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Wow. as the world watches and listens in. horror the peaceful prodemocracy. demonstration in china comes to a. violent and bloody end mr gorbachev. tear down this wall. wolves hiding nearby. whispering. do or die. around. me. you say your last goodness. there is another very important phase of. warfare. it has as its target. not the body. but the mind of the enemy. the target of psychological warfare is. against the enemy's mind. it is. its mission is to influence the thoughts. of the enemy soldiers and at the same. time is expected and encouraged to study. foreign languages and the social. sciences such as history economics and. sociology. he must have a broad and sympathetic. understanding of all phases of human. experience gripping. at my skin. the walls of night closing. but the use of this force as an integral. part of combat has now taken on new form.

these are the cywar soldiers. you

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