12.05.2024 Password Reset From Primary PS4 - How To Log Back In To PlayStation Network In Case You Forgot It

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Oh once again I forgot the password to. my Playstation network account dang it. hey everyone thanks for joining me did. you also forget your password because in. today's video I'm going to show you the. quickest and easiest way to reset your. password how to receive that from your. email and how to reestablish your. account on your primary PlayStation 4.. if you enjoy this video and you find any. part of it helpful please be sure to hit. that like button and don't forget to. subscribe so you can always stay up to. date on more videos just like these. let's get right into it from the home. screen if you forgot your password your. Playstation network account it's really. easy so all you have to do is you have. to go up to your upper menu bar here and. you'll see where it says settings on the. right hit the x button and then what you.

Want to do is you want to go into your. account management menu hit the x button. and then it'll ask you to sign in. because you haven't signed into your. account yet so once you get to this menu. um your primary email address that was. used with your PlayStation network. signon should be in this bar but if not. you can reput it in there again so that. it goes to the correct email when you. want to reset your password and then of. course you if you forgot your password. just leave that blank and then see down. here where it says forgot password. triangle if you push the triangle button. that will initiate the email being sent. to that account it'll ask you one more. time what that email address was that. you signed on with and it should show up. here by default if it is your primary. Playstation system but if it is not your.

primary Playstation system that's okay. as well it will ask you for a couple. more things to verify your identity and. then you will probably have to put in. your email address in here but once you. do all you have to do is go down to this. bar that says next and then you hit the. x button and that should send the reset. password instructions to your email. account and then you should get your. account back up and running once again. and and then welcome back to the online. multiplayer experience and that's it for. this video If you guys enjoyed it and. you found it helpful please be sure to. hit that like button and don't forget to. subscribe so you can always stay up to. date on more videos just like these I'll. see you guys in the next one

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