12.05.2024 Crazy Time, Cash or Crash, Monopoly & Sweet Bonanza CandyLand Live Show

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So. so. so. mirage and noob then it will be like two. nil for sure. actually heroic plays the mirage as well. and uh heroic plays the nuke also know. that's why it's possible soon effects. that's the number one with the ones you. want to pad by the way guys. osama jalil he correct lectures without. thousands for 133. let's go for the one more spin. yep. spinach hey guy. but yellow will you watch the cs go. today. will you watch some of the games there. nope. well. the chainsaw 4x. multiplier. nope without a pachinko there but it's. the number two number two yep where the. tutor wanna pay out conflictions thank. you number two six year brother man. palibio borough completions amazing. house still here. good luck to everyone. interesting um. i have no ideas. what do you think about ants and uh. copman gargant flames. i think that ants are pretty strong.

Nowadays you know they're playing pretty. good. i look i i like how they're doing say. osama jelly toby but so time to. out reflection 1650 now winners and. number two got congratulations. with that start to participate don't. forget about it out of the flaps of all. the newcomers guys. why are you zooming. you're asking me why i'm zooming. because that's the. i don't know that's how it works you. know the day how the creators of this. game created. created the game. what's your favorite my favorite is like. face clown you know r z. i'm bigger of a face big fan of a face. squad. it's like mostly because of the key. that's the number one. jalliopoli for five nitscue and the lake. since thousands hundred fifty eight. winners. have a great trip thank you so much. chris have a wonderful day we'll see you. later of course yeah.

Well surely we will have some couple of. topics you know to discuss. here we go guys it's time for the new. spin shush. and it's a cast on with a double all. aboard. let's double the board on the double. level the screen. is so nice. so good. that's number one. it's the number one would i want someone. to pad via polito alex sarah jalil. yeah it's the ones who want to pay us by. the way we already got it here thank you. so. much ready steady go. go. go. sorry fly on the wings. the thing is that. everything what can you get i don't know. if you will be writing like bring back. the girl it's like maybe chat disabled. yeah. because um. it's number 10 but you will not have got. to know the. back. girl. luna berman. bats and scissors simply make it. elections got to that thousand seven. hundred fifteen winners so we already. got it here thanks so much for playing.

Guys let's go. let's go for another spit. for another stanford and that around. best wishes. oh and that's the one with a 7x there's. someone is there someone who's going for. the number one guys who's placing the. battery number one. and who will have a profit on this. number it will get it. but it's better to have a bad maybe on a. cash huh no i'm sure that it's better to. have a cash game instead of like. one with a 7x because it's a cash on. it's the bonus round and here is like. way more. players who's going for the cash on. instead of like number one all right uh. multiple hundred axes yeah that's. actually one of them like uh some 800. x's we got a hero and a board. good chance to get at one of them last. time we had a six now with 100x. multiplier what do you think about now. we'll we'll get a. we'll have a back to back on it.

Decision time. make a decision maybe our topic what do. you think about it if we had 6 900 x. before an early then i would go for the. eight eight it's a cupcake. cupcake. 20x eight nine was like with a hundred x. a lot of hundred x's we had. amazing wins amazing results it was a. pleasure. and let's go for another spin mohammed. monopoly avenues goku awesome current. leg shakes. 2519 winners battery day they got it. here thanks so much. time for the new spin by the way guys. time for the new round. yeah we're having some nice bonuses. having some good results here as well. yeah. check it out and it's time for maybe. crazy time great time with the tricks. good vlog ready. let's go for. it but anyway we need a back tobacco. boys back to back nope it's the number. five out of five to one up high out. suggestion percussion don't shuffle the.

Multipliers of the show more players. three. three four five is it like suggestion to. the players or what. here we go let's go forward announcement. hey casper surprise surprise buddy. time for this pen. it's a cash on with a treat at. a two to one to pay out. to the winner guys. and toby good glaciers thousand six. hundred seventy eight winners guys don't. forget about it out clapton welcome. newcomers please place your bats it's a. batting time now. yeah gambling responsibly gamma. responsibility guys of course here as. well. and we're going for a onehorse spin. only any money which you can afford only. if you have fun if it's not a fun. anymore tries to take a break we got a. two out of three eggs for the fly but we. still need a bonus. we need a bonus we need a bonus. and it's the number one. once you want to pack right already.

Gotta hear it thousand pound fifty. dollar winning station easy red devil. and the setbacks and he congratulations. we had a crazy actually already before. i had some good crazy time hopefully. that's. we'll have a. lot of bonuses here as well that is a. couple of cash ons we had a pachinko. with a 15x had a coin flips as well. actually we got all the bonuses in this. session how about a time when a 4x would. apply that will be some. interesting win that will be some good. results on a time when a forex. multiplier. nope. but it will have a number two in this. time number two are the two if you wanna. pay out. thank you yeah you can go for the number. one number two number five number ten. plus you know bonuses eight segments in. total eight different segments. and all of them you can place your bats. all of them. good luck.

And on the numbers and on the bonuses. yeah we have like four coin flips to. cash on super chinkos at only one crazy. time. here we go. two and a seven x all right. sometimes you can have like top sword as. well. sometimes not sometimes this can be the. mess but uh we always are waiting for. some top slots multiplies because it can. multiply for. get a number five we got a number five. out of five to win a payoffs. make sense. birdman osmond red devil. albert and xero could late transit to. five so we're gonna pad thousand seven. hundred thirty eight winners by the way. we already gotta here thank you time for. the spin. yeah the top slot will multiplies the. word number or bonus. yeah that's uh on a bonus round we'll. have a multiplier which will be. multiplied by the top slot maximum. multiplier but. is a 50x that's why the maximum win for.

Example on coin flip uh might to be only. the 5 000 x multiplied because maximum. is 100x there. 100x multiplies by 50. it's the. 5 000 x multiplier number five. number five the perhaps you want to pay. out. moro man oh some red devil valley simply. make it reflections go for that thousand. six hundred seventy one winners on a. cash run you can have like um up to 500x. and 50x multiplier and top slot. multiplies by 500x will be the 25 000. x multiplier and it's like maximum. multiplier cash flow. for me maximum win and a cash on was uh. 10 000 x multiplied. one with a 5x multiplied. or no it was a 12.5. that 12.5 x nope. all right check it out. and it's a one with a 5x one with a 5x. multiplier five to one on number one see. that's the five extra number one and and. then instead of the number one you will. have like five to one up payouts.

Thousand two hundred thirty one is. venice sachin allen for the red devil. complexion's got sweaters good wins good. results thank you. shush. let's spend a. while luck. wow crazy time 25 x. multiplier by the way. i still will be far away. and it's the number two. two of the two to want to play thanks so. much guys thank you for all these. graphics for this game welcome to. participate don't forget about how to. play welcome newcomers please. participate a thousand pounder 97. winners you're not lucky are you. but why i need to be lucky if it's. everything depends on your luck. flying on the way some love you're. playing you're placing your bats you're. winning or losing and it's all about. your leg no don't you. why need to be the mylar. there is like a lot of players flying on. the wings of love who is having to win.

One number one and two as well who's. going exactly for this numbers having. some big multipliers in these numbers. and having some wins. it's a pachinko with a trick for the. plot yep. then we have like lucky players who's. like going on the numbers yeah. for me there is like. there is like the players who's winning. and it win a number one and with a. number two and number five nobody wants. one. what do you mean you know there is like. surely some of the players who need it. with number one as well plan on the. wingslope it's like you don't need that. and you can answering only by from. yourself. yeah. because you have your bats. yeah that's of course. most of the people. going for the bonuses that's obviously. yeah that's like players are trying to. get us some wins or the bonuses there is. like some of the players who's going.

Exactly for the numbers. and it might be on number one they may. be number two five and ten. here we go. it's a one two one a pad thousand. hundred forty two winners and morty. vicky mensah sip pacman red devil. you can ask the same question you know. oh number's amazing yeah look that's. what i'm talking about the numbers are. amazing. you will ask the same question to know. and we'll get an answer from like 10. players. but we have like how many players we. have here around like four thousand. players three thousand players and you. gotta like answer only from like ten. players and you will say that oh i was. right no. not at work so only like that it's. number one. here we go one two one of fires this. makes you better. yep thousand out of four winners xca. vancouver staffing ambody wiki got. lakeshore scots without.

But you know the uh. flying's uh on a wing of love. even if it will be only the one winner. only the one player who will win so. number one. i still will be happy you know because. i still will congratulate him because. he got it his win. i came out to be on like one of the. other sides. yeah i cannot do. specially cheering for like your. segments because you place. you place your bats on it yeah. i need to be neutral. it's the number two. and then it's time for you to know. for the night because. you're not helping anyone and what's. folks. and because of this message i need to do. so what good luck everyone guys enjoy. your time it was the number two ouch. here we go. good luck. hey beautiful. me glad to see how you doing there. and it's the number one with a one two. one of pay abs. one to one mankind bombardier supreme.

Victory night cycle elections 951. winners kind of here number one with the. ones you want to pay out time to place. your bats. time to purchase. i have no muscles your feet. the way we got it here check it out. please maybe some coin flip. no and it's a number one. and it's the number one with the ones. who want to play at riyadh monopoly. botty ricky that's how i contradictions. 996.. what is this by the way i already got it. here thanks so much for playing let's. speak well. don't forget about it i'll support you. welcome your cameras guys place your. backs. maybe you goofy. maybe you'll have some spins. it's a beautiful two and a fifteen axe. multiplier the top spot come on. that will be good now. easy. easy win here two and a 15 x multiply 30. to one payout 981 winners guys wiki the. ones jay gg reflections. need to go.

Need to go have a fantastic time ciao. have a good one jimmy hey everyone so. did you get that fifteen thousand xmitry. wanted. not yet. okay you're on the way. okay there is this thing good luck my. name is emily for the next session. cash on got a 7s. that would be nice right. yay good to see you. but we are. going to flip some coin. let's do so. ladies and gentlemen some bonus rounds. we're starting with and that's a. wavelet this time. so i'm taking you back to queen flip. station we're checking it yeah the side. exists the red side goes up. let's see the multipliers first. tricks on red 7x on blue let's just flip. it good luck. and that's a blue setup which brings. better of those two multipliers that's a. seven expect we hope for higher. multipliers to happen but now thousand. nine hundred sixteen bets of yours got.

Paid back with seven x. simply me you're the top one a good job. one point six thousand euros one to you. final seconds for your bets ladies and. gentlemen. so welcome welcome to crazy time. latifa good to see you. benjamin says i'm good oh sometimes. can i try to be good i tried this i. think i got a 2x master though well well. what happened. june june you tell me. oh i've gone 13 up. i worked hard on it. that was on purpose. so work down on my body a little bit one. is up. one two one in the return of initial but. thousand eight. thousand and eighty four minutes under. one thank you change your bets if you. want to. are you stressed in life no no jun jun. totally no stress. i have a really good stress resistance. so half a year ago i went through some. slimming marathon like that ox marathon. it was. and. i. improved my menu.

I'm eating really healthy. it's really good for my body i did some. blood tests i'm going. i'm doing better than i did half a year. ago way better. tricks on coin flip but the spin was a. little bit too fast i'm doing more. cardio for example. two is the. number that is winning and that thousand. two hundred twenty three winners thank. you vicky thou a hundred sixty two years. one two thank you the batting time is up. and change your bats if you need to so. you love my new figure you were just. afraid i i got it through stress no. some more working out i'm getting more. of the warm water i'm sleeping good i. have a really good sleeping schedule. and. it's not like i'm eating really less. but i'm eating more. healthy. so yeah i slimmed a little bit and. that's. oh that's really good that feels really. good and i love the way it looks like.

Please would you be pachinko. maybe later but now that's the one. we've got it and that thousand hundred. sixteen ones thank you. see. the batting time is available you can. place your different bets for different. things. you're too old too old for what lex. i'm even thinking about uh new education. so proud of you mommy oh thank you. ginger thank you very much. so i'm thinking about new education. cash on got it 2x that would be nice. so today i will have a conversation when. some. let's say hr expert. human resource expert. and five is winning. five to one and the return of initial. but it is thousand three hundred ninety. nine bonus thank you tommy there you go. you top one at the batting time is up. and welcome. jun jun. you're too sweet if it's true thank you. so yeah i'm thinking about learning. something new for myself.

That i hope would be good for my future. because i know if i will be hosting. games till i get retired. so we got pretty. pretty time about 10x. but now we're rolling way overrate over. the coin flip. and getting the 10 itself. yes there it comes. ten to one in the return of initial bet. straight away like just like that luna. eight point two thousand years from two. cv makes five point two thousand euros. stefan you are in chapter with 684. europa thank you. final seconds for our bets. thank you and once again good luck in my. previous session. quick stop stop multiplied crazy time. that ended up with this. 360. 150x well. when i've got 3x multi. battery flapper takes us somewhere. totally else this is. another one once they are happening a. lot please be ready for them. if you think that will happen you can. have some bet on them.

170 winners on one thank you the batting. time is open. be right and you will win it. be right and i will wish you to get. lucky also with the top start multi so. you would got those better payouts. today for example i've seen one with a. 25x happening 7x pacing code took place. twice already during this morning. session we had three x. crazy son to get the tricks multiplier. like less than ten rounds ago he had two. with the 15 x winning the spin so that. was steady expelled. and now another two for sure but hello. there are five welcome back in the game. five to one in the return of initial. bets and that's the second five lately. thank you. thousand five hundred ten winners stefan. over two point eight thousand years from. two tommy. salvo all the winners thank you final. seconds for the best my greetings all. the newcomers stream baha'i.

Oh in 24 hours and latest 24 hours the. highest marty was 800x on a blue flapper. of the crazy time and that was like. approximately six hours ago thank you. the betting time is over. and the. flapper is that going to be the five. again. yes that's back to back of fives and. this is the third five and last. six spins already thank you very much. you made it right thousand five hundred. fifty one when i thank you step on that. it and again about 2.8 000 years winter. tom and salvo each of you made 283 euros. i see final seconds for your bets please. henry oh. i know. that the pachinko has wanted i know. i did some fastest filter right now. let's see this will be good question got. a three x multiplier well that's. interesting. well as i mentioned twice we've seen 7x. per chain code. today happening already. first time it was 140x another time it.

Ended up with a 70x. and now that's the one again. one of those 21 ones. thank you very much ladies and gentlemen. thousand two hundred nine winners thank. you. change your bets try to guess that's. right. while we are hi good see you ryan good. to see you. oh. if you think then. the moment of numbers will keep on. happening. four moments more. you can go for that demo hi well. it is as it is can i help it can i. change it. naturally. it will start to slow down. and still that's one of those once. one to one in the return of initial but. thank you you made a thousand hundred. fortyfive of you gave it a bit that's. how you're winning the batting time is. open 21 i can't help. why i didn't receive my equipment. someday well if you're facing any issues. with your payouts or anything. i invite you to contact your casino. staff support.

So as a chat window you can switch that. chat folder. from the social chat to the chat with. your cause you know staff support and. please let them know that hey. we played conflict i didn't receive my. pets check it out. for example yeah. good luck crazy that was. multiplied by three x but the screen was. a little bit too slow after that's the. first two lately. that's two to one in the return of. initial bet seven over one point 1.8. thousand years went to vicky makes 222. euros matt you're in topped with 180. europe thank you. final seconds for bets please that's. only up tips to plan how to do that but. what happened with me. alex what don't you understand. and with that point we've got a forex. there are four segments. i'm wondering. oh no that was a little bit too fast on. the spin just a little bit. the one. remember that's only up to you.

1055 of you gave it a bet. i can't help the outcomes. but. that's only up to you to work out with. those bets of yours. remember but responsible gambling. remember about the aim of the game in. mathematical chances. check out the game history to see how. the game is happening right now. i really believe that this could help. you turn two noodles crazy tom got 7x oh. i wish. but no i can't help it it just goes down. as it will slow down. and the flapper still shows that another. one winning one two one in the return of. initial bet it is again. you made it 1081 if you give it a bet. the batting time is open that's up to. you can't help it sorry. the will is as it is the outcomes are as. they are and by guessing them right you. can do. say hi how am i uh. basically besides the gamekeeper i'm. good. i'm not complaining good luck ladies and.

Gentlemen. she's got 7x and again you say i look. like alicia from the money haze. and still i didn't check her out. i got you you don't. don't so he's got seven eggs but think. looks like a five is winning again five. two one in the return of initial bet. thank you and the. thousand two hundred sixty nine winners. thank you silva all the winners thank. you change your bets if you feel like. see the gamecube will lately go with a. lot a lot of numbers. and why don't you win on them you're. from india santa is hard really seeing. all the players from india hi. okay. thank you that. did that again that's the spin is mate. that's two excellent perfect so two. multipliers would get doubled the i oh. pretty soon all players from lithuania. good to see you welcome. the world slows down taking us. come on. right to the coin flip that got a 2x.

Multiplier from the top slot let's get there let's do so ladies and gentlemen my honor to take you back to the coin flip station let's check it out the red side exists the blue side goes up and first we're going to see two basic multipliers there are three x in blue 25 x in red times two and everything so that's six x and blue and i wish you two see the red side up after the flip cause that's a 50x good luck nope it didn't we see the blue side up which means a 6x everybody gave it on time we tried that 6x with a paid of 2008 of your bets and the betting time is open do you remember where were you and what you done what you did in a 2008 oh in 2008 i was already two yeah i was 20.

And that was a really great year for me. i moved to riga. it's the capital oh no. i had a really fun times here. the world slows down taking us to them. to the one winning one to one in the. return of initial but if you decided to. give it a bet olin. via. riyadh your interpreter thank you change. your bets. that's up to you know. final seconds for your decisions coin. flip one and two we've got lately smooth. from this side. well well. adrian sorry how comes three times. 20 is 56 it's not. sorry i'm not getting you adrian. we had 3x and 25x double so 6x and 50x. and the result was blue side so the. 36x it was now that's another one. imagine lately having a bigger bathroom. once and now to play on. all in via moses that's the top three. things change your bets if you feel like. any any of the. segments even the numbers might get.

Higher multiplied so you might love. those pay three since you are doing. really bad no no i'm doing good by. spinning the wheel and if you are. guessing correctly you are winning. that's up to you. i can't affect your winnings. and your bets matching the outcomes of. the spins and outcomes will be different. as. long as it's predictable for you use. that for your own goods one's got 4x. multiplier. i'll throw the flapper takes us to that. five so even five to one in the return. of initial but it is. thousand two hundred eighty seven. minutes thank you very much. the batting time is open. demo sorry ah you're in a conversation. okay. final seconds per bet please. samantha you hope for slow expense. interesting usually. emma. oh and while you got proposed. that's the spin but not the fastest ever. crazy time got rich smart let's see.

Welcome. barbara says i love emma and emily but. thank you thank you darling thank you. very much come on don't you need to slow. down too fast. please. please. that was a perfect spin again i'm taking. you to the crazy time with the 3x stop. stop multiplier on it okay check if your. play will be on. and enjoy the game follow me. welcome back. that's a crazy time money while getting. 64.. segments filled with doubles triples and. multiplies. so everything gets triple so every 10x. turns into 30x every 100x turns into. 300x and so on now you got to decide if. you play with green blue or yellow. flopper that's only up to you but if you. can't decide you will get one flopper. for your bed randomly by autopic anyway. so your bet will be paid back with a. multipliers anyways i wish you to get. those doubles and triples first but good.

Luck that's up to 600x right now we'd. like to explain everybody. 30 x with a green and yellow flopper. put a blue flopper. 20179 winners welcome back the batting. time is open thirty hundred fifty and. thirty exit was this time we got four. more. oh. previous tricks crazy time on my. previous session ended up at three. hundred. sixteen 1650x well. we'll keep on trying that crazy time. with the 10x the bat tobacco crazy time. right now would be just amazing to have. right. but i don't see the way for it to happen. the world slows down and the flapper. takes us to the of course the one. no actually the five. five to one in the return of the initial. bet thank you thousand three hundred two. winners thank you. meow meow you made 567 euros as a tough. one thank you. change your bats if you feel like that's. only up to you know.

Where's there not to play skipper hi. ladies and gentlemen beaker false keeper. says yes please gamble responsibly. whenever you feel these fun steps you. can also take a break this is totally. fine. quickly got a 2x multiplier from the top. slot. so you like the way i'm walking thank. you very much and i like. to say that another top start multiplied. bonus round is taking place this time. it's a quaint bonus round we need 2x. again so. let's play the game. checking out the right side exists they. say so and the blue side goes up. first getting based multiply three on. red nine on blue times two so that's the. sixth x on red and 18 x if we will see. the blue side up let's flip it good luck. that's the blue side up which this time. brings you back up to multiplayer and. that's an 18 x with a paid of everybody. give it on time to the cliff two.

Thousand hundred eleven winners thank you the batting time is open meow meow confident mom you are the top three winners thank you final seconds for your bets please say says that i'm old but still i got it yeah that's what you meant how old i am tina well i'm the oldest female host you have here on game shows i believe how old do you think i am now that's a big question different players are asking how old i am i wonder how old you think i am question got forex but we're moving over this is that two on the outcome so two to one in the return of initial bet thank you thousand four hundred thirty nine points thank you hi my name is says i'm 35 oh huggy knows i'm 34. oh kill says i'm 36 you look 65 oh harry come on i wish i would look like this when i'll be 65 final seconds for a bet but yeah actually i'm 34.

I'm from 1988.. i'm 90. oh. at work i'm pretending i speak english. i fluently speak latvian and russian. oh okay you're from. 1989 plus 10 got 4x. and back in the days when i needed to. cheer up my motherin-law i pretended i. i tried to speak ukrainian she was so. laughing on it. that's the one winning that thousand two. hundred eighty minutes thank you sweet. well please change your about if you. want to any of the segments might win. the game as lower the numbers more. segments it has remember please the. latest coin flip ended up with the. 18 x. the crazy time was 30 15 30 x. thanks again good luck. in case of the 1.2x. please if you see that your batting. strategy at the moment is not bringing. you join profits don't go for that speak. russian please ah we try not to speak on. other languages here basically five is.

Winning guys see. good job that thousand six hundred. eighty eight winners on the five. good luck with the next round guess that. correctly. i can say good luck in different. languages like udaichu. like la is. that all means good luck. no top stats multiclass i see this time. but good luck love my energy you're. amazing thank you go go i'm pretty calm. today. but oh i'm jumping around and screaming. it all out when it comes to the big. winnings. that's the two. so i've seen some really good weddings. yesterday and day before you can hear my. low voice today. we're on 19 vicky all the winners 1481. winner thank you the batting time is. opened. so yeah. basically i'm confident. i'm a teacher. i'm a married auntie exactly psy. yes i am married. in june we're gonna celebrate seven. years since our marriage. and yeah i think i will make some plans.

For our marriage universe uh anniversary. and we're rolling over the cash house. still it's not multiplied. by the flapper takes us to the one one. to one in the return of initial but. check out the game history. worm all in cheetah that's the top three. of the winners thank you the batting. time is open angel hi. anjali from philippines oh green salt. place from philippines hello there. spin heart good for you why. no i don't mind spinning hard. spinning a bit faster but why hope this. will be fast enough there's a little. tiny difference can make it. up to you 5x multiplier. you see the thing is that how to spin is. never giving. uh. higher possibilities for example for. crazy time to win the game. that was a little bit too fast for the. coin flip but it took us to that two. that's the 32 winning lately. and there are 1334 winners thank you.

Vicky confidence all the winners thank. you the batting times opened the latest. crazy sound was 30. 150 and 30x the latest coin flip ended. up with the 18x. gopher you say but i sold my car for. this i need a bonus darling if you want. to win you gotta get. right with guessing the outcome of the. spin. please do something clear and please. don't gamble with the money you can't. afford to lose in a worst case scenario. i want you guys to gamble responsibly. i know the fact that i wanted that's my. own problem but still. that's the one. that thousand hundred and five minutes. i'm proud of thank you. who. do guys good job the betting times your. pants hi everyone. jb hi. welcome. mick. the high speed of the day was 800x. on crazytown blueflopper that took place. like six hours ago. good luck ladies and gentlemen. no chops out multipliers i see anyways.

Good luck. goofy. why why what is dry we play though. bonus rounds already but they're. sometimes happening more sometimes less. frequently five is. up five to one in the return of initial. bad thousand five hundred fifty nine. minutes i say thank you the batting time. is open see lately in like. more than ten rounds i believe we had no. repeats of the winning segment so nearly. 15 spins we go with no repeats. oh. dave and he says go where you spin bad. no no i'm spinning good with a wig with. a hand. pulling the wheel down. if you will guess that right you will. win it. it's not about hosts i think it's about. you placing your bets for the things. that are happening are not happening of. course i wish you to get those. bonus runs but no we're passing by the. cash on a coin flip as well. this is the one. one started to happen with every second.

Spin lately you can give it a bat and. thousand ninety one over you just did. give it a bat so you want it. i'm getting responsibly now emily thanks. nothing in a bad session like this. always wait for the good session to play. okay that's also the way warrior you are. taking breaks that's amazing. i respect that. so whenever you feel you got to take a. break because you don't like the way. the fortune is out of studio. and you don't see your favorite bats you. would like to experience. they wouldn't bring you profits don't go. for those bats. only you are deciding when to play how. to do that if to change bets that's up. to you and i wish you to find your way. so you would enjoy those winnings. that's the two winning. nicely done thousand three hundred ten. winners thank you. dashi 570 eurocentre thank you thank you.

Well played 371 euros yours just a. moment more for you to work it out yes. thanks family for understanding of. course warrior. as long as you're having a good time i'm. happy for you because really i love all. of my players that you would be my kids. and knowing. that you are not hurting yourself that. really means a lot to me as your. stepmother come on crazy time with the. forex not this time yet. but wait a second. wait a second. oh yes that's my honor to take you back. to the cash on the money wall. that's amazing that's amazing to know. you're good i come on let's see the. multipliers. there's that hundred x downstairs. a lot of 25x some 56 as i've seen so now. everything got covered getting mixed and. shuffled. and there are 108 spots. emojis. any of them can bring you that 100x i. wish you to find it you got to choose.

One emoji do it by yourself or let the. gun moving around on how to pick still. if you give it a bet on time you're. gonna get that payout with the. multipliers more lucky you go as i will. be the most final seconds. and it's time to shoot it out good luck. oh upstairs we see the 100x17 of you. founded 99 winners got 56 which is the. second best this time congratulations. everyone and we're moving back to the. money world because the batting time is. open mohammed you got 25 x 11 000 euros. into it thank you 2 343 winners we just. had. that's amazing. great. here's the next host seju. my guess would be dimitri but that's. only a guess i'm not i'm not sure about. the schedule of my colleagues sorry i. can't guarantee anything. so. no taps at maltese. good luck. will we be happy with the outcome of the. spin are you on how to play i wonder.

And that's. so close that's the one. one two one in the routine of initial. but thank you there are a thousand. seventy two. with your honeycurrency thank you moses. ahmed thank you change your bets you see. as lower is the numbers more segments it. has so at higher as are the multiplier. of. sorry so as higher are the mathematical. chances for them to happen for more than. 15 rounds we went with no. repeats of the winning segments. no top start multi size is seated on the. top so the segment and multiply must. stand in horizontal line. still. isn't that going to be. this is the first repeat in more than 15. rounds and that's a repeat of on once. and. there are thousands hundreds well. winners. cuddle. boroman enzo you're in safari thank you. so if you think. you see the reasons to change your bets. yes you can do that for a few more.

Seconds. lb well you can take a break you can. change your bats you can try some other. games. that's up to you. and i hope you will enjoy whatever. you're doing there choose that to let's. multiply. if you think you know what will be the. outcomes of my spend use it for your own. goods just be right please. and that's the two with the 2x so 41 in. the return of initial but there it comes. just like that. 1325 minutes thank you. oh crazy tom you made 709 euros there. vicky well played 180 euros winter and. we're running out of vetting time again. so yeah the latest crazy time ended up. with 30 150 and 30x. well once again good luck. i got a 2x. oh lb says how is that rude well easy. to. say something wrote you don't have to. use the rude words the meaning. sentence how you build it up also can be. found rude. the different ways how to hurt other.

People is and you just accidentally were. in purpose found one okay thousand three. hundred forty two and us thank you the. betting time is opened well also i'll be. just saying. just saying the facts oh. fact an opinion is not always the same. thing by the way thanks for sharing your. opinion but also i invite you to find. the right place to do that. you can open a private chat with your. customers live support and you can let. them know how you feel about me my. colleagues the game your gambling. experiences and everything we invite you. to do that. the grandmother collector is here to. collect all you're gonna know i'll be i. don't know what you're talking about. catch on please no. that was so close i was afraid to juice. that away. that's the one cashew had five eggs but. that's the one thousand sixty two. minutes thank you the batting time is.

Open for example i'm here to spin the. wheel to remind you about your. possibilities. and to remind you you can change your. bets on every betting time you know it. don't forget about it. and reminding that i can't help the. outcomes of this thing that i'm making. i'll try something really fast to spend. this time good luck. okay no tops at multicasting but you see. that's always up to you. if you plan hold to do that. the world starts to slow down it's not. gonna reach a crazy time but that's. the five right now five to one in the. return of initial bet yes it is. thank you very much that thousand four. hundred fifty three winners crazy time. ill coco. bjd that's a top free thank you change. your bets if you want to. that's only up to you know. so if you think that i'm cursed with. numbers or any other opinions you have.

Yeah. lately numbers. were happening a lot. so if you think that oh i see emily. hosting i better get ready for the. numbers oh i was right oh i'm winning. you can do that. two got7x multiplayer but also. the game though is changing sometimes. the fortune i have no explanation of the. fortune but sometimes we really are. getting lucky with getting those rare. segments happening. oh boys and girls that's the one winning. again right in between. but that's actually the one thank you. very much 997 winners on the one only. come on. there are a lot of points and lately are. happening pretty frequently. but that's a fast we're hoping for the. brighter future right final seconds. so as long as you as soon as you have. that off course feeling. work it out. three x multi on those tens by the way. we had no chance when you go down great.

Time there are only four segments for. them. i'm not sure if we're gonna get. one of them but we're getting really. close. yeah. yeah super close. the back to back up once. thank you that's the third one and last. full spins and the 998 winners thank you. change your bats a little bit if you. want to this is the batting time so you. can do that. oh come on final seconds for next. decisions please. for a longer time we had no repeats now. we had twice the back to back up once. and last 10 months and we've seen the. back to back of twos. the game flow is changing so you can. also change your bats you can be right. and one's got 2x multiplier i would say. like just in case. but still. this might exactly happen. oh i'm sure it's going to be a number. but which exactly. of course the one but we did 2x and this. is the first time i got three once in a.

Row lately. i only made 225 years then 985 units and. that's up to you to place those bats. please. pompom says emily is a good host for me. thank you very much. c players are different and different. people might have different bats. on different. segments arch how comes i'm terrible. i was not even singing come on. you got a tricks multiplier. you can find your way of winning you can. i know you can will you i wish you will. i wish you to do so that's the first one. in a row when inclusive attention ones. are really showing the majority. elara dj x moses you're in top three. thank you the batting time is open. that's up to you if you think the fifth. one in a row will hit you have final. seconds to give it a bet i'm not. promising but this might happen. where's the pachinko i don't know we. haven't played that. during this session yeah that's where we.

Had couple of. a few pointers to play the cash our. played. crazy time already. got a 2x. again. and there are four queen flip segments. ladies and gentlemen. not the one i'm surprised but that's the. five. hopefully that's better for you. thirty one in the return of initial. about thousand two hundred thirty two. one is i'm proud of you supreme sylvia. sub uh free change your bet if you want. to. final seconds. well yeah the latest crazy time ended up. with 30 150. and 30x not a highest result of the day. but well we tried and the blue flapper. came pretty good. that's 2x on cash oh please. i would really appreciate it. but it will. slows down and flapper shows us. the one oh i'm not surprised. i'm surprised i see only 893 wins on the. one but okay that's my problem. ellaria. umbody. moses you're in top three things. change your bets if you want to.

Final seconds for you to work it out. oh ladies and gentlemen you can do this. good luck. for such a long time already. i wonder if maybe. some miracle would happen. not on this spin. please. it's been harder they were texting. that's the one. once everyone in the return of initial. bet again non candidate punish ill coco. 189 euros until thank you fitz. from buddy moses gates good job final. seconds for our best please. the game goes as it goes 211 we got and. when they're happening they are not. disappearing from the wheel so they can. win again. dirty says not her fault is a. company no that's a fortune. one got 25 x multiply no there are 21. ones you know they might happen. well why not to win on them when they're. happening ah. two. i hope that's even better for you two. two one in their region of initial bet. dj x 567 euros when two.

Cac makes 160 euros dead 1020 more. winners thank you. well. final seconds for next decisions. welcome. i know it might feel some heartbreaking. when your expectations. in reality are not coming together i'm. sorry but i can't help it. anyways. the world starts to slow down we played. another 3x top slot multiplied crazy. time we played different games we're. missing the pachinko. and the plopper now. no it takes us to the one when last time. it was multiplied but that's the one one. two one and the region of the initial. bet for 999 winners give everyone. welcome to dimitri see you around. see emily have a fantastic time. oh yeah. nothing changed i would say hello. everyone. hello everyone guys limitry's in the. house. and we'll try to change the whole. situation here. another cursed host but why i'm cursed. there because of the players.

With me. that's the thing. yeah it's like all because of the. players who's like cursing me. but it's not really kirsten it looks. like a first spin coin flip. no you can't hear me. it's a joke yeah you're like trolling me. you're you're trolling me we can't hear. your microphone. oh maybe it's not they're just so loud. i don't need to change the mic right on. the blue sides on a coin as always up. 200x give me the hundreds. of the blue sides. flip the coin. at least we got this blue side here and. it's a 12x multiplier by the way in. house michael. we win good catch let's go back to the. wheel. and hundred sixty eight what is mohamed. cyphon djx. and kodio currently. with that. nice wins. hi hi hi barrier glad to see you. you changed your nickname barrier nope. got us some more ones maybe. here we go i'm calling it. is the sound of the police.

Is there sound that i beast crazy time. tricks for the flight you're super lucky. bro uh i'm not sure not sure about it. the players were telling me that i'm. cursed. but that's the number one. that's the number one would i want to. want to pay out my congratulations guys. thank you so much. shay. vicky and boarding moses. lectures with that nice ones don't. forget about how to play welcome to all. the newcomers guys let's go. actually um i would say that i become as. a gambler not a gambler but gamer you. know gamer who's like not a plane. but who's watching all of the. interesting games you know like some. cyber sport yep. hello hello diwali glad to see you. crazy time 5x no. no we got a number two. surprise surprise chris. kennedy 403 sap flow supreme court. ladies with that thousand hundred to the. winners now how is your day going there.

Chris how was it like. it's all good. and. it's. it's who. thoroughly about whom you're talking. about it. on the. i'm a mr collector you know. the president collector like from have. you played on money train. there is like uh you can get a president. collector and there is like should be to. my face nope. number two. number two with the two tomorrow payouts. thanks so much thank you for playing g d. g c. t mushy seven g c maximum. congratulations we got 1446. winners right now here in total yep. only for now. 4 600 plates online. maybe preparing before the friday yeah. because it's still not a it's still a. working day. doing the forex. it's the preparations before the friday. nights. saturday nights before there's some. party. before a good. night good good good night doing the 4x. nice 8 to water playoffs. last spin in my previous session was a.

Two with a 15x multiplier was a huge win. now we got an eight two and a pair dj cb. nice win king good cop coaster we kicked. it later's thousand hundred sixty one. winners yeah we had a like 15 x on. number two it was a 30 to win a payout. on the last number two which we had like. in a previous session yeah. here we go. hi how do you get the box do what you. mean billy you need to place your bat on. it and then if a flapper will stop so. the bonus you know then you will get a. bonus crazy tower the pirates will fly. on the top all right. hey puppy what's happening buddy. you're not a gambling responsibly yep. that's number one. oh i don't want to want to pay out thank. you one two and a half vanca lucky girl. twenty vicky see my mushy cutting right. lakes 1092. winners. yeah today will be actually the same day. as i had like yesterday that i will.

Watch some major in delta you know csgo. some hockey but just like. one thing that i will have a i think day. off tomorrow maybe that i will have some. rest. finally. well wake up now because of my alarm but. just like because i will wake up you. know. puffy are you for real you know my. friend do you need. it's uh help five. it's number five out of five to one up. pay out your lucky deal. uh sometimes how many sick amount of. it's like sometimes lucky sometimes not. but it's not depends on my luck you know. it's like all depends on your bats on. which you're placing. uh your money which are placing your. bats. yeah i cannot just say that i'm like. i need to have some luck. yeah. it's all about adjusted some outcomes. some results some timing you know yep. this might be that. one session will be the luckiest session. you know for everyone another session.

Will be unluckiest and how you will say. that am i lucky or not. if one session was like lucky another. session was unlucky. yeah that's number two. dgc copco. my biggest win was a 12.5 000x. multiplier. on a cash. i think it was a 12.5 k no. or maybe it was like 10k i'm not sure. you can hear my louder abbas. i think that everything's fine and i. know. it's only. only for you you know that it's not. working really good though. everyone guys how can you hear me. can you hear me nicely or i need to make. it louder like at least not to make it. louder but change the change the mic. i don't know everything was fine. so. inaudible nobody's not saying in a chat. you know that. sounds good thank you so much oliver. sorry hablas it's like sounds good all. fine. try to. maybe check some settings on your screen. the chainsaw 2x multiplier by the way we.

Got it here already. a cheat call with a 2x emulsion liar. but we got another five out of five to. want to pay out still a lot of pipes. yeah we're having some a lot of pipes. cuddle with our silvio nine river vicky. melo lake shoes got sweater 159 winners. in total but i already got here thanks. so much here we go time for the new spin. you spin your round you gave new chances. can't you see. sometimes your spins just. have a good day unknown have a wonderful. day my friend. mr beast what is the biggest win today. biggest win was the 800 x. on a blue flopper. and a crazy time but it was at night. no and it's number one. it's the number one with the ones who. want to play us. this game is made to be addictive jason. uh that's how casino works you know yep. all the games are created. for that but you need to gambling.

Responsibly all the time. you need to be careful my friend. gamble responsibly only the money which. you can afford. only when you're having some fun if it's. not fun anymore try to take a break i. wish you the best of luck guys. five with a 4x multiplier what do you. think about it how about a number five. of the four forex. and it's the number one what i want to. want to find out jason you're feeling. yourself better now you know after. saying such things that are there in the. chat yeah. i think that's it helps somehow too you. know is it like helps even when you're. writing something like that in the chat. thousand three what is good lectures. don't forget about it outside your. welcome newcomers guys. let's go for another spin. blue flopper traps blue clapper. and good luck to everyone. with a good odds. it's super volatile you know.

There is an sometimes this might be the. good odds but you can also have them. always yeah sometimes having uh numbers. as well and a good numbers like number. time with a time to wanna payouts. turn to one of payouts. carol whenever simmetsy. spiderman and eric cody lectures 165. winners by the way whatever you got here. thank you for playing let's spin it well. is there any youtuber here this session. deserves publicity but we only started. our session my friend. only started we made it like how many. maybe 10 15 spins only sound with the 5x. would have blocked. sound with a 5x with a plan we had a. coin flip yeah with an onyx oh no 12x. still it was some bonus round but it's a. town with a 5x multiplier. no it's not a time for sure but we got a. number five but i got a number five here. with the fives you want to pay out.

Mmm. do. so. so. oh. so. so. so. so. so. so. so. so. so. so. so. so. so. so. one. three. oh. so. this. so. so. uh. so. one. three. so. so. so. so. so. so. so. so. so. storm. so. love. amazing. trinity. incredible. love. star. wonderful. storm. star. storm. wow. trinity. nice. fantastic. wonderful. storm. big. dog. trinity. incredible. star. storm. wonderful. so. big. door. wow. so. star. so. storm. wow. nice. amazing trinity. love. star. incredible storm. star. so. storm. nice. trinity. love. wonderful. star. free spins love. so. so. big win. super big win. big. no it goes downstairs. anything like ten. now too fast. or. that's the one again one two one in the. region of initial bet oh come on. barrow nearly 300 euros went to that. thousand five hundred twenty four. winners thanks if you think another one. or two will hit oh and watches give it a. bet you have a few more seconds i'm not. promising but i see that lately they got.

All power say more sandwich what do you. mean. look at me. oh for the breakfast i had couple of. salmon sandwiches. and a really good bread and i did cook. that summer by myself. and i had a big. bowl of salad vegetable salad a chinko. got a five eggs but that spin was. obviously too fast for it now i see it. and just look for the crazy time. two. two is the outcome that's two to one. player then the reason of initial but. cross joey vicky you're in subtree. thanks everybody the batting time and. zone that's up to emily hogg it's here. well we got triple ammo leaf power. so we got game host emily chad wonder. writer emily there's a player emily. oh this gotta work for the goods. i really hope so. i know five got a twix multiplied that. would be 15 to one tail. will it that'd be different story. i think it might we're running out of.

Over the. crazy. almost almost did that's the one one two. one in the reason i finished that thank. you. dodo chelsea garnish you in suffering. 170 winners. you can do this you can get that right. my greetings all the new cameras. please make sure you went through the. manual of the game you can find it under. the question mark button upstairs and. right top corner of the screen here. also you can find those settings so also. out of your settings. and you can help uh have a button with a. human being on it that's the bottom for. responsible gambling. you can find some details there pachinko. got it 2x and it comes up please. clapper we need those miracles but you. keep on taking us to ones and twos. lately. this time it's the two so as long as. that's predictable use it for your goods. there are thousand six hundred twenty.

Four winners two that two hundred twelve. euros one two vicky spins thank you the. batting time is also one centuries late. they are happening super frequently. if you think they will keep on showing. up for moments more find your way to win. on them please. you can do this. and good luck again. sam got a quick multiplier. that would be beautiful thirty to one. payout. hello what you're going for point flips. oh. i'm not gonna reach it but that's close. no surprises that's the one. so once and two's just started to show. it one by another thank you thousand two. hundred fifty minutes thank you baro. nearly three hundred years from two. cheetah chelsea well done if you think. this will be two or one tada. you might get right so i wish you to be. riding to get lucky with the top slot. so you know the numbers just wanted to.

Lately yes. they're bringing bigger part of the. wheel so oh might happen. sometimes they aren't showing that super. majority chinko got four eggs. sometimes we're missing two sometimes. there are almost none of the ones. happening and that's also frustrating. for some of the people. and it stays on one ic. thank you. thousand hundred sixtyfive of you kept. the bet on once baro. totally same top three i see so that. makes me think about you go on how to. play good for you if you're making. profit nice but come on top slot. let's go. the batting time is over. do that. mark can i help you. you think about seventh we've been there. it's white. and the pachinko with 7x today. it looks like we might reach. that. cash house. yes it stays on the cash and so i'm. taking you back. to the cash on money well oh. nice. i hope with this question we will start.

The season of bonus rounds happening. again let's see the multipliers there we. go with up 200x 50 25 x's and stuff. so if you give it a bet. you're gonna get one shot. now the current shuffles it all. multipliers are also not connected to. the emojis and you gotta choose one in. one out of those 180 emojis choose one. or let the gun moving around and outside. anyways your bets for the cash on will. be paid back with a multiplier final. seconds to the side please. good luck. there we go 100x downstairs in the hands. of 14 champions. 434 winners thank you and they're. 2895s on this cash hunt thank you the. batting time is up in mohamed you got. 25x that's over 11.6 thousand europe at. shokhram which means thank you very much. final second square bets please anna may. i help you. bank of england welcome good to see you.

Thursday friday so far 5 25 x multiplied. please. that would be such an amazing fail. james good morning. thank you for compliments. not a five i see. that's the two. two two one in the written initial but. for those who are going for it. thousand five hundred eighty three. minutes thank you very much a cheetah. fhj that's a few things. change your best please any of the. numbers or bonus rounds might get up to. 56. still it has to become the outcome. and good luck with the youtube comment. but i never put my back right 69 here if. you're facing any issues with bad and. your accounts. please switch the chat for the private. chat with your casino staff support and. let them know that. you are. is there anything happening that got to. be checked and fixed for you please. this is the one i'll throw cash on was. multiplied.

And that's one to one pair than the. region of initial bet 4. 348 winners thank you montana you're the. top winner thank you 283 euros when two. so yeah whenever you're facing any. issues with your battle payouts or. accounts we have any. any feedbacks to share. we invite you to find a private chat. with your customers like support and let. them know how you're feeling about a. game or if there's anything that got to. be checked. yeah it might take time for. life support to get that message and to. work it out. because i believe we have more of the. players than the life supports. and that's the five for winning for the. first time in a longer time. thank you very much addis two point six. thousand two silvia maradona what a pace. thank you 2025 momentous thank you. change your bet if you want to. and for a moment we see no repeats of.

The winning segment. rocky high the highest malty was 8. 100. seven and a half hours ago. that was a blue flopper of crazy thumb. quincy. got a trix multiplier will we get any of. them. i don't think so but. but the flapper. takes us. to the one. one two one in the return of initial but. still is happening cheera as. yadava you're interested of thousands. 330 wins thank you change your bets if. you want to. later spins from this side to consider. five two and one any thoughts. okay what do you mean the videos stop. you can check out your internet. connection or maybe. video settings. crazytown.2x. hierarchy. that was a pretty hard spin. but that comes way too fast. so we got the crazy tongue see. two pass for the coin flip and there we. go back to five. five to one in the return of initial bet. thank you. oh that is thousand seven hundred eighty.

One euro goes to. sylvia makes 890 usd 1891 winners thank. you the batting time is on see the. faster spin is never guaranteed for the. bonus round or anything else but you can. tune up your bets a little bit. yeah on every single betting time you. could change your mind about that. betting strategy. let's go with that. close the sound gets free up. oh i wish. that looks like not this time. will we. huh. this is the one so ones and fives lately. are happening one by another. thank you very much thousand three. hundred twenty eight winners we've got. montana makes two that 283 euros. how's it shot moderator and spinning the. wheel i'm not moderating the chat ladder. that's the answer. you have two different emily's working. in a game at the moment. you see me hosting and spinning. and there is another chat moderator. emily who is working with you on chat.

Pachinko got a 2x. so sing the same name doesn't mean. that's the same person. oh that was a little bit too slow for. the pachinko i see now but that's. the two. two two one in the return of initial bet. look at you. look at your thousand six hundred eighty. two winners good job so when it made 567. euros sorry a country that's um. i don't understand that language. james i say you are third go home and. relax now i'm not sure i'm just calm i. see the numbers are happening so i'm not. jumping around yet i don't see some. super wow celebrations because of the. numbers so i'm. keeping it neutral let's say crazy time. goes i'm just waiting for those. bigger things to happen. and see faster spins came to be super. too fast for the crazy time. flapper would you be nice please. will you. i think that 10 is great 10 to 1 in the.

Return of initial bet it is and that's a. nice place for a thousand nine hundred. ninety four minutes sylvia over two. point one thousand years ago thank you. the batting time is open. app hi good see you mark hello. justin. okay good luck with this movie. not super depressing. part host oh wlp yes i am one got a 10x. multiplier. just in case will that be the case or. will we maybe. please stay. now it flip that's the one with the 10x. so better payout actually 10 to 1 in the. return of initial bets. jenny so you made nearly 2 000 usc thank. you congratulations. 1277 of you got that payout the batting. time is on please guess that's right so. you would get those pairs come on. yes i wish you to play crazy time and. other bonus fronts but i can't help it. it's like what happened baby girl no. freedom i don't know. that's just a matter of fortune and i.

Have not enough explanation of it. pachinko got crazy time. we likely go with a lot of numbers since. the cat shown and they're happening with. no. repeats lately. a couple of twos couple of fives there. was a ten. now. the back to back of once. so please be ready for them. thousand four hundred twenty nine. winners i'm proud of you cheetah baro. alpha you're in top three thanks if you. think the third one in a row will happen. you can give it a bad cha cha hi. sasha i see a question i will take that. as a compliment but. once that was never my target alright i. i will not even read it out loud i don't. feel it comfortable. pachinko got a 5x now i really hope. but i don't see the way this could. happen. will the flapper maybe. maybe. no it didn't. that's the one winning for the third. time in a row. look at you thousand three hundred.

Seventy two winners we've got heart rate. 244 euros one two two cheetah makes 230. six euros. piopo. final seconds four bets please. well i'm spinning from different sides. faster and slower. once it falls too fast another time it. was too slow so good luck with guessing. that's right. come on bonus. squares of god is 70. that would be so. great both multipliers would get. multiplied by seven and then we would. flip it. i don't think this will happen this time. but. flapper come on. it takes us to the fourth one in a row. look at that. cheetah 236 euros went to the top of. thousand three hundred thirty one is. monopoly all for you interpreting. the batting time is available i still. know that five ones in a row are. possible i don't know if you would go. for that but that's only up to you. ladies and gentlemen the fact that five.

Ones in a row can happen that doesn't. mean that they will happen let's try. some stuff to spend this time. i don't know if this will help you we. still hope for crazy time even without. the top slot maltese i wouldn't mind to. take you there at all. we're getting closer to the pachinko. now it worked i'm gonna take you there. to pachinger money world ladies and. gentlemen. nice i can breathe again. so previous pitching cause i remember. ended up with the 20x. so i will drop it back in a moment. and if you give it a bet you're going to. get that money back with multiply let's. see options. that's 3 7 10 15 50 200 and there's a. double oh come on double is what i wish. you to get rng decides about it drops. and i think we have all the chances to. get a double or straight away 200x. good luck everybody. so when the pack will land that will be.

The result for everyone who is playing. come on. oh please be the golden then. 50x. which is i believe second best this time. 50 excited. all the best to give on time to pachinko. 3 442 winners thank you ball to the. tournament with nearly 5 000 europe. thank you the batting time is open for. moments more if you feel like. there's a win there. if you look inside your heart. you can guess what it will be on the. outcome of the screen not getting into. line but crazy time got 2x and it's. passing by. check if your autoplay will be on if you. want to go with it yeah. keep an eye on a game please that's. important. one is up. one to one in the return of initial but. it is again. and they're 1524 winners cheetah bubbles. opera that's top three thanks change. your bets if you want if you think. another line of ones. will happen you can be ready for it.

You're not a good singer so stop that. i'm like oh. look out i know i'm not a good singer so. i'm not doing that frequently. i can rap a little bit. i feel more confident with it. all right no tabs at maltese i see. and a flapper. oh come on. oh really this is the second one in a. row. and like the sixth one and last seven. spins so lately still having bigger. multiply on once could be a good idea. i'll put 237 years into that thousand. six hundred fifty more minutes thank you. maxim high. asking how i'm doing doing pretty good. not complaining. the latest pachinko was 50 x. how did it slow down. well you see as softer as the spin has. less energy i'm getting to the spin it's. faster it takes for the flapper to slow. down and to stop the ball that's physics. it's like throwing the ball as more. energy energy give it that's what it.

Flies and rolls one got 2x just in case. but i think we might get the 10.. yeah no that's exactly the one with the. 2x. so two to one better than the return of. initial but okay. 1727 winners good job more winners than. previously good for you the batting time. is open 80 says stop one no no i can't. step or stop them or make them or. anything like this they're happening and. that's your choice if you went on that. thank you and good luck. hi welcome. say we need crazy time i see your point. locks i do agree with that. but looks like this spin ends up with a. with a two. two two one and the return of initial. but good 2037 winners giveaway welcome. to dmitry. good luck good luck hello everyone. good luck to you now how was it. it's uh interesting. no crazy but. this game is not only about a crazy time. yeah sometimes it's all about the.

Numbers. this is got jack the pot lord yes it's. me hello. croc quick clip twisted flat lucky man. you're back samantha. back in the business. did you bring the lucky lucky look. andrea what do you mean lucky lucky luke. lucky luke. lucky luke. looks like not that's the number one. it's the number one would i want to want. to play but i gotta hear it thank you so. much shout out for your figure for your. access alfred bubble's gonna link his. gosh. i have no idea jackpot sometimes i'm. like. i'm choking it as well. but guys maybe let's go for the number. one everyone know what do you think. about it. let's see it's only the beginning you. know maybe they will have like luck. a little bit later in some next couple. of spins. what do you think about it i'll be. pretty happy about that as well but we. got a number two here.

They got a number two here and i wanted. you to want to pay out it's gonna make. six thousand eight hundred fifty five. what is alpaca bubbles used to be up ggg. right right jock and rotten lake shoes. what else thank you. it likes way too much to be real it's a. shiny. this is jackpot lord you know that's man. but anyway i wish you the best vlog. maybe you're just watching this game. maybe you're uh. going for the numbers. family tricks for the play emily happy. to see you. hey emily how was your evening yesterday. it was good it was nice. it could be one. place. but how about a big number 10. it's. already 10 out of 10 to want to pay out. yeah that's absolutely something. luna peter who does silvio china go to. lakeshore since the time times i want to. find 2284. winners welcome all the new cameras guys. ladies and gents and enjoy your time.

Have a wonderful day. it's the wonderful wonderful life. for me tonight. what should i play or what's up. don't give us a big win don't lose hope. no. cookie i'm never losing any hopes here. you know because i know how it's like. might happen so they're just the one and. they do everything will be changed. hello hello emily how how are you doing. there how was your evening. can't you see. sometimes your spins just hypnotized me. 1629 winners guys going for another. split how are you again. how is your evening there already. okay. how was your lunch. not working anymore no at home chilling. having some rest at home no. here we go i'm good how are you i'm sad. about it yesterday's game we lost 51. against the czech republic. yep. a little bit my legs hurts a little bit. after the gym as well that's times what. if i just came home how are you i'm i'm.

Fine you know i can also say that i'm. good because we. we cannot just say that we had a like. really big big big wins in here and i'm. hoping we'll change everything right now. luna bird china silver manage a. speculation. but hopefully. that will change this game you know yeah. in this in this session that's so. exciting it was sad but. it is what it is you know thank you. albert thanks so much brother it's a. pleasure to hear that my friend. what do you feel sad you did not even. lose that. why i'm society sad you know because of. the because of the players because of. the comments which. receiving you know if we're having some. uh some bad games you know here that's. why i'm feeling sad though you think. that you think that. i have no feelings yeah toaster that i'm. only wishing it's like to. lose whatever but no.

I'm not that's number one cheddar bubble. spell for alpha hh correct make sure. that. it's the big song hypnotized. i don't think you definitely don't have. i definitely have no feelings you think. so jackpot lord. happy to see you. what about you that's the two of the two. excellent flat emily hey what's up the. emily oh there's so many so many players. you know so many good people actually. joined this. this time this game this session but we. got a number one actually decreased that. it looks good on you oh really. actually some of the people tells me. that's uh red color suits me now. you're gonna hear it. why it's just a job you know jackpot why. i cannot working here if it's like just. a job which i'm doing you know i'm. having no influence on any kind of. outcomes and results they're not like. depends on me somehow yep.

It's not of my choice i'm not choosing. anything here just to do my job just. holding the show it's like the same as. like hosting the show on a tv it's like. the same as like hosting some of the. like wedding or like any kind of the. parties yeah. thank you emily. that's the number time of the time to. want to pay. out. time to win a payout. 2096 minutes luna silver hood in apricot. elections if it will be not me then it. will be like someone else and it will be. even maybe worse foster because you will. have a no conversation. with him you know that he will be like. pretty i don't know salty. or will be trolling you and guarantee. the games only people have a lot of. money. i can also guarantee anything my friend. because nothing is not depends on me. tan is always good i know that actually. is a pretty good win. here.

Yeah i would say that yes i think. you know some really bright color suits. like red like this red color yeah if it. will be like suddenly that i have no. blue color like blue jacket like this. another side of a coin flip i think blue. color would be so good on me like like. dark blue. collar you know. it's number one what it wants to want to. pack lecture 1637 winners. here we go time for the spin. you're. having a bigger game. like all of us no jackpot. you mean that. it's. i'm like just uh. just a person. in a bigger game where it's like a lot. of money yep. unlucky but what could i do with that so. we had like such a good chance and maybe. there was a reason to go for some big uh. big numbers yeah. number two it's one of pets. what is my favorite color all right it's. our bible ch-j-l provisional. congratulations i could have just said i.

Really have like my favorite color. no but i love red color yeah i love blue. color like dark blue color. thousands of casinos your company price. you don't check id but we're having no. any kind of the connections with these. casinos their jackpot yep. that they are just connected to our game. you know. you're understanding how it works. yep. it's a number 10 with a time to one up. hey. out another great catch. no jackpot no. no. that's the 2101 winners it's only your. casinos pays you and like pays your. money and uh you're paying to your. casinos their money that's it they're. having the profit from you you are like. they're paying your wins that's the. thing. let's spin it again. but it's like run the services what are. you why are you talking about like some. of the. profits from the players. we got a number two. it's a two of the two two one a patch oh.

Come on you spin this wheel over ten. times plus and nobody would have had. like nine stands you know yeah there is. only four tans on a. on a board four tans and we had like how. many times thousand seven hundred forty. eight winners we had like four times and. lost ten spins. nice good results. here we go again but hundred on top. i'll get one game. is everyone are gamble addicted or is. someone really playing for fun. aren't a dubai. i have no ideas to be honest but i have. no ideas what about you you aren't a. dude are you playing for fun. no. check it out. and it's time. for the bonus round coin flip and a. house by the way guys. coin flip in a house so let's go you. don't even give your bonuses debbie. what you will say about now yeah it's a. point flip or you will say the coin flip. is not a bonus run in the blue sides of.

A coin. let's go hold. it. some of the players said that red color. suits me let's go for the red color. hey perfect. easy 15 x so many times so many pictures. like first 15 for residue but we had so. many times good results mohammed bold. bizarre bubbles because place is 396. minutes. my compliments that's great for another. spin. absolutely troll what's my real name. oh i have no ideas. wait a second. no i knew that but i forgot is that. minimum wage you mean a salary minimum. salary giselle. sure. number 10 but it's time to oneup. playoffs. is the popular name and um. on philippines okay. because uh. i think it's more popular maybe. i think it this name is like more. popular in america yeah somewhere. it's like more like an english name nope. it's hard to say it's kind of. comparing to europe. jackpot. it's not the not really good yeah not.

The best. so how long do you have to train to be a. wheelhouse master. it's time for the coin flip. translations i have no idea it's. actually not that long if you're having. like some good english skills you know. then it's it should be not a problem at. all for you it's like. here we go. check it out. blue battery with a 20x would apply good. luck to everyone let's go. oh. perfect here guys we got a 20x. multiplier but at least. 20 excluded black compliments for that. guys let's go for another round this is. too much. 388 winners i would say jackpot you know. it's more about like. or about a chat. and like all about your reactions how. you're reacting on a chat that's the. thing the the hardest thing while you're. working as a host and if you're like. if you're having like no problems with. us if you're like uh. table yeah i would say.

You can easily become as a like as a. host to start working with ads like even. this is like i don't know like not a. first date you need to have like some. experience maybe at the blackjack table. at the ruler to know as well how. for example it was for me yep. zimmerman bubbles the hackers complexes. 2 100 winners. but overall you can have like becomes. like breathing fast you know. as a as a pulse. here we go. all right catch up with the 5x. multiplier but i already got it here. nice. cash on with a 5x come on. i haven't seen some huge wins in the. cash for the like pretty long time. already. no that was for two. too small strong the caption that's. number five it's the number five of the. five to win a payout but yeah about like. uh average salary jackpot answering on. this question so you know. for the europe i cannot say that it's.

Like the really big salary you know that. the average seller which we have here. because for example. if i will go. yep and a person who's like working in a. latvia we'll go into sweden and we'll go. in a bar for him it will be like really. expensive to buy anything there in a bar. for example our. latvians which are right now in a swami. in finland. yeah that's the one with the 10x for the. flat one with the 10 extent to water. number one. time to one or number one by the way. guys and. yeah we got it i hope that's a nice. catch for you guys i hope it's a big win. and one with a 10x for the player. i weren't like latvians uh our latvian. fans they went in. in a finland on a hockey and they said. like. to buy them one like bottle of beer like. 0.5 lit liters. you need to spend 10 euros. for them. they're in um. in finland and in sweden as well.

It's uh. it's the normal like it's the. normal price i would say yeah for us for. the latvians. it's like. it's not just the ellen it's like. unreal expensive. come on. and it's a number two with a two to one. and payout. jackpot emma answered on your question. staff uh secretaries guys don't forget. about it out suplex and welcome all the. newcomers guys you know what to do and. how to do it as well. welcome welcome newcomers guys place. your backs. there we go. yeah we had like some good coin flips. with a 15 and 20 x a lot of times we had. there just needed more uh like some. other bonuses. crazy time cash haunts maybe coin flip. as well would be really pretty pretty. nice you know two of the tricks for the. fly and it's a number five and a five. two one guys let's go. five two on the pad luna montana bizarro. staff glaciers two thousand six hundred.

Twenty one winners in total but we got. it here. try to make time. and crying. don't cry. hello hello happy hello. hopefully this you will be happy after. this session and you will have some nice. wins some nice results brother. let's go. somi what happened there. what do you need to know. i will answer in your questions at least. i will try to answer your questions. here it's the number one or the ones who. want to pay out for this. time thank you so much. you're wrapping your. a game new. six when it's monte. maria albert and raja can drive. inflation with us. time to protest. nacho papa stop floating in the chat. please otherwise we'll disable chat. balloons this is the one 125 euros bad. on sand with a. 4x small. and thing. see you again later have a fantastic. weekend. glad to see that you had like some. amazing wins on the number 10 yeah if.

You had like some wonderful results. points over the trucks for the flat but. rooney i hope did you still have it. laughed you know because we got a once. again number 10. we got a one sick gun. number 10 with the times we want to pay. oh great wins great results completions. luna bizarros about resilient pyramid to. delicious 2 800 winners we gotta here in. total guys. let's continue in the same. in the same way which way that way look. it like talk it walk it walk it like a. talk it poop. walk it like it talk walk it walk it. like it's okay. it's like my shoes welcome my something. you can do. all right dabble in a coin i will take. it as well you know we still i kind of. have like some good wins on the devil of. the coin. you're in a chat man thank you demo. thanks so much i hope that you're having. fun with all this.

Come on come on come on. come on. and that's why i'm a champ because we. got a bonus round here and we're. smashing the pachinko right now. and right here guys. come on 3x minimum multiplayer but it'll. have here it's only one five x seven x. ten fifteen twenty thirty five hundred. two hundred and a double. wow. four two one. come on come on it's time for the. 200x so go go away go away go away go. away go in a double go in a double. task about nations with us. let's go for another spin. dude please go away. no. two and a four x the multiplier top sold. by the way. better than nothing runner sure. two to four x multiply hello hello dobby. hey. it's some uh some good laughter and. skills yeah two of the four racks eight. to one a pads. doesn't matter your face that's better. sorry you know but it was like only for. uh. only once in their money so yeah two and.

Four x eight to one a pad got it like. this is this number two bizarre it's. about our staff alpha adequate guys. let's go. what should the boston block got. yeah pachinko with a 3x multiplier. that's all we need and it's like. pachinko right now. that would be so nice. so. good. let's go hunting. close but not. but that's the number one we're the ones. who want to pay. out yep. what's all the payouts. my repair malta alpha. i guess. simple question why i'm heartless. hi hi warrior any big wins in this. session we had a 15 axis on a coin clip. we had a 20x on a coin flip that. pachinko was like with a 7x only but. we had us some good wins on the numbers. especially number 10 you know a lot of. times kind of like in this session so. number five out of five to one of. payouts called films it was a two of the. favorite 5x to the club but we got a.

Number. hundred five. winnecilli assassination secretaries. guys. more than welcome to participate now. enjoy your. time. yeah of course. i want you thinking you know here that. you're available to say everything what. you wanna do. it's a casino yep. you can say anything which you wanna. like somewhere on facebook and instagram. maybe yep do whatever you wanna do here. we have some rules. here it's like not a lot using some bad. words you can't say no some kind of like. things here yeah but you're not. available to sing like root things to. the host you know yeah i'm not a sweater. i'm not saying anything bad. that's why you should be polite you. should be the child man yeah. it's number five. if you don't like something my friend. answer number five. thousand seven hundred twentyfive. winners let's go mia oh no no no hockey.

Look here i'm like i was uh talking to. andre. i know but you're my favorite player. even i would say that's not just a play. you're my favorite person. three britney spears. fly with a 7x multiplier. it's hard to explain barrier to the. people you know that's number two. you know from japan yamaha you're from. japan konichiwa my friend. it's number two two thousand five. hundred ninety five when it steps. availability and killian zsk. relationships with us. thank you so. much you spend your round you get a. chance to don't forget about it out. flaps welcome newcomers guys. they cry if loose but happy win happy. that's that's how it's going to know. here always. oh shoo. i know that better that's why i'm like. respecting you now. yeah. and always happy to see you at the. our tables as well i'm hoping that. you're in a gambling response.

And we got a number five here with a. five two one a pound a lot of fives. actually we gotta discuss a lot of fives. a lot of times. shush it's still the best game in the. world. guys that silver spider billowhood. accuracy is 2639 winners time super to. support. let's go. shush. start for the new spin. let it pull you on one. and two. good luck to you with that we got a. crazy time with the 3x multiplier by the. but way. maybe. no it's number one ah that was really. close that was really close but we got a. number one here with the ones who want. to pay out. once you want to pay up could it make. sure it's got sweater this is a friday. any ideas some friday nights we'll have. some friday party. maybe we'll just have a rest huggy wiggy. what about you. any plans any ideas are you working. tomorrow maybe no. here we go guys ladies and gentlemen.

It's the show. time. what do we have here it's a pachinko the. forex multiplier already. should go to 4x guys. four times multiplier audit still need. to work tomorrow all right. actually yeah because you're working. as a nurse and uh it's kind of. it's not like that you're working from. monday to friday yeah. it's number one when i want to want to. buy a thousand seven hundred thirty nine. winners zig zag janissa harrison look at. the lasers go sweat. that's. maybe some. vacation 3x4. see you monday morning have a wonderful. time as well have a wonderful weekend. hopefully you'll have some good day yeah. time to want to pay her by the way guys. lake should wear that time to want a. pair of suckers by rust. only sunday silver hood is symbolic. screaming for good for deflation 2569. winners confluence i'm actually uh.

Nowadays so watching everything being in. asia no happy never. been in one day for sure sound work. we'll give some of that. and it's the crazy time for the fly that. was a good time now we got a crazy with. a forex small thing player. is there a chance to get a crazy. no. no crazy for. this time. but that's number one. it's the number one with the ones who. want to press. for the letter you play is also. also in estonia yep happy. you're going in and in the latter and. estonia as well yeah. here we go. sold on mike's been fast sorry extra. shush. yes i am. check it out. number two. it's latvian language we have our own. language which speaks latin. number two. number two with a two to one path 2053. winners subaru people addie stop. screening for the lake shane's got. sweaters. here we go. time for the new spin. yeah i hope that you will get your.

Pachinko. thank you happy thanks so much. you know i'm like i'm having a practice. you know yeah i'm having a lot of. practice here and all kinds of the shows. that's why for me it's not a problem. five with a three x and number five with. a three x multiplier but i don't gotta. hear fifteen two one of five nice. nice winner number five it's some good. profit two thousand four hundred fifty. cent winners silvio subaru screening for. a good sauna my congratulations. hopefully let's do that there's someone. who's following actually the. johnny dab and amber hurt uh. situation. hello happy hello to all of your asian. friends buddy. hello hello. from austria hey good entire crystal. hello hello my friend one of the tricks. for the fly. how about a one three x with me nah not. a coin but one with a three x. multiplied by already we already got it.

Here. one with a three x thousand six out of. five when it's my repair pro gjh. time for a new spindle forget about it. out to flip should welcome newcomers. guys. here we go. again time for the new spin time for the. new round team joining my man hey. blackjack team johnny yeah. are you watching that as well buddy. are you in the chat complaining. crazy time tricks for the play. that's it's actually. really interesting things happens there. you're following everything yeah that. buddy that's the number one it's. it's so. nice to see some of the ticktock videos. nowadays as well. you know how the people are trolling. trolling her you know like the trolling. amber heard. or like showing uh all those. fake. things you know. how she. how actually johnny that broke the. bad you know. even if it was like knife on a on a bed.

And she did it by herself. have a twix would apply. she said like there was a blood on a. pillow but she haven't made an even. photo of this pillow you know but she. made a photo of the body yeah that's. number ten cyber time with the time to. want to pay out of context guys. yeah that's but that's so funny to see. you know how. how she's lying you know because it's. nice early on that come and seriously. feel connections guys. my 97 to be. my dog step in a beat. there is like so many like videos like. that it's crazy. one plus two is three my dog's sleeping. on me. and she put her assistant's legs too. really. oh come on i was so close but we got a. number one hero number one. of course that's her family will be. protecting her but it's like crazy. number one with the ones you want to. pair by the way baby ferry ggh sister.

And akkas relations. the thing is like. i have no idea how you can. lying so obviously you know i'm like i. just stood at hammer like really bad lar. comparing to. amber heard you know. like. when i'm lying you know usually people. can see straight away that i'm lying. that's why i'm not doing that at all. nowadays so it's like no not reasonable. yeah it's forex and it's a number five. no people will say that i'm lying here. but i'm. not we will not even talk about it. that's number five and five to one apart. from the elections let's uh like. for real. that the the facts are all so obvious. there and it's the number five out of. five so one of the bad conversations. guys. and she's still you know sitting there. like nothing happened. like. she's uh like she's right you know. right. this this fin can change the everything.

To be honest yeah because. it's the pachinko 20x. nah. we got a number five here guys. we got a number five here thanks so much. still was the farther away. all right that's the number five for the. five twenty five. but actually the johnny depp's lawyer. becomes so popular. like um. like she was camilla. camilla vasquez i think she was there. yep. camilla vasquez. see what the tricks would apply and a. lot of rumors already there is like. about their relationships are you. planning to give any bonus or i will go. fishing alicos. the thing is like that i'm not giving to. anything you know that's the thing i'm. not giving. anything it's time to want to payouts. yeah it's just that you're getting that. by yourself or like you can say that the. bill gives you you know or like uh the. game wheel someone else i don't know.

Like the gods of gambling you know but. not me. that's why it's your choice maybe it's. better to go for some fishing buddy. hopefully that you will get something. there. some big fish. we'll catch some tuna or salmon maybe i. don't know where you're going to. fishing. but it will have something. check it out. and it's a number two we got a number. two here with a two to one up here ouch. what was there i missed something. no you're litter. your chad uh working perfectly there so. number two good glaciers guys don't. forget about it out flexible for. newcomers please place your battery put. another spin. here we go. i missed something emily yep. what do you think about about what's. down with a forex multiplier. and she is the victim is like you're. telling me this game is random. that was good buddy that was good hey.

Yeah i love theo a lot to see that's. number two when it comes to all the. packs. two to one a pad two thousand two. hundred to three winners good lakeshore. savannah mother daughter. for good secret lectures got sweat. you're back yeah love theo. back in the game back in the business we. should have asked the luck. i remember that you know love leo i. remember that for sure be sure that i. will remember that for home alive it's. very important for me to remember some. uh that's something what the haters are. saying yeah for me it's very important. that's number one two in a pack. but emily actually you can't disable his. job. oh low theo straight away though what's. happened that. when they said like they will disable. chop privileges. yeah previous time you were serious you. know that. but how they when they said it like that.

They will uh disable chat privileges. straight away saying that you're not a. series yeah. 500. for real no way. it was not me you know theo it was not. me for sure number two. that's the number 290 winners. congratulations to barrett jerome gtx. streaming. let's go put it out of spin. uh. about me. what else about me. pretty hot beer though. it's just me. i don't know. i think that's uh. no i said like it was not me. love. tear i think that it was not me i said. not a meme but me. i'm like cannot remember when it was uh. when i was like giving the last time. some 500x that. it was like some long long time ago. anyway have a fantastic time i need to. go emily already is here guys ciao have. a good one so hello ladies and gentlemen. here is emily for another session final. seconds for bets if you are not another. blade right right hey.

Okay good luck ladies and gentlemen. well there are no tabs at multipliers. right now but still i wish you to get. those bonus rounds. mickey hi emily savers please we are. drowning dear that's only option to. place those bets and what to go for. but this is the one and. that's oneto-one payout naturally plus. the return of initial but. jojo key makes 200 euros that thousand. five hundred thirty minutes so guess the. outcomes of the spins and you will win. it. you're working night shift club oh. no i don't wanna do any night shifts. anymore i realize i'm too old for that. no i used to do. i did try out some night shifts before. i did try. i was working in nightclubs. now in may i will show up in nightclubs. again for work not fighting anymore. but yeah i don't want to do that anymore. coin flip got a 2x and comes. over it's.

This. is the 10. ten to one in the region of initial but. lovely amazing two thousand hundred. seventy two and s. mastery. three point nine thousand years one two. our alarm two thousand years winter. that's. great tara sorry emily rules. i agree with you. every chapman writer she's amazing. okay good luck. hope you will love the outcome of this. spin. what time was the 800s oh. eight and a half hours something like. that like eight and a half hours ago. that was crazy time where the blue. flapper reached the. which reached that 800x cash on was. multiplied but looks like i'm taking you. to the coin flip station. so yep. you gave it a bet great news you're. gonna get that money back with a. multiply i hope you will be. happy with the result with the outcome. red side exists the blue side caves up. and two multiplies with b.

Two x and blue seven x on red lid just. flip it good luck. that's the blue setup. so we've got the result with the blue. side that's the true expert of all the. best you give it on time coin come on we. need better things to happen right. 3526 of you took part in this game. thanks but i wish you much more than. that. final seconds per bet if you feel like. captain phase says gamble responsibly. yes please. if you're gambling for fun that's. amazing. if you need that fail to be like your. salary that's not a place. thank god for x multiplier. will that be the 10 that's another. question there are only two segments and. i think. that. this good and yes we reached the 10 with. the 4x multiplier so that's 40 to 1 pair. then the region of initial but for 2 408. winners thank you. so code that's over 7.7 thousand. europeans silvio.

Zabarro you're in saturday thank you. final seconds for new bets please. quinn flip and one we've got like this. one from this side. happy. are you happy with that ten go tiny. racing. nice nice outfit happy oh don't get used. to that. but i really do love how this rex dress. looks at me i love it now 10 got it. three x still there are four segments as. it won. a couple of times it did not disappear. but it still might happen. wait a second. i'm taking you to pachinko. so ladies and gentlemen another bonus. round has taken place so if you give it. a bet. you're gonna get that money back with a. multiplier. this will be one marker power for all. the bets you give it on time and let's. see the options first of all. that would be three five 7 10 15 20 35. 40 x and there's a double. waiting for the pack right there. the rng decided about a drop zone i wish.

You all the best of luck wait getting. some high amounts for your payouts good. luck. so ladies and a command be golden just. be golden that's all i'm asking for. now. that's a polvex. well we tried we gave it and all the. bags that he placed on time for pachinko. got paid back with a 5x. 3623 winners thank you. talk over 1.1 000 euros went to drop it. like a snip drop it like it's hot. yeah i wish i wish. well i wish you more than that. okay good luck so far lately that time. with the 40x was the best bet lately. since i'm back now two got a 10x. multiplayer list and they're 13 2's. and that would be 22 unpaired if any of. them wins and you have a bet on it. not a two i see but. there comes the five the first five and. like ten spins. five to one in the return of initial but. my congratulations to 299 witness thank.

You. toco over 2.2 thousand years 22 sylvia. mx 890 euros mara you ain't topping with. 750 europeans migrating to all the. newcomers oh. hold on. go to i've seen pachinko at 140x pad and. this was was like only 5x this time but. you know. do you play fortnite no i'm not playing. no i'm not playing anything and but case. i'm playing some chords with my husband. back home. but lately we both have no time for. games. coin flip. nope that's the one. one to one in the return of initial but. thank you that thousand nine hundred. thirty winners. if r makes 800 euros thanks for example. of winning on once thank you the batting. time is open change your bets if you. feel like even if you were not to play. it's fine to change your bets right. there. that's up to you my friends. okay thank you once again and. good luck. so yeah i'm working hard i'm running.

House i'm cooking i have no time to play. any. video games or anything too excellent. occasion but we're passing by i see. and the flapper takes us back to five. yes it does. five to one in the return of initial. bats. so i hope you love that player thank you. very much ladies and gentlemen two. thousand seven hundred seven winners. thank you. toko. 2260 nine yourself two sylvia marion. supreme so how about it now. one the chain coin quinn but we've got. lately from this side never play crazy. time emily you will always lose money. warrior i wouldn't say so. but thanks for advice. will i take it that's another story. same as i see a bunch of people is not. taking my advices. cash on got a 3x but we're passing by. and a flapper shows that. two. two two one and the reason of initial. but thank you. congratulations barrow.

Scream marcos you end up reading you. change your bets if you feel like peter. well done mario you're in top five. final seconds where you can ask anyone. in the chat if i know one winning. warrior well i see that not everyone. who's winning is chatting this is the. thing. says dimitri plus emily means. well. it's like doesn't matter who is spinning. the wheel is as it is and you can change. your bet every single time. but i wish you to find your way to make. it good for yourself please. oh flapper. that's back to back of twos. two two one in the return of initial bat. again. nice 2 389 bunnies i see. so borrow screening. zx your interpreter thanks change your. bets please. or make sure the author plays on. sayings hi. when was the latest crazy time good. question in my previous session we. haven't had it. saturday but good luck.

I hope you will reach it. but i've seen three x stops at. multiplied crazy time twice a day. already. the chinko got a 5x. from the top slot and oh ladies and. gentlemen we are. please i'm hoping stay stay. clapper is not listening to me this is. the one. thousand seven hundred eighteen winners. thank you maru makes 350 euros fr. people your interpreter you're thinking. that batting time is opened. you can change your bets so we head back. to back of twos well that be the back to. back up once. since i see your point. okay good luck. no tops out multis anyways i know we're. waiting for bonus rounds to hit. well they. too fast for the crazy time i see okay. how about the chinko. stay. that's the back to back up once. so. do. so. so. so. so. so. so. so. so. so. so. so. uh. so. so. so. um. so. so. uh. um. so. my. good. so. so. so. so. yes. so. so. so.

So. that is not dead which can eternal lie. and with strange eons even death may die. abyss. so. abyss. so. frenetic. abyss. insanity. floyd. obese. floyd. we win. frenetic. frenetic. obese. void. unbelievable. madness. abyss. phenomenon. floyd. insanity. void. frenetic. abyss. frenetic. abyss. unbelievable. frenetic. abyss. obese. frenetic. void. insanity. abyss. floyd. is. we win. frenetic. void. frenetic. so. abyss. frenetic. frenetic. abyss. unbelievable. void. madness. phenomenal. abyss. insanity. void. void. obese. so. you know that video about like. that. when he was like calling. all right that's the number five and. five two one of the five complexions. uh because i have no tick tock i give. away that's the thing. i'm sorry for that. i had a one channel where i was like. streaming the slot games. is the russian video emily actually. it's not really popular you know one of.

My friends showed me that video it was. like so funny. that there is like. kid or at least the some voice changer. no like there was a guy with a voice. changer which actually was sounded like. a kid was ordering the pizza it was so. funny number one. good luck to everyone guys new spin. why are you spinning only once daphne is. it true. we had a coin flip we had a cash run. it's not a true. that's why yeah. that's the thing you know i'm only can. watch some of the videos on the tick. tock where some of my friends are. sending me there yep. i cannot to say that really really uh. like popular or like using a lot of some. social medias yep. a lot of people having some some. snapchats you know like tick tock i. don't know only fans and other things. yeah. for me it's only like messenger and. maybe instagram that's it yeah good luck.

Time for the new spin whew all right guys i hope that you haven't forgot about it outside laptop welcome newcomers place to bats batting town ready is over let's go for another spin spin it again crazy time 4x multiply that's the perfect time to get him to get it crazy you got a you think i'm crazy no what do we got a number number two here with a two to one a patch hello one creature flicker hello from latvia shush number two with the two to wanna pay al bizarronetta that's that's how the people usually doing you know they're not posting any videos on the tick tock they're just uh like scrolling swapping yep and watching all the other videos there turn with a 7x multiplier 17 to 1.

I don't know about how long without the. cd i'll be speed i think it was around. 230 spins 340 spins without a crazy. please please 50x in the bonus game. 50x in the mornings game it's not that. easy. so number one when i want to want to. pass but at least she's got somewhere at. that thousand 578 winners yeah one to. one. and let's go for another spin that's the. crazy time four to five sometimes this. might be back to back sometimes it's. like 150 spins sometimes in a 100 spins. now it's a one and a 250 spins. it's hard to say. but. statistically. like if we're taking a statistic it. should be one in a 54 yeah pachinko two. extra plot. but it's like statistically. as i understood sometimes this might be. like more often sometimes less. yeah number ten for me once i had like. three crazy times in a row. three in a row you had it's a tend to.

Want to pay out calculations you know. the funniest part when you have uh. three crazies in a row two thousand. seven hundred seven what is this karana. called lakeshore so that's it's like. when the players are joining and asking. what was the last three crazy times. and i'm always we're laughing you know. from a chat mother moderator. because uh they were needed to. to ride in a chat all the three crazy. times. coin flip 7x would fly but we got it. here already check it out. couldn't flip with a 7x that would be. pretty decent win once i had a like coin. flip with a 7x and it was a 700 extra. 14x actually got a 14x that was a sad. that was really sad but this time we got. a number five to five to one a pad. thanks so much by the way guys thank you. for this round time to have another. participation harry ilverature retire.

Now monday good guy and visit complexion. 352 winners please please please for it. but. here we go again when i was just a. little baby boy my mama used to tell me. this crazy things. choose to tell me my daddy was an evil. man she used to tell me hated me. then i got a little bit dawn and then i. realized she was the crazy one. but there was nothing to drive the. change that was adjusted the way she was. last chris that was when the dinosaurs. were still alive don't speak. maybe maybe. actually but at least we got a plenty of. times it's a ton. one more time by the way got it here. with the time to want to pay. out. hello alia glad to see you we got. another time okay we'll get i know that. it's uh. one of your favorite. segments here good win on a time good. touch good results good elections. we are going for another spin here.

Going for another spin and round. my friend master. easily. tell what a 2x for the plot. it's just a new word it's like there is. a no no any kind of translations or. anything else there. just a new word of like pachinko. my friend you're a best host i have no. ideas master i'm trying to be you know. but. by the results i'm sure that i'm not a. basketball maybe by the like. by the performing i don't know to be. honest it's hard to say no because. everyone loves uh like different. performances someone's like like more. crazy performance someone's less crazy. performance. hard to judge myself. but i'm trying my best and always trying. to have like some best sessions start. happens always you know because of. course it's still gambling but i'm. trying at least i'm trying monsters. yep check it out. come on come on one more.

Number one guys. it's a. number one what i want to want to pay. outs. i got it. contact a love you know maybe just ask. them about it i have no idea how it. happened anyway guys let's go for one. more spin. all right two with a 20x would clap flap. under here and it's going to be the. really good winner number. on number two come on come on. come on coin flip or two. 20x. multiplier. that's a good win fourteen to one a bad. guys. my current elections on the numbers. astra syphon daisy valley rock complete. man's thousand nine hundred forty eight. winners. fourteen to one a failure. that was good that was nice catch for. them we placed the number two guys yep. we take those. yeah. that was a good win that was a really. good result on number one number two. good luck to everyone. it's good it's very good no. i love the numbers it was a 40x 40x.

And whatever happens now now we will get. a number 10 with attempt to want to pay. out. and now 55 bucks vinder you're welcome. now it's the number 10 with attempt to. want to pay us. good job zazza askarana. yeah siphon daisy good lecture. especially one of the pets. good luck to everyone son i hope that's. that will be like really nice session. for everyone need more bonuses. yeah maybe some crazy time maybe some. top slot huge top slot. on one of the bonuses here and we'll. have some fun. good luck to everyone already guys let's. go. you can go hard or you can go home i'm. going home. nope i'm going home buddy. actually so i will go home thank you. timmy wanna hug you. oh thank you. i want to get super without a. multipliers over here. jimmy i was asking emily about a filling. she asked for you and you got a answer.

That's the number two with the two to. one a pet by the way guys we gotta hear. it thanks so much let's go for another. spin. okay. hard working money. sun. why you're not asking me as well demo. because i do as well five or the three. explore the plot. that's number one. want to want to play out. victories where are you from i'm from. las. latvia have you vegas about this country. 1712 winners daisy accused bb rabbi. gayak and reflections. and dima what you will do now with this. information. yeah emily it's it's pretty funny though. i love this i love it. five of the two eggs for the plot. but we gotta. oh it's once again this number two which. we're touching here. no matt we'll reject the woman oh man. you know how many times i was like. rejecting the movement yeah that was. like crazy. so many times you know. daisy have you got your p gamer you know.

Because. if i would be like not rejecting the. girls you know that would beat uh i. would have like some surely problems. i went to that uh last year lovely. people really nice actually i would. say that we really we have a really good. people here no like everywhere we have. like a bad people and a good people but. overall. i would say that. there is like. like not the most polite but really. polite. people and really welcome people you. know we're always happy to see you know. some other people other people you know. all right and i'm happy to see the. pachinko here guys let's go. but where have you been you know in. like an old town maybe nope. multipliers in the studio starting with. a study where the tree is still applied. it's fine okay 3 5. 7 10 15 20. 25 50 50 x maximum. 50x is our maximum but it's like too far.

Away let's go. check it out. there is a 15 there is a 20 25 you know. and 25.. that's already something you know i will. congratulations. 3799 winners yeah boy. yeah yeah bald one two one two six four. three collections guys. great wins thank you so much play now. it's time to participate. is your snacks free in there. what kind of snacks no. you went to riga. then you've been in a bowl town we're. visiting some of the clubs thank you. this always great with wins with. you daniella happy to hear that time. with the tricks for the plot amazing. then. continue the same way brother. continue the same way please but we need. a backto-back back-to-back back-to-back. and it's a backto-back bonus round here. aj maybe we're visiting some of the bars. clubs. sort of maybe. uh historical places yeah we still have. enough red on the blue side blue and the.

Red side. at least. 3129 winners uh thanks so much thank you. say the rest of the day. as well. good luck to you guys don't forget about. it outside i should agree tomorrow man. when i went. it's like located in the center of the. ringer yeah yeah. for how long you've been there. i cannot just say that um. our city i know is the. there is like a lot of things which you. can see that it's like enough some. couple of days to see the whole rigger. especially if you have like someone who. can um. go somewhere together with you to give. you some of the kind of excursions there. that's number one with the ones you want. to try out but i hope that you really. like that and uh of course we'll be. happy to see you here once again. as always. sometimes only one for five days a. business meeting all right i got you. next time you know maybe if you.

Will be here in the latter in auriga try. to visit some of the other cities like. we have a lot of different beautiful. places. uh around us around the capital yep it's. not only exactly in the capital. we got a number two here was a chico the. photoshoot but we got a number two. no chris how are you doing that. what's going on a daisy yesterday yeah. lakers 2530 winners. because we have like pretty beautiful. nature. yep you know we're having some uh. castles old castles which are really. nice ones. a lot of parks a lot of uh this kind of. things. that's why it's reasonable to go. somewhere there. for example in latvia we're having the. flattest. waterfall in a whole europe pachinko the. two eggs for the flat. it's like flattest one you know yeah not. the biggest one but at least it's the. flat. we got a coin plate by the way here guys.

Let's go. for it. once again whoo. coin slip in a house i just flipped the. switch. flip flip. right on the blue sides of a coin all. right yeah so fortunate for this uh. looks like a little info. well after the coin flip will have a. little convenience we need to finish. this uh game on a 7x multiplier let's go. i know that's a lot. we need a little inconvenience here for. sure though because. we don't need a 3x i don't guys see you. in a couple of minutes. and the winning number can be a number. one. right here. all day long. give a spin in the wheel. the beds are closed. the wheel was spinning around. i think i need a nap you know. i think i'm gonna go home and take a nap. we have a two two is the winning number. seven of winners the lamp is. let's spin it as well. i just had some food. one of the foods i ate. is staying right here.

Wow. do you ever get that. i guess quite usually. all right for all the newcomers four. rolls ladies and gents for all newcomers. only. time to win some money galaction. welcome. let's do some building. it's time to roll. let's go. it's time to roll. big number. let's go. it's time to roll. onwards. it's time to roll. let's go. time to get back to the wheel. and welcome back congrats to the. 2387 winners you're all amazing. and we get to go for the next round it. was uh how much was it 28x. 18x though it was more than 18x. it was like 28x right. why do you turn back when we are having. rocks and then after being at another. entrance i was watching you know that is. the monopoly city. i was watching how you doing. it's just you know. i have a window you know dan is doing a. number i'm like a lurker. one thousand six hundred forty eight.

Winners all with the win two hundred eighty euros are you telling me nobody else does that well i'm i'm og you know i'm here for that i'm actually here from the long long time ago i know every trick in the in the universe did you see the spin you know how much strength they put it in i thought you were doing for an entry i was simply watching watching how you play the game there hello and the winning numbers gonna be number one look at the one look at the one look at the one a congrats to all of the winners and i will be leaving because elizabeth is back so bye wow what a company hey guys whoa i'm getting shy i'm getting shy so many people up to 2000.

I didn't brush my hair for this kind of. company. hey loves how are you hey kakarot yep. ben is back freddy's back we're letting. on one let's land on that. so in this round we got 757. i'll brush your hair of course you would. of course. all right let's go guys actually i i. just brushed my hair so you see i was. totally ready for this. always ready. man hey hype after 10 extra rolls is sky. high so easy to. what do you mean gwen you win. why i all the time see that you only. complaining in chat sweethearts come on. it's friday it's friday weekend is here. smile sweet okay. put your own yourself a smile. you feel awesome believe me forget to. ladies and gents. try it on it's gonna be like oh. one thousand three winners with two. congratulating soundscape it looks. stunning oh thank you. thank you. all right good luck lizzy got shy.

Guys out of your right bottom corner. you're welcome gwen you're welcome. what is the biggest x. 330x baby you got it with. wait who you got it. who was the one i think was me. all right we don't want. silly lizzy right. lizzy silly guys you get 630 winnings. with the one this round. let's. go so you can place your bed as well all. segments except the chance your decision. your choice good luck to you. hey nikki. thank you naman what green is from italy. hey greetings from vladmi to italy. what do you think about pineapples on. facebook ezio. okay you told me go away okay we don't. talk then. yeah right oh so close oh boy it's. teasing us i'm telling you we're letting. one ladies chance this round that was so. close. all right 569 winners with one gear. paddy and guyon was the last round of. true nurse congrats bennett's time.

Okay. i love the love guys you're giving it a. chat i really love it. oh i just got my lovely brownie by the. way chris. i took her to me to work i was eating. strawberries and brownie like. your voice is like angry birds. we get too. welcome to. monopoly. you had date yesterday. no i didn't have date yesterday i was. just watching ice hockey. good luck. yeah latvian team is playing. losing so badly. we need support. oh that's good i will buy brownies later. you better do. it's a good deal though. oh boy. i cannot help myself you know i cannot. help myself race finally. let's go. good luck. i don't know why but it's just like. comes automatically from my. um. all right 280 winners but one congrats. all right guys let's bring something. spicy it's time to do it it's time to do. it come on come on let's go let's go hey. we date every day waking day yeah every.

Day is a day day. you have a lover i know james. last rounds we got one. so yeah guys the highest today we hit. with me it was 330x on. two rolls though so that was pretty. amazing we got one. so let's see right what this session is. about to give us. four hundred and fourteen winners with. one congratulations mahu hari and. bursker last round top three winners. congrats and wedding time starts now so. now is the wonderful time for you to. make a decision where on which segment. to play the bet on. welcome. but it's good and you're eating the. brownies oh boy perfect right. perfect combination good luck like. perfect perfect perfect perfect. oh work stop stop. we got two. okay let's go uh feel free. and voila. hey quaddy be nice okay i understand. russian language all right you don't. need to be rude. hello my name is.

Oh yeah you have no idea how much i. cannot wait for it. no no no no no. you're a cheater why robbie. still working tomorrow oh it's a wedding. party. nice. guys you go for the tent hey who's. getting married. seven three minutes with ten how was the. bachelorette party though. all right let's go. let's do this good luck guys. i have some bunch of stories to tell you. but not today i can't believe that you. have a lot to tell me we haven't seen. each other for a long time. one of my best friends oh okay nice. wedding time. but how are you hon i feel good yeah i'm. doing good nothing new. every single time. we go for five guys. so yeah no nothing new no nothing yet. nothing has changed. all right guys good luck. come on let's make that everything this. time. work dance home dance work home. get up. wow that. sad i cannot joke with you around now at.

The moment why what did you do. what did you do. 620 winners this round daniel della and. danny. last winter three days all right. everybody time all the newcomers welcome. to monopoly my name is lizzy nice to see. you go for it john let's go. i cannot write a lot hon okay. understandable. so last round to get five let's get. ready. i said oregon having a short break. understandable all right it's fine i. understand. maybe two rolls baby you're gonna give. up. stop. two rolls ladies and gents whoa let's go. bye guys see you. welcome to the board. let's do some building. it's time to roll. let's see what you've got. it's time to roll. great. doubles. it's time to roll. race. doubles. it's time to roll. let's go. um. let's do that again. welcome back. one time 346 winners guys i think we got. the 26x point. i took 26. all right good luck so instead of two.

Rows and then we got four rolls with the. doubles right thank you mr monopoly all. right guys let's go good luck in the. next one dolce oh yeah boys we got. 26x yeah. once and last two rolls. yucky. now 15 oh yeah. i would love you love you love you love. you i. have a nice weekend have a nice party. tomorrow tomorrow enjoy your time see. you. all let's go. lucky lucky right oh yeah. you know. acting like a majesty rock is the. majesty. we got five home where are you boys how. was everything. this round. bye bye bye. where are you. where are you. so last round we got five guys actually. less than spence five being the most. common number we've been landing on. yes yes yes yes yes great so. a time ago already yeah. everything is good and it's not focus. who is it. is it migla miglet. oh no. where is ruckus what did you oh miguel.

Let's go hey miguel. miguelito nice to meet you. how are you wow. are you guys again to in ecuador or. where are you. summer most probably somewhere around. the world right. we got two. nice. it is around 612 on our celebrity oleg. dalla and jamie. is open feel free to place the bets. so ready that's why i thought you know. ruckus never would write it to me hello. you know he'll be like hey. and then. migla aka migolito she's like hello. everything is good. you need to you need to think should. work is this manners you know he needs. to know we are in lithuania. need to see my little noob before he. goes to the military yeah you definitely. need to do it we get him. you know i don't know i really have no. idea what he's about to do. how he even managed to get in you know. like. how they decided to take him but. okay it's gonna be great experience for.

Him right. but i'm still wondering wondering why. why are they taking him like come on. look at rockets. he's not happy now oh i can believe that. if i would be in his. place i also wouldn't be happy actually. but he'll be fine you know. what is chance um check our chance is. some. segment we have when we land on a chance. we can get a multiplier or a cash prize. it's like a bonus segment we get one. for only day winners with one congrats. so you cannot place the bet on the. chance but when we land on chats. basically everyone is getting it right. it can be multiplied for any other. segment or it can be a cash price. how do you live in this kind of weather. it's so bad. i have no idea amigo actually. nice question i'm i'm also wondering how. good. you know because last summer it was. really nice but this summer this rain.

Outside is terrible like really. is it hot in ecuador. i think it is right of course it is. we got 10. amazing. 794 winning to 10 dollar rebecca and lee. the last roundtable spending times. thoughts newcomers welcome to monopoly. hopefully join icu my name is lizzy good. well emily if it's going better for you. in that game you're more welcome to go. to that game like. it's your frilly decision sweetheart. if you feel that place is more likely. for you make a decision appearance right. not extra torque. ah sorry sorry my bad gibraltar yeah. gibraltar you brought five. nice. so you went just only 20 to meet them. and you're going back later on we got. two. 591. most probably you're really willing to. go away because you don't like the. weather now i'm going right. all right guys last second spending time. i love you should write them corn if.

You're busy with something feel free to. use that option your camera is welcome. and let's do it. oh. mr monopoly is uh having that wonderful. coffee. good luck. actually the last fence has been. beautiful we have many farms tears and. tents only two times we got number one. guys. and we go for two. yes sir let's go for two this round. gracie are you still here sweetheart. deployment ninety four winnings with two. bergs kj and sofa the last one's our. friends oh soft is my favorite place. you just remind me of good memories so. far. thank you. yes love you how are you. everything is chilling chilling chilling. killing. so that's the rounds against you guys. those options are always available. i say to the big e4 and i'll say it. again laughing girls are all so pretty. you're up there with the best of them. may i say. thank you.

We get two that's so sweet of you. all right guys we get 690 winners. definitely. it's really nice brian it's really nice. so. sweet well but yeah we do have beautiful. girls over here. but i am up there with the best of them. no way. oh that's even more sweetheart thank you. sweetie. oh that's so sweet. flew to latvia yesterday sun everything. seemed alright road to the 20th crazy. rain started and after women's sun came. back. you know actually miglet today in latvia. it's so raining like really raining we. go for two so it's not sun even in. latvia anymore love. 561.2 it doesn't feel like the summer is. after 10 days not at all like it feels. like it's you know september october. this kind of weather. all right good luck and i believe in. that and late 20 is the same situation. right. i guess last four rounds we got uh two.

Let's see our next one's about fritos. i'm trying to forget oh boy. good luck. what a deal. it's hard to do it's hard to it's hard. to forget this nose. let's see if we're gonna land this round. right maybe at number 10 on number one. we're staying on. here's alright. still morning though still morning what. it's the midday. you know it was morning migla neglect. sorry when i was uh waking up at 4 am in. the morning. then it was morning though. and i'm joking it's not morning it's a. midday it's like a lunch time isn't it. something around 2. almost 2 a.m at 2 p.m. i hate you malay of course you don't. hate me you cannot hate the person who. doesn't know. goodbye so yeah take it easy valeria. don't forget about responsible gambling. uh 628 winners with a five. why. why can't you hit a rolls. uh man i will remind you that each one.

Around is uniquely made around so we. never know where we're gonna land. it just happens you know. every into the session different session. bye what a wonderful day. gold really suits you oh thank you. i like gold. is taking over. hey where is miguel we had a nice. conversation. we got one no. how are you. 31.. oh. you ready for military ruckus. let's go good luck as i already said to. miglet i don't understand you know. like you have no choice but i still. understand. how they even without choice they took. you to military. you know like come on. they took you to the military like you. we got two. i hear i'm sorry. oopsie. whoopsie. 185 eddies yikes. let's go. now i'm totally a jerk. oh boy that was a fail. oh it's it's going. are you going today tonight. let's go good luck so drink something. you know put the bottle in a table.

You know. as we baltics do. get ready you know get ready to the to. the road. okay okay. guys we go for five. okay let's go. and 592. can drink and drink tea too sometimes. what. you cannot even drink tea. what's up with the 20 in army. can you spin the wheel with the closed. eyes okay. done. good luck guys. green tea. because it has coffee inside or what. let's go for one. okay let's go. phrase that you forgot oh no 296. settings with one great green green tea. good luck. you had one eye open no. i have all of them close you think. good luck voted them close. all right guys. and third time you feeling got that yeah. all in third time. only turned out. oh boy that was so close. guys. 272 winners with one. let's go let's get ready for new rounds. whoa roddle easy there with your words. okay. at least the weekend is free there but.

What you gonna do in the weekend play. cards. good luck. go home. the worst pose ever. you are the poorest host ever go home. we got we go for two rolls guys before i. go home. let's entertain this. nice two roll. let's win some money. welcome to the board. let's do some buildings. it's time to roll. onwards. it's time to roll. onwards. time to get back to the wheel. and welcome back that was the 10x on the. last two rounds thank you mr monopoly. 179 to the winners congrats hope you. enjoyed the reason let's go. nah our weekends they let us go home. wow so there's no need to go today. evening no good luck oh you still need. to go. so i will keep annoying y'all yay. whoa i was already afraid i remember. last time you were like listen. you would not see me anymore. then i was like come on zombie. don't be drama king. we will see you we got one.

So yeah that's really nice actually at. 289 winners with one time. last year's wait. where are we going to go uh concert. what ah tonight. i was thinking going to army tonight all. right guys out of our snow as well good. luck. oh. that's cool wait where the the woman. sings the interesting song that's the. one. you'll be so generous today oh thank you. we got two easier sweetheart. uh buy only five total winners for two. ever player and oc was the last one. that's ready. still 11. days you call it jail oh boy. really i cannot believe how they took. you to army. oh all right good luck. marissa monopoly. yeah nice place right workers nice place. it's number one. okay all right so this one's 286 winning. one well better now you see what happens. if you're not nice in the chat right. guys. right. so guys keep that as a lesson as well.

Okay through that right right. all right guys we'll see. oh valeria really oh boy no. well when it's gonna be my time to. yeah everyone has their time. good luck to you guys. it's a cash prize. cash fries. spicy 1. 381 to the winners with a cash price so. everybody win with a cash breakfast. scoop ball it's bald this year hi bolts. guys it's nice to see you. you're the last one so through a nice. guys but example. you want to order something. oh chris is like yeah baby yeah boys all. right good luck guys. let's see we're gonna land this round. right guys yep maybe another chance. it's gotta be number one. oh right 300 winners would have won. family with goliath so sounds good right. let's order it. it says 45 minutes in delivery are we. taking it or not. all right guys. have you ever eaten semkas. do you like to eat them because in.

Magic we go for two rolls. good luck to you guys see ya bye. welcome. let's do some buildings. it's time to roll. onwards. it's time to roll. big number. onwards. time to get back to the wheels. hey hey hey. welcome back from the city hope you're. not tough. 18 deals can we get a 30. i think we can. okay. so. still in the game. foreign. hello hello ladies and gents how are you. doing. this round of. d. it is time for the first three cases. thirteen three and fourteen are gone out. of the game banker making an afro for. the first time. dealer no deal what will be davey says. hi says s. well uh jacques says hi as well. i'm jacques. and hi. 2016. time for the next four cases. 11 2 1 and 8 are gone out of the game. four blue ones five red ones still alive. deal no deal those are adoptions. 19 deals. 23 25 can we get to 30 maybe 27 deals at.

This time to see the next four cases. 6 12 10 and 16 are gone we are left four. five seven nine and fifteen banker. making enough for a deal or no deal. those are adoptions 47 of you still. playing right now this might be the last. round with me maybe next one i don't. know. nine deals. 14 15 deals time to see the next three. cases. nine fifteen and four are gone out of. the game we're left five and seven. banker making an offer for the last time. you gotta decide for the last time deal. no deal or switch the case is completely. up to you. hey. 13 deals it's time to check it out we. have five on the table that means seven. is right there four players decided to. switch 15 players stay with that five. rest of your click deal at some point. congratulations to all the players that. won very well done remember everybody's.

Qualification topup options great. options to use this qualification to. qualify faster tap up to put more money. in any kit. and i'll see you later. bye. assistant. okay. six eight and sixteen. 14 15 deals. was the case. oh. hi. hello everybody. welcome back hopefully you're live here. we go three case sorry i had something. stuck in my throat yeah had a very nice. lunch there here we go three cases to. get us going 15 11 and 14. well. that is quite a start let's put it down. and that is quite i start. but. i will leave it to you okay i know you. know that i know that you know that i. know that you know what to do right so. here we go second round everybody. here yeah. number 16 too well that is pretty. terrible. yeah that's not great right we got some. very big medications. remaining. six blows three reds and again there's.

Red zentani the low the not cool it's. leaving now the third round what do we. have here let's have a look there. well. number five as well all right well you. know it is what it is. life is tough we going forward. it's over with about 36 of you still. playing leaving nowadays been off them. around we've got four one and number. three would you look at that. we almost. almost got a grand finale but we didn't. finally add all. we got the number seven we got the. number nine ladies and gentlemen and you. have made up your a lot of decisions. here tonight behavior to know the. objective number. seven with 11 minutes and behind me we. got your number nine wait seven swaps on. it. congratulations thank you very much. yes. everybody. six seconds. oh. of all ages. welcome back don't even really lie here. we go three cases coming.

A one. out of sixteen. yet again some very very big guests to. tell every game the 16 to 30 that's what. i'm really looking at here number one. obviously fantastic case to counter. either of them but not together right. together a little bit too strong. let's move forward then 30 second round. ladies and gentlemen. and i'll leave it again. as well so two additional rounds you got. two additional bluestack going up. honestly not bad at all right it's going. forward here to the third round five. lose four rest but we still have the 14. 15 and most of those big blues are still. in the game as well. so all right time then for the third. round. leaving the game we've got three 15 six. three with the red team nine ten. fourteen and numerical advantage does. matter but nine and ten. they're quite sketchy cases i'll be. honest with you but here we go.

semifinale round. leaving the game now ten eight numbers. well well about about. right did. ever know they'll be guaranteed. number nine wait 17 minutes and behind. me it's number five. you

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