12.05.2024 BIG BASS SPLASH 4 Scatter Bonus 🎣 🐠 MAX LEVEL 10X! MASSIVE WIN

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Now these are the sounds of the idiots. musical blitzkrieg we're gonna give it. to you like this. warby doug says. the reason didn't pay is because you. didn't spend enough money on it 300 is. not enough. come on why be dog 300 is massive buy. more fishermen is good more hooks is. good. that's good as well more fish we've got. more of everything. well there's only one more to collect i. mean that's this has got to be a good. setup right. it's everything except a level two start. three more fishermen required. one of them. go on hook him hook him in. there he is. okay so we now have. 13 spins is it. is that right we've got 13 things to. find one more fisherman. i mean if it doesn't i'm just gonna. cry there he is. come on his room. i'd like to see it land another one as. well. sure it's a great chance. it's set up to let you believe that this.

Is a great chance. robsky says it's a great start come on. for all the people that love big best. bonanza show show them that they're. right. hook it. i feel i feel a fisherman coming in. do. come on one more. it's all the extra 12 spins remember. where were ya. can you believe all of that. okay he's in now though which is good. even if there's no fish to go over i. don't mind that. ten spins to find two fishermen. show me him. yes. it'll do ah. it's a monster truck of course. bazooka bill. that'll do that's good it's a profitable. bonus at least. isn't it. yeah it is it is. which means now all these spins we might. surely be getting level three. eight spins for one fish yes get level. three. so we're going through 19 spins now. after. this and we need three more fishermen in. 19 spins. i really wanted this to be a jib bonus.

Ah go on hook him. there he is. good it's good oh my god. i mean this is just unheard of territory. this last level we've been there once it. was on the christmas version i think. another 12 spins. oh bazooka at times three. and nine spins as well to find the last. fisherman for the the unbelievable times. ten that has never ever happened. it's good it's good it takes the photos. up to 800. eight spins for one fisherman come on. everyone. come on. squeaky bomb toy. i just have a feeling. i don't want to play. oh yes. i was not expecting that. getting is a great bonus. it's a jib as well as a jib bonus which. is what i requested. i mean any fish here any fisherman here. insane. oh. ah getting that's massive. that's worth 700 euros. of all the big bass games actually. this kind of makes up for all of the. terrible big bass sessions all of them.

two jit bonus. i wouldn't have called it i wouldn't. have called it. again nice 150. nice. it never does this this game never does. this. it's just gone insane. ah again. that's another 400 euros for it it's a. mad hoosier bono. two and a half jibs. 2550 euros off that. oh no it's not even done oh i didn't. even see this. ah 3k bonus it's a jim it's a thousand. xr. oh yes the lucky streak continues. just a casual 3120. as you do. you

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