovo TWS Earbuds Comparison - Which one should you buy?

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All right. today's video is gonna be a big one. today i'll be comparing the lenovo live. pods. the lp40 xt90 and by popular request. the lp1s the airpods pro second cousin. twice removed. same as before these units were provided. to me for free by. banggood.com really nice guys but as. always this will not affect how honest i. will be in this video. i will always try to be as honest fair. and detailed as possible. so let's get right into it. now the live pods aka lp1 was the winner. of the last comparison i did. and the xt90 the loser we'll see how. these two. compare with the other models. okay so we could see that the contents. of the box. differs quite a bit by which model it is. for example. the xt90 and the lp1s each has. two replacement pairs of ear tips while. the live pods only have one. and the lp40 doesn't have any due to.

It not having any and very interestingly. the lp1s has both earbuds. individually packaged in the case just. like this. and we can see that other than the. difference in the number of ear tips it. has. these are all more or less the same they. all have the earbuds they all have a. manual. and they all have a usb to usbc. charging cable although it is quite. short depending on which one you get. now before i open them up uh obviously i. haven't i haven't charged these since i. got them. and i haven't charged these for about a. week so i'll charge all of these up. and come back right after that. so in my last comparison i had the. original lenovo live. pods and lenovo xt90 and those two are. basically more or less the same. they have lenovo on the front have a. little led light. and on the back there's nothing. you open it up and it shuts by itself.

Because there's no reverse magnetic lid. holding the lid up and there's a little. magnet holding the lid. closed so it snaps shut even when it's. upside down. so for the lenovo lp1s i was very. curious how the quality would be. because the picture on the front shows. it to look almost like an airpods pro. replica. so i naturally expected that the quality. would be a little bit higher. but actually it wasn't. so on the front we see the lenovo text. like usual and we see. four led lights instead of just one. there's a little bit of text printed on. the back and the edges are flat just. like the lenovo live pods. but when you open it up you could. immediately feel a difference. this one doesn't have any magnets on the. lid. so you have to manually push it down to. close it. sometimes that's a good thing because. when you hold it upside down the lid.

Still stays open. but it is pretty inconvenient that every. time you take it out you have to open. the case. which requires a bit of force and close. the case which. makes a loud clicking sound. okay so i didn't know what to expect. from the lp40 since the design. was different than anything i'd ever. seen before which is why it surprised me. so much. recognize this yes the back looks. almost exactly like the back of airpods. too. it seems to have a metal hinge and it. also has a physical button unlike the. other three earbuds. the led light is inside the case below. the button unlike airpods too. this one also has the magnet holding the. lid closed. although it does not have a reverse. magnetic lid holding it open. i didn't expect much from this though so. it's still pretty interesting. now i'll very quickly show you the pods.

The lp40 has a. what i assume is a fake grille on the. outside. and what seems to be two speaker holes. on the inside. it also has a touch sensor on the stem. and the charging port looks. exactly like airpods pro it's actually. quite similar to airpods pro especially. when it's in your ear. interesting now the lp 1s looks like. airpods pro when you open it up. and the head design is undeniably. inspired by airpods pro. but that's just about where the. resemblance ends. if you turn it over you could see that. the back is pretty square. and not a single vent or grill is. visible anywhere. very interesting it really makes me. wonder. where is the microphone at. the charging port is ironically exactly. the same as. airpods 2 which is a pretty interesting. decision on lenovo's part. by the way due to the design it's pretty.

Easy to take out an earbud from the case. using only. one hand unlike the other three earbuds. i find this quite convenient the lenovo. live pods have a round. stem which makes it relatively easy to. take out while the xt90. has a square stem which can make it get. stuck if you pull it up the wrong way. i talked about these in more detail in. the other video. so you could go check that video out if. you want to hear more about these two. so far the original live pods is still. in first place in terms of build quality. and ease of use the lp40 is built. nicely. but it has an issue where the lid keeps. on accidentally shutting by itself. due to how small it actually is your. fingers keep on pushing the lid closed. the xt90 and lp 1s are tied for third. because of their respective flaws in. design. now i was halfway expecting the lp40 to.

Have the upper hand. in the connection section because it has. a metal lid like the airpods which. connect when you open the lid but no. unfortunately these do not connect that. way all four of these connect to the. device. when you pull one or both of the pods. out of the case. so they're all tied in that aspect. now i was gonna talk about the. functionalities that these had along. with the controls. but not only did i figure out that. that's pretty unnecessary. it's pretty confusing i'll be uploading. some high quality scans of the. instruction manuals and putting them in. the description though. so go check that out if you think. that'll help with your decision making. next are the two most important aspects. of a review in my opinion. the battery and microphone test as. always. the battery life is tested by playing.

Music at a medium. high volume on the earbuds until the. battery is completely drained. once the battery is drained completely. it disconnects from the device and the. music stops telling us exactly when the. earbuds ran out of battery. the lp1s is definitely a big. improvement over. three hours of the original live pods in. the two and a half hours. of the xt90 but the lp40 which. i genuinely wasn't expecting much of. defied all. expectations with a shocking six and a. half. hours of playtime on loud volume which. is. the highest i've seen from any bluetooth. earphones so far. i even tested twice to make sure so. obviously the lp40 is the clear winner. of the battery test. very interesting now let's go see the. microphone tests. i'm running the microphone test on the. lenovo live pod. as you see the microphone is on the.

Right side it doesn't sound. that bad although this is gonna turn a. little worse. when you try to use it on a phone call. i'm blasting myself with medium wind. from a fan to simulate wind because. i'm that kind of person and as you can. hear it doesn't sound. pretty not at all so don't use it while. you're running in windy conditions. biking motorcycling anything like that. it won't sound. pretty at all now i'm testing out the. lenovo lp40 and as you can hear. it's very very loopy it doesn't pick up. your voice. very well unless you speak very loudly. i think it's using some sort of. algorithm of sorts to detect. whether you're speaking or not seeing. how there's almost no background noise. at all. but whatever it's doing it's not doing. it very well it's getting rid of my. voice. along with the background noise once.

Again i am putting the fan. at medium wind the same way to win and. it's actually. getting rid of the wind pretty well. that's what the algorithm is doing right. now with the background noise while. keeping my voice. and although it doesn't work very well. during normal time. in a windy situation this may actually. come in handy. i'm now testing out the lc1s and. as you can see the microphone is on the. right side. and one thing i've noticed that it makes. some sort of. drumming sound when you're just talking. i have no idea why it does this. but it does it definitely doesn't take. up as much wind as. for example the live spots did but you. can still hear the wind. it's not that fast though especially if. you just speak loudly. but it does take up the wind. i'm testing out the xt90 now microphone. is on the right side.

And it seems to have a much better. microphone. than all the other earbuds it picks up. my voice quite clearly. you can hear what i'm saying and it's a. little louder than. the other microphones recording. it also does pick up the wind sound but. not as much as the other earbuds because. here quite clearly what i'm saying. honestly i think the xp90 is the winner. of the microphone test. now for the most important aspect audio. quality. i test out the lp 1s first because you. know airpods pro. and there is a definite reason why they. copied the front design. and not the back well if they copied the. back. apple would sue them but they copied the. front design. because it works the bigger head. paired with the oval shaped ear tip does. a noticeably better job at fitting in. your ear. than the rounded smaller design of the.

Original lenovo live pot. and this improved fit seems to do a. great job at improving the sound quality. as well as you may know the rubber ear. tips not only help in keeping these in. your ear. but also to block out outside noise this. is called passive noise cancellation. and this does a better job at keeping. out the outside noise than. the other two earbuds that have rubber. ear tips. apple really knew what they were doing. and so did lenovo. now as you would know the lp40 does not. have any ear tips. and that makes a world of a difference. simply put with the lp40 it feels like. you're listening to the sound. coming from outside not the sound being. put into your. ears a lot of the outside noise comes. directly. in your ears along with the music but if. you press them in like so. the audio quality gets significantly.

Improved it actually feels like the. sounds coming in your ears and not just. brushing past it it's actually pretty. enjoyable and that's the difference. between having a proper seal in your. ears. and not having one the ear tips on the. other three buds. does the ceiling without you having to. manually push them in. which improves the sound quality by a. lot. as for the live pause and xt90 i already. described it in detail. in my other video up there and in the. description but to sum it up. the live pods have a much more rounded. audio than the xt90. which has a sort of jagged sound which. can be quite a strain on your ears. the live pods also succeed at carrying. some of the bass over from your music. while the xt90 almost gets rid of it. entirely. in general the original live pods and. the lp 1s. have the best sound quality out of the.

Bunch and it's. really great for something that costs. like 15 dollars at times. the two earbuds do focus on different. things though. the original live pods is sort of an. allrounder. it brings out the vocals pretty decently. in most songs and the bass on it is. powerful at times. but generally it sounds a little sharper. than the lp1s. which tilts more towards a deeper richer. sound. this can be a good or a bad thing. personally although the crispness. is enjoyable at times sometimes it does. lean a little bit more towards being. a little painful and as i said the lp 1s. is centered more on the deep bass center. side which works pretty well for. basically anything you want to listen to. personally i can't decide whether one is. better than the other it really does. depend on what kind of music you listen. to. ask yourself do i want the sharper.

Louder sound more. or do i want the deeper richer sound. more it's up to you. in conclusion i really do like the. original live pods and the lp1s. they both have decent audio quality for. something that costs less than 20. dollars of course. and the designs are pretty decent. they're also the most. comfortable in the ear unlike for. example the lp40. which sort of feels like it's not in all. the way. and has the best inear seal which gives. you a nice sense of isolation. i think it'd be very interesting if. lenovo makes a pair of earbuds. that are a little more premium than the. line of budget ones that they have so. far. even something as small as a reverse. magnetic lid. or a matte finish or an easier to. operate design. would do a lot to bring up the quality. of the entire line of earbuds. reviewing these was fun but also really.

difficult at the same time so. i'll try to stick more to singular. reviews next time. and talking about singular reviews. next video press the like button if you. enjoyed this video and you can subscribe. if you like. this kind of review i had some really. important stuff to do in the past few. weeks. but now i'm done so you'll be seeing a. lot. more uploads from now on stay safe so. that i could see you. in the next video

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