12.05.2024 AsianJeff Unreal Ranked SPEEDRUN!

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Yo what's going on guys today I'm going. to be seeing how much I could rank up. playing unreal lobbies for an entire day. everyone I play against in this video. are sweat and right now face way is. number one on the rank leader boards. also guys I got nominated for the best. Battle Royale streamer of the Year guys. so if you guys want to go support me go. ahead and vote in the top link of your. description don't chase only a track. don't look for. kills on see you didn't look for kills. you sh on him you're good no I'm not I'm. not good I'm Jad lagged right now bro. I'm a little bit my eyes are twitching. but I got to lock in bro I got to grind. this fncs tomorrow all right I'm going. to win this. fight. cre. s oh my God I'm so good I've been I've. been taking my. time it's not worth it you have to play. this in order to win every game you.

Could do it but there could be a third. person do I do it do we do it chat all. right bro I'm doing it bro I'm trusting. you. chat I'm running I'm going I'm running I. don't care anymore bro I'm playing Arena. bro I'm not fighting this sh bro I'm not. trying to die. brother I'm trying to win brother rip. it no. hello thank you bro thank you dude you. idiot you really thought was your boy I. had to man I don't want to get banned. bro yo do you guys actually think I'm. cool. bro b. chilling Don't Panic you're better than. this kid Min and P. big. no man shaa this game is dog sh. you got bit you're shooting. me. you oh oh my. God ASI goat I'm not a goat I'm ass I'm. the best in the world I just want to. fast I just want to suck your dick it's. so . trash yo I'm lagging. bro. y um I don't have any thoughts bro like. 100 200 you know what I'm.

Saying ah poggers bro how do I fix this. chat my headphone wire chat my my wi is. going from here how do I make it go from. behind and not grief my arm thank you K. oh my God this kid just that. kid that's why I'm getting. in I'm a. go. W come w. no. watered what's good Peter Griffin huh. you want a piece of. my Peter Griffin thinks he's good at the. game cuz I went for a second play on him. if I didn't go for a second play on you. and played weird you would be dead buddy. and you're on my tops right now I would. edit on you but I'm going to win this. game brother I can still should I do it. ready go oh lucky son of a gun buddy you. little rat Skelly wag I'm you up bro. give me time. can you time all right buddy go you got. it go stupid come what 40 only I'm. getting scammed I'm getting scammed chat. no man you're going to grief me on this.

Rotate. idiot you Arena player you God Arena. player I just did a bad rotate no man. has rotate for me but it's fine cuz I'm. a goat. I'm connected by one thing but this is. my refresh full. box SP my refresh bro what did I tell. you. bro sorry. chat metal no man F. kid winning this game I go I'm winning. this game watch. this. oh my God tfue doesn't even know what. he's. doing oh my God I'm so Peter Griffin. your boy's mine buddy wall ramp wall in. your. give me that I'm clipping this. kid don't want it Jeff he's going to get. in on you. who. wa wait the. hell is Bro think he is obviously. someone yo guys if you guys uh kers is. holding me a gunpoint guys make sure to. vote for me in the streamer Awards yeah. is that good like I don't know what you. want from me bro like guys. V for me in the pole I'm a great shamer. wait is there chest W on this island.

Chat or no no oh my God oh my God bro no. man wait wait wait you liar I'm going to. kill you who's a bad boy you are right. on his forehead Now set. go wash bro oh my God. bro spread me out baby spread me out. baby you know that you can clean your. ears like more better than Qtips. no please I'll do anything don't kill. me you're not killing me. hello bro I I had to bro you pulled out. the gun I miss you so much dude I miss. streaming as well bro the only thing I. hate about streaming is when I'm playing. tournaments bro I do bad one game and. chat just switches up on me they just be. like Jeff why did you sell it Jack but. then I I I learned new strats on how to. not care about that anymore number one. Strat turn on sub only mode that's. number one Strat number two sh just. don't look at your chat at all until.

After the game that will make you play. so much better because if you look at. your chat like what I'm doing right now. you're not locked in oh my hter see look. at that shot at no. get on money. maker what are you doing reboot why. would you kill me I was dancing I had to. man sorry. bro dude I promise you. chat Mr Savage just got spit on Mr. Savage just got spit on oh my God I just. spit on that kid I don't CL zones. bro and I just get mad at myself cuz. like it's not worth it. it this guy thinks he's good let me try. I'm not sitting properly let me let me. sit. properly I can't. explain what do you think you are the. Box fight Guru no I am wait a minute. stupid wait this guy's actually shooting. on me no I'm manifesting it I got to. stop it what's good stupid you think. you're better than me at box fighting. I'm going to sit behind this right hand.

You're going to try to shoot me through. all this little crack but you're not. going to hit me once cuz you're stupid. then I'm going to go like this then I'm. going to go up like this and I'm going. to do left hand going hit you 100 I. don't have that wall so you would have. gone pece then I'm going to CL you I'm. going piece you again then you're going. to be stuck and nervous cuz you're then. I'm going to go right like that but then. it didn't have the effect so I'm not. going to hit you as hard as I wanted to. and then I'm going to pop this then I'm. going to shock W up cuz I'm greedy and. stupid then I'm going to hit you for. nothing and you're going to crack me. never mind you're cracked and then this. is where you you either now I'm going to. get in like and then you're going to. edit like that and then I'm going to S.

Play patient I'm going to play patient. cuz you think you're better than me. right and I'm going to do a momentum. edit and I'm not going to hit you cuz. I'm my aim is that and then I'm going to. edit again then I'm going to take the. wall for a try then you're going to run. away then you're going to try to do the. same again so I'm going to play. patient on you then I'm going to take. your wall for a try and then you're. going to try to take my wall and then. you're going to run again and then let. me guess you're going to make a box or. you're going to go for a shot uh looks. like you're going to make a box here. then I'm going to side jump then I'm. going to miss that and then I'm going to. side jump again and then I'm going to do. a dumb jumping Strat then I'm going to. build like this and then I'm going to.

Drop down into his bullets and I'm not. going to hit a shot cuz I am jet lagged. and then he's going to key me here so. I'm going to edit this wall right here. and then I don't know what the hell. where he is but basically I'm going to. roll my gun and I'm just going to play. slow I'm just going to I'm just going to. breathe cuz this guy clearly is playing. slow too which shows that he has passion. and when you have passion get on them so. you're going to do this you know be. holding at it you want to sit behind on. the right hand here you don't know where. exactly he is but now you know that he. had that and he's going to do a dumb. peek or I'm going to do a dumb Peak I'm. currently getting spit on right now but. I can't always run away and be more. passionate than him I'm not going to do. that cuz my ego hurts so I'm going to.

Keep going and fting him and I'm. thinking that I'm going to hit a shot on. jet lag and then boom just like that hit. him 30 white and then finish it off with. a little getting in trap like that and. then I can't see him and then I'm going. to do that and then I'm going to take. the wall and I'm just going to end his. life and that's how you kill a guy that. plays very passionate in fortnite and. yeah D you in the chat yeah zesty. yeah keep just on. me I can't. explain what's good my brother from. another mother he want his. father Pokemon I catch. you he. is oh he could have one pumped me bro. but I'm better 532 oh my God I'm so. excited to grind bro like I'm actually. excited to stream. bro I can't. explain the. all right this guy thinks he's better. than me but let me show him who I how. great I am how great I am 120 go up like.

This. ye put a wall put a ramp in a wall and. then I can't. explain oh my God that kid just got in. the booty he is from snoody I want his. Boule. yeah. where am I 180 W. 180 oh my God I just it and I killed. him the loot bro your life is more. important chat the loot ready cuz left. hand. Peak ready left hand Peak never fails. ready reload your gun I can't. explain bro is this gun like ass or what. no please don't s me. gosh no no no no bad boy don't SN me bad. boy come. here 3 2. 1 W cone 100 wide like my dick in your. ass and. two 100 bro it's delayed in the. brain like how are you this delayed bro. like come on bro you got to be better. than that let's go baby I just wanton a. game baby so like I'm jet lag bro and. chat was call me wash. bro bro I didn't turn on the AC bro it's. actually. cool wait clicks clicks you can't let me.

Do this to you wait I don't match two. mats in a dream cone up and down run two. three. cone. Hunter two wins in a row chat two two. wins in a row. chat all right guys listen I'm going to. give you guys my life tips okay I wrote. it down okay go to my notes never stress. always take things step by step okay. stop buying so much trash food and. ordering food pray meditate and breed. never having sweet potato ever again. that's another tip bro sweet potato is. did I hear my name yeah chis we were. just talking about how. like. are you serious bro was staring. at me. no where's my fingers oh my God I can't. move to the left cuz these BS are. ass reboot get the [ __ ] out of my. game little. bro g g flipping G's. brother and I get made fun of. it drive out p. quick oh my God where is he behind the. wall oh my God it's Mr L bad edit I'm.

Dead what is that edit on me bro oh my. God I'm about to die to Mr lust. bro no what is that edit like oh like. you're so jet lag I just died to Mr lust. bro no I won two games in a row I just. did a bad edit cuz I'm brain dead oh my. God what is that edit I could have did. any other edit that kid is so stupid why. is he shooting at me first thing in the. morning I can't I can't I can't it's. only I'm getting stream sniped chat I. know you guys are using me as your. entertainment THS right now bro but I'm. dead I could have ran I could have ran I. could have ran I could have ran I could. have ran I just didn't want to accept it. bro no bro why bro I'm so down bad right. now bro I'm actually so ass right now. bro I can't play the game. bro whoa bro just Asian Jeff classic me. what the and he's only on my why is.

everyone only on. my what the hell but I can learn. something. bro what is that where am. I you're so cringe you just griefed my. game. bro how does he take an edit so fast bro. oh my God

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