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They really went ahead and put out. another big bass slot why. get out man I. uh big bad slots uh for good reason for. good reason they're really bad they're. really bad very bad so let's do some. buys here we're gonna do some spins. first but I'm definitely gonna be doing. some buys here if I'm not feeling the. buys we're gonna switch around to other. big bass slots but we're gonna see how. it goes man let's do uh let's do some. quick spins wow that was actually a good. hit right away holy I'm liking the. I'm liking the Vibes so far I'm liking. the scatters a little bit more whoa what. is this am I just getting all this. 129.50 okay oh times two. it's pretty cool. if only there were a little bit better. fish right there. that actually kind of makes uh spinning. the base game worth it let me do uh let. me do some quick spins here Let's do.

Let's do 30 quick spin see we end oh my. God oh my God this is a 3500 bonus we. spent into it. that's one thing I don't like about. the big oh it does the Big Bass Splash. oh yep yep just like big bass flashing. you don't get the bonus but anyway what. I was trying to say is one of the things. like okay I'm interrupted Again by a. mediocre collection how much is this. multi a 1x okay 129.50 I like that mini. feature I do like that. but they make you pay so much more they. make you pay 50 over your spin if you. want a double chance to win the feature. which is actually insane because on all. the other pragmatics it's much cheaper. than that you just pay a little bit more. I think it's like 20 more typically but. for some reason on big bass they're like. not you're paying 50 more buddy you. gotta pay way more than that.

Even in these 30 spins I feel like we've. gotten oh come on this uh this is a. decent setup here too I feel like it. could get in. all right 12 spins left if we can't get. it in the 12 spins I'm gonna up the. spins a little bit we'll try to spin it. again and then I think we're just gonna. have to buy it but this is uh. this is not the best start to the video. here okay I'm gonna take off these quick. spins I'm actually gonna take off the. double chance. and just see if we can spin into a Natty. or just get like a good base hit. bruh. 140. oh here we go no that would have. been such a good collection. they can bait you on it that's cruel. okay we're already down two thousand. dollars which is not good. let's buy a 2 500 bonus buy oh give me a. four scatter here. give me a four scatter come on. I wonder what's going to be different.

About this one big bass Amazon Extreme. you know what could you do differently. oh do I get to pick a pot pick a pot. I'm gonna go with this bulbous one over. here plus one fisherman okay. oh wait wait so we had a plus one for. the retrigger. okay let's go with the other bulbas. oh you guys can't see it we won't pick. that one that's a sign plus two free. spins. do we just go until it Until It Breaks. let's go with this one no I think that's. bad. you know what we'll take it we get a. plus one fisherman plus two free spins I. feel like that's pretty good. removes lowest fish would definitely be. nice too yes we already have a head. start on the retrigger so we have 12. spins to get three fishermen I believe. look at that it shows it goes all the. way up to 50x. I like The Vibes so far. this is uh this is a lot better in my.

Opinion just interface wise too then big. bad Splash and the other big basses. so far we have fifty dollars though. oh there we go we got 175. six spins to. get one more surely you can do it. one more fisherman. last time I played uh big bass slots on. my YouTube channel it did not go well at. all there we go we got it that's pretty. good it too. I think it's 425 right yep nice so I. wonder if we get it says plus 10 spins. it must not add the plus two like it. does in the others. but here we go oh you instantly go to. the times too as well I think. that's pretty good holy . I actually like that I think it. instantly goes to the times too as soon. as you hit the uh the upgrade for it. nice we got a banana bomb. give me a good fish okay not bad. 600 there we paid 2500 for this though. so we need a lot better than that.

We have I think eight spins in total get. three more fish come on or three more. fishermen. come on come on we got half our money. I wonder what this is up here what this. Tangled bass is. okay there's another one it's gonna be. tough four spins left to get two more. give me one right now no that was a lot. of fish. lots of small fish on this one like I. feel like. uncharacteristic amount. for an atypical amount of small fish. last spin need a fisherman here come on. no. 1600 out of a 2500 buy I guess that's. not bad. should I buy another yeah yeah I'll buy. another I actually kind of like giving. away fifteen thousand dollars a month to. those that play Under code fencer GG on. hype up to get eligible when you. register on hype up go to your profile. and then scroll down to the promo code. box and add to promo code fencer GG.

Doing this will get you some energy. which you can trade for some free money. and it will also enable you to. participate in the 50 000 monthly. giveaway the giveaway is wager based. meaning the more you level up and wager. the higher your prize is going to be. with the top prize being five thousand. dollars if you want to see leaderboard. updates or ask me any questions about it. join my Discord the link is in the. description and navigate to the fifteen. thousand dollar monthly giveaway Channel. or message me thanks for all the support. and enjoy the rest of the video big bass. Amazon Extreme. let's go with this one again plus two. free spins let's go with this. one fixed fish oh so it guarantees a. fish every spin that's pretty cool. give me an extra fisherman oh two. fixed fish let's go with this then. oh my God this is a good this is.

Literally like the god set up right here. removes lowest fish. trigger on this this could go crazy. dude we just gotta collect these now. that's still good though but. no we're not getting any fishermen. oh no. since we removed the lowest fish it's. actually really high fish every time. but we just can't get a fisherman dude. six spins left. oh my God am I not gonna get a single. fisherman here there we go of course the. lowest fish I've got out of all this and. it gives us a fisherman 375. I feel like. we're not getting a retrigger here we. only have four spins left to get three. more. at least give me like a good hit to give. me a 50x or something. it's all right. 500 there two spins get two more. damn dude. I definitely see the potential of this. last spin give me a double fisherman. somehow. I think we got all in I got 3 200 left.

What's uh three thousand dollar buy I. guess let's do it oh this is uh we are. not running good here man not running. good here at all. let's go for this one again that's been. our lucky one fixed fish plus one. remove smallest the remove lowest is. definitely I think that's the highest. value one to get the extra fisherman. like the head start of the fisherman is. good. let's go with this oh nice this is a. really good setup I would say this might. be our best. definitely our best holy we have 14. spins. and a boot God damn it that's okay this. is an amazing setup. if there's one that's gonna pay this is. the biggest buy yet to three thousand. dollars if there's one that's gonna pay. Big Bass Bonanza Gods come on I've been. talking about your slots forever. but one thing that has been a. reoccurring theme throughout all the big.

Bass slots. I always hit good right when they come. out I'll get like a thousand X hit when. the slot first comes out and then I get. on for the rest of my life. just make that theme come true we. already have two fishermen we have 11. spins to get two more oh my God we're. getting crazy amounts on the board too. because we remove the lowest. oh my God there's a double that's a. retrigger I think we automatically go. to 2x early on here I think it. automatically sends us to 2x we have 18. spins right now guys. yes it automatically sends you in 18. spins with 2X. that's gonna be a good hit. twelve hundred dollars right there oh my. God 17 spins to get three more fishermen. I will hook my own lip if we can get a. Max win here right now. dude that would have been such a good. hit since we removed all the lowest fish.

This is just like the best setup. possible man. come on. come on. I don't like all these dead spins it's. so nervewracking to have such a good. setup. and to have this many dead spins man. 12 spins left to get three more. oh it's too many dead spins. You Gotta Give me a fisherman soon if we. don't get one within the next three. spins I think it's ggs oh that would. have been. oh that's huge what the that's. massive. 2 700 hits. epic win. let's go man four thousand nine hundred. fifty dollars please please get me into. the retrigger. we're down a lot more than this right. now get me another really big hit or get. me into the retrigger. five spins left to get two more come on. oh come on that would have been so good. guys we have three spins to get into the. retrigger here holy . I will be so happy if we actually get. into this.

Two spins left come on crazy potential. here. please last spin. no. five thousand eight hundred fifty. dollars though that right there proved. to me the potential of this slot that's. insane man. wow. oh man I I kind of want to run it back. after that but after seeing how the. first couple went oh nice this collects. if we get a good multi this could pay. 156. hey two 2x on it we'll take it. like those uh oh come on three thousand. dollar buy for free oh oh saw the max. winfish dude that's the other thing. about this you can get the max win fish. in the base game and theoretically he. could collect it. the base game and collect it oh my. goodness guys big bass may have finally. done it wait what is he doing is he. giving me one. oh. dude big bastard finally done it. done this slide is amazing I'm not even. up money and I'm having a blast.

14 spins plus one give me remove Lois. remove lowest right here no the. lowest is such a good value. It's So Good by far the best thing to. get. oh my God man imagine if you could stack. removed Lois too. that would be crazy to where like it. just removes lower and lower fish. so we got a free 3 000 bonus buy here. often pretty shitty shitty start what I. love about this too dude if you actually. analyze the potential of this slot this. is the best big bass slot yet. and get can collect randomly collect a. Max win fish in base game really cool. pick and choose thing at the beginning. of the game that shows you like a lot. better potential than splash does. automatically get 2X and 3X if you get. the retrigger early which has not been. a thing in any of the other slots can. give you the bonus randomly for free can.

Collect fish randomly It's amazing even though this bonus is terrible right now good God this is awful oh that's a good hit though 750 right there I mean we spun into it pretty easy so you don't expect anything good here but we need one more one more we have one spin left and we get a retrigger come on oh it hasn't given us a retrigger one time when we needed it but right now where it's 7 000 basically that's that's insane dude I am loving this lock I am at why is it like a shotgun sound do you guys hear that when you spin it it's like a shotgun sound that's wild he's collecting all this nothing too good but I wonder what the biggest multi you could get on that is 1x that's not even a multi all right 141.

I'm I'm loving this slot man I'm. definitely gonna revisit this in the. future I hope this video performs well. oh it's so troll that he can bait you on. that I hope this video performs. well so I can play this more because I. actually am really enjoying this lot man. really really enjoying it I just I don't. know why you would ever play any of the. other big basses when this exists now. and I have been such a big hater of big. bad slots man. what a fun slot unironically like not. even it sounds like um sounds like a. being sarcastic what a fun slot this is. 3x there yeah I wonder how big that can. get. I think we'll spin the 5K and we'll call. it a day we're still doing some big. spins here hoping for like another bait. or another another good base hit. oh my god dude. that bay is ridiculous. I'm loving this though this I I.

Understand I'm not even winning money. here but just it's good to see something. refreshing I I feel I feel I I had fun. playing this you know it's refreshing. okay a couple of spins left here oh . 350 hit on the sacks let's go. 70.. what is uh what is the max oh my God. look at that five Bobbers five line. bobber pays 7K. so it's 200x because we're paying for. double chance here too. oh I went under on accident. oh that would have been so sick I gotta. do one more. we're gonna get a second chance here too. oh I'm loving this left side guys. two fixed fish. removed lowest the fixed fish are gonna. be good give me extra spins or extra. fishermen. oh there's extra Spence fishermen oh my. God this is a really good setup three. thousand five hundred dollar bonus buy. here guys this could be insane we have. remove lowest if we can get retriggers.

Or if we just start getting a lot of. fish look at that look at that opener. guys remove lowest and fixed fish. there's 1K on the board oh. was like 2K on the board. I think it's too good to be true this is. this is too good of a setup we spun into. it on the one more. I think it's too good to be true guys. not a fisherman in sight oh there he is. oh yeah pulling up on the small fish. again. pulling up on the small fish again. come on just give me give me like 2K off. of this hit and I'll be happy oh my God. the fish they're throwing down here are. insane. oh this is gonna hurt if this is all it. is I think it's gonna be two I mean. maybe we'll get another one. come on. no. 532 off of a theoretical 3 500 bonus buy. that's brutal okay well at least we. get to spin down to 5K again unless we. spin in again oh my God two scatters.

Went by a bunch of scatters going by. here too. oh. wow. well we're gonna call it a day here guys. I hope you enjoyed this slot I I really. did this thought is awesome man. I hope you guys are excited about this. like I am. big bass Amazon Extreme wait why aren't. they peacock bass aren't there peacock. bass in the Amazon hold up hold up let. me do some Googling. peacock bass Amazon. yeah I'm pretty sure dude these should. be peacock bass wait a minute this slot. sucks this slot sucks I can't uh hold on. I'm trying to pull up an image peacock. bass actually look crazy. uh maybe this dude why are these all so. low res oh here we go this guy's like. shirtless though he's about to get it on. with the fish what are you doing bro all. right here you go that's a peacock bass. that's a peacock bass. why aren't they putting those in here.

dude well anyway guys I'll catch you on. tomorrow's video finally a big bad slot. is actually good and a new slot we could. play here there. see you guys tomorrow

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